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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Massimo


Slide1:  The economic impact of sport events and facilities Slide2:  Aims of the Presentation The bridge between sport and tourism The tourism interest of the sport events The economic interest of the sport events The current trends on the sport event tourism Effective strategies Slide3:  Participants: Traveling with the purpose to take part or attend a sport event Destination: The staging and marketing of sport events with the purpose to generate economic and social benefits Synergy of sport and tourism Sport event Tourism : A definition Slide4:  Benefits and expectations related to sport event tourism Attracting visitors, especially repeated Creating a positive destination image Developing sport infrastructure Leveraging the interest of the media for further promotion Strengthening the existing tourism development Improving the management and marketing of the biding ability of the city Viability of the sport facilities Maximizing the usage of the sport facilities Gaining social support for sport and sport events Slide5:  Tourism Interest Slide6:  Tourism Interest (The case of Barcelona, 1992-2000) 80 % increase in the demand of the tourism product 20 % increase in the average hotel reservations 58 % increase in the supply of hotel rooms 270 % increase in the number of conferences 125 % increase in cruising 331% increase in the cruising passengers High Σταθερά υψηλή η αναγνωρισιμότητα της πόλης διεθνώς (Source: Barcelona Tourism Office) Slide7:  Visitors spending (accommodation, food, transportation, leisure, entertainment etc.) Public spending for the bidding and the staging of the sport event Sponsorships Spectator tickets Spending for innovating the sport facilities Attracting delegations for training Income from local and national taxation Promotion of the city of tourism destination Economic Benefits Slide8:  Economic profits Christmas Cup of swimming, 2002 52 teams, 1150 athletes, 104 escorts, almost 1000 visitors-parents Stay in the city, average 2,29 μέρες Average of individual expense 112,28 Euro per day 96% visit, due to the athletic event Total incomes almost 250.000 Euros Total expenses 26.400 Euros Without counting the promotion and the indirect profits (Source : Milonaki & Gavrilaki, 2003) Slide9:  (pan)-European CHAMPIONSHIP TAE KWON DO ATHENS, 28/02- 2/03 2003 Profile: 35 teams, 400 athletes, almost 150 Stay in the city, average 5.14 days Average of individual expense 179.64 Euros per day All the athletes and coaches/ and formal persons came duo to the athletic event Total incomes almost 100.000 Euros Total expenses 2000 Euros (Source :Milonaki, 2003) Slide10:  Economic Profits (Gratton, Dobson & Shibli, 1997) Slide11:  Sport Event Tourism Mega or Regular Sport Events? Slide12:  Mega-Sport Events (World, European, Olympic Games) Demand substantial public spending The incomes remain against the functional expenses The reinforcement of business dexterity depreciate the cost for the taxpayer Extensive promotion to the Media Configuration of a view as an attractive tourist destination Slide13:  Small Athletic Events (regional , local championships , toyrnoya' , non official events) Small cost of claim and conduct Do not demand additional expenses for installations They are aiming to the participation and the extension of their stay to the destination Important local economic effect Declined national economic effect (Chalip & Mules, 1997) Slide14:  The Economic Effect of the Athletic Events Spectators (football, basket) Participants (Swimming,wrestling) EVENTS Athletics Gymnastics Slide15:  Maximisation of Profits from the Participation Events Are addressed in middle-aged and middle layers Popular to athletically developed countries Popular to countries with tradition and tourist export Do not demand expenses for new athletic infrastructures Do not generate the prompt interest of the Media Slide16:  International Tendencies to the Tourism of the Athletic Events Proliferation of athletic events word widely Increase of interest for sponsorings Development of institutional bodies for the dispute and conduct of athletic events and allocation of the cost of attracting «The athletic events are the main platform of economic growth for many cities» Gratton & Kokolakakis (1997) Development of grant athletic installations Slide17:  Tourism of Athletic Events General Strategies of Development Development of a short-term and long-term portfolio with small and big, regional and local athletic events Multifaceted investment in the athletic tourism Resorts with athletic interest Professional Team Configuration of a view of destination with athletic and recreational content Athletic Events Slide18:  Tourism of Athletic Events Specialized Strategies Creation of new athletic events Attraction of Participation events Promotion of events aiming to the interest of the Media Promotion of events to specific sports * Attraction or promotion of events which fit to the size, the infrastructures and the available sources of the city Promotion of specialization in the strategies for proper exploitation of the athletic events Slide19:  Tourism of Athletic Events «The Successful Strategy» Self financed Challenge of business dexterity Involvement of the tourism industry Slide20:  Thank you for your Attention

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