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Information about Patient Assessment

Published on March 16, 2009

Author: mikef1


Patient Assessment : 1 Patient Assessment By Mike Froome Patient Assessment : 2 Patient Assessment Primary Survey A.B.C.D.E. Bystander information Past Medical History Secondary Survey Vital Signs Head to Toe Examination Slide 3: 3 AIRWAY Management : 4 AIRWAY Management Assess MOI with Cervical spine control Manual / Collar if available Remove any obstructions Open using Chin lift or Jaw Thrust Aspirate under direct vision Insert Oral / Naso Pharyngeal Airway Laryngeal Mask or Intubation Medical Questioning : 5 Medical Questioning S Signs & Symptoms. A Allergies. M Medicines. P Past Medical Conditions. L Last Oral Intake. E Events leading to current complaint. Review Of Systems : 6 Review Of Systems Cardiovascular. Have you had any pain or discomfort in you chest? Have you noticed any palpitations? Review Of Systems : 7 Review Of Systems Respiratory. Do you ever get short of breath? Have you had a cold lately? Does it hurt when you breathe in or out? Review Of Systems : 8 Review Of Systems Neurological Have you had any dizzy spells? Have you fainted? Have you had any trouble speaking? Have you had headaches recently? Have you noticed any unusual weakness or funny sensations in your arms or legs? Review Of Systems : 9 Review Of Systems Gastrointestinal. Has there been any changes in your appetite lately? Have you gained or lost any weight? Has there been any changes in your bowel movements? Review Of Systems : 10 Review Of Systems Genitourinary. Do you have any pain or difficulty in urinating? Have you noticed any change in the colour of your urine?

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