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Information about Patriotism

Published on February 25, 2009

Author: dhanveerassociates


Just as the word “Patriotism” allows me to stand upright, to honour my country the word “hunger” reminds me to have some appetizers similarly “sex” ensures the indulgence in some porno literature or portals, the word “terror” itself is terrifying enough to give me a chill in the spine. I have now understood so as why have I just like so many fellow citizens decided in my subconscious, to avoid going to shopping malls, because one is in constant fear while at the railway station, cinema halls and so on. When an anteater attacks the ant colony, the natural tendency of the ants is to ensure they start reproducing so as to fulfill the deficit. The recent serial attacks in different cities across India and in some other parts of the world, have hit the common man the most. He was never so insecure as he feels now, especially in India. I literally wish to shout at the peak of my throat and let everyone know that I am concerned for myself, my family and my fellow citizens, though it seems highly unlikely for me to do anything to change the course of the road because of my introvert nature. I was never so weak and was bold enough to face any situation, but the recent terror attacks has made me realize my importance to my family. Time and again I switch to the news channels to check just in case somewhere something wrong has happened. To hell with the GDP growth of the economy, to hell with the politicians, to hell with the corruption, what a common man seeks is safety and security of his family and himself. I always talk to myself so that I become stronger and just in case some day I have to face a situation like this, how efficiently would I be able to handle the same. What surprises me most is the kind of articles, print and the electronic media are printing/airing in the recent times. Some of the news channels have really done a praiseworthy job, whereas others have commercialized the recent events way too much. The programs reflect the channel's/newspaper's/magazine's true mentality. One should understand that the media is the reflection of the society. The freedom of the press is always vital for a country, but one must know the thin line between what should be published / telecast and what should not. This does not necessarily mean a regulator is required for every aspect of life. There is always a minimum level of understanding in each and every human being, and we cannot deny that we are as much accountable to our fellow citizens and our country as as we expect them to be. Children being given school projects on floods, disaster management, terror attacks, reflects the flow of negative feelings throughout the system. Shows how much our day to day life has changed since the recent terror attacks around us. Compulsory army training for all children along with free quality education for all children would ensure the safety and disaster management in the broader perspective. The next generation would be more self-confident and at least more

patriotic than the present you and me. Patriotism should be in the blood and needs to be diffused in an even manner. Our social responsibility will always be questioned, whether we have tried our best to portray our roles to our country men and to our very country we live. Patriotism will always be cloned with peace of mind, when we achieve peace in ourselves is also the kind of peace that our country is also benefitting from. Who among us by all means and by his/her own free will can suffer the pains and risking his/her own life for the people still worth dying for he/she is doing it in the Glory of God… Pro Deo et Patria… For our God and for our very own Country, that’s where patriotism emanates. We may come together, act together and do something where our world is free from hunger, poverty, terrorism, and selfishness. A world that can champion a better life that is full…and we say, WE CAN!

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