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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: nortecehr



Literature reviews and scans will be managed to inform the next stage of Patient Matching Initiative.

Patient Matching Practices Literature reviews and scans will be managed to inform the next stage of Patient Matching Initiative

• The ONC for Health IT has announced a new project for the best practices and denominators which used by the health care delivery system of private sector and Federal agencies for the patient matching • Recommending and identifying standardization will improve the care coordination, safety and efficiency of the basic characteristics which are used commonly

• There are some specific objectives which focused; • Identification of the qualities which achieve positive match rates. The characteristics may include date of birth, name, address, cell phone number, gender and emergency contact. • Procedures defining best practices which are effective to support, positive patient matching rates simply using these characteristics.

FINDINGS • The procedure is used to improve the safety and clinical care with different health systems and to the address continuity for care among patients • The unsolved issues in the security of electronic exchange of health information are the requirement for a general matching strategy of patient data which assures the timely, accurate and efficient patient matching

• The report of Patient Matching Current State describes;  The patient identifies Standardized attributes which required in the appropriate exchange transactions  Any changes in exchange transactions must be coordinated with organizations, working on the efforts to standardize the transactions of health care.  The certification criteria should be introduced in which the certified EHR technology is required for data capturing  The non-traditional, additional data qualities are to improve

• The certification criteria should not be created for matching the patient algorithms or need organizations to use the particular type of algorithm. • To develop best practices and policies work with the industry to encourage consumers • Ongoing collaboration with federal agencies and industry on improving the identification of patient and matching procedures.

UNASKED AGREEMENT • Patient matching requires information • The procedure without notice of the patient is means sharing of physical health information without the notice of patient. • The Agreement which used for the patient matching authorization must list the certain parameters

Absence of transparency • The patients do not get notifications when they get matched. This disturbs the basic principles of security and error management.

Un-minimized data • Outside the health sector, citizen matching, is generally based on the unique identifier like; phone number, SSN or email. • A huge amount of extra private data is shared for patient matching, as the report does not let patient to specify their own criteria of matching.

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