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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: ladlasarkar



No spiritual writing has ever satisfied the Minds those are drunk with the empirical benchmarks of knowledge and understanding but those who would enter the book as a visitor enters into a garden, having passion for fragrance and beauty, this book certainly will not disappoint them.

This book is a response to the deepest need for true understanding that resides within the consciousness of every seeker. It is a vital compendium of spiritual knowledge addressed both to those commencing their inner journey, as well as those who have already reached higher levels of spiritual realization. The teaching presented here is not a personalized interpretation of spiritual reality, but a reflection of truth with the power to broaden understanding of the inner dimension and assist in navigating the intricacies of the inner path.

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- 3 - COPYRIGHT The Almighty needs no protection, no copyrights – He is open to all. He is available to all. He is available even to those who want to manhandle Him. So my teachings, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. I have no claims. You are welcome to share it with your friends. This book may be reproduced, copied and distributed for non-commercial purposes, provided the book remains in its complete original form. I have used few images in this book that I picked from internet. I have no knowledge about their copyrights and about their artists. If any of them is copy-righted then please inform me. Having said that, I would also humbly request to any possible holder of rights that please grant me continue using them in my book as I do not intend to gain any commercial benefit from them. This work is purely for noble cause of enlightenment and I am offering this book free of any price.

- 4 - Contents I Preface 05 II Acknowledgements 09 III Dilemma of a Seeker 12 Chapter 1 Spiritual Cosmology 18 Chapter 2 God 32 Chapter 3 Role of Mind 68 Chapter 4 Light of Wisdom 119 Chapter 5 Non-duality 221 Chapter 6 Meditation 241 Chapter 7 Ego and Desires 292 Chapter 8 Pain and Suffering 323 Chapter 9 Peace and Happiness 341 Chapter 10 Silence is Sublime 366 Chapter 11 Renunciation and Detachment 376 Chapter 12 Surrender 389 Chapter 13 Flames of Love 406 Chapter 14 Practice Makes Difference 465 Chapter 15 Persistence 479 Chapter 16 Spiritual Practice and Levels 496 Chapter 17 Enlightenment 524 Chapter 18 Boredom is a Goldmine 558 Chapter 19 Truth is in the Middle 571 Chapter 20 Disappearance 575

- 5 - Preface This book is purely a mind-work. It can not bring the readers to the golden shores of peace; the maximum it can do is to just point the finger towards those shores with full honesty of the intent. This book is not giving you the fish but it is giving you the fishing rod. It is up to you that how much effort you invest in. Words without practice are merely empty crockery and any empty crockery can not cater to the needs of a hungry soul. So keep it in mind all the time that it is relentless practice that will make any difference in life. And never speculate that me the presenter of this book is the living image of the contents of this book … not at all. I have my share of weaknesses. But throughout my youth and middle age, at least I have dreamed about the possibility of a truthful life. Now I have shared that dream with other fellow beings in hope that from now onward we will chase this holy dream of living an accomplished life together. Primarily, this book is part of my spiritual growth, it is my worship to God and I have shared it with other seekers only because of my inner urge to do so, in empathy and compassion. It is not offered as a manual of enlightenment, for the ultimate truth of awakening cannot be reduced to a conceptual model. Rather, this book should serve as a guiding light for those mature enough to apply conceptual knowledge towards a non-

- 6 - conceptual feeling of reality. Accordingly, the explanations and methods presented here point beyond words to the realm of direct experience and latent meanings. Although, the aim of this book is to unravel the many steps of the awakening process but the revelations of this book can be easily misinterpreted and misunderstood. There is an immense chasm between theoretical knowledge and real experience; concepts with the power to illuminate the truth of our inner reality can also obscure it, depending on their interpretation. Ultimately, to truly understand any teaching, its experiential essence must be realized through the unfoldment of one’s own evolution and enlightenment. Although it is indeed a long journey from ignorance to complete Self-actualization, the way to truth is far more than the attainment of progressively higher spiritual states. It is not a linear path in the sense of being goal-fixated. Neither is it a finite path, for there is no end to enlightenment. That, which we are everlastingly realizing, yet can never fully attain — the unknown heart of the beloved Master’s presence is eternally expanding and ever ahead of the intelligence that pursues it. Although the reality of Self can never be entirely grasped but our evolution towards its divine radiance is the very meaning of our existence. It is indeed the journey, not its culmination - that is the essence of our spiritual unfoldment. Honoring this, we should regard the ineffable mystery of the spiritual path with humility and wonder, its majesty with a sense of awe. This book is not meant to change anyone because human beings are not changed from outside; they are always changed from within. The only purpose of my submissions is to share the flame of my insight with those who have already been enkindled by the

- 7 - divine fire and are striving hard to meet the Ultimate Truth - with full vigor of their body and unreserved strength of their will. Any spiritual guidance can only bring you to the “glass wall” from where you can see the Truth across but to reach to that truth you are required to make an effort by yourself alone. It is only you who will have to break the glass wall to become one with the beyond. Here, no instructor can help you to be a winner. This book is a response to the deepest need for true understand- ing that resides within the consciousness of every seeker. It is a vital compendium of spiritual knowledge addressed both to those commencing their inner journey, as well as those who have already reached higher levels of spiritual realization. The teaching presented here is not a personalized interpretation of spiritual reality, but a reflection of truth with the power to broaden understanding of the inner dimension and assist in navigating the intricacies of the inner path. This book holds immense potential for those who have special taste of finding their own core reality. The more you read the more you will get aware, the more you get aware the more you will be ready to act, the more you will act the more you will become, the more you will become the more you will stop to live a life of ego. First it will come to you as ripples then as currents then as waves then as tides then it will engulf you and will shake you inside out and can help you to be transformed forever in a positive way. It is essential that the material presented here be studied in the context of real inner work, for without a foundation of practice that yields experiential knowledge of the inner realm, a reader will not be able to grasp the true meanings of the teaching or, worse still, will create the illusion of understanding. When not based on spiritual realization, intellectual knowledge is but a

- 8 - hollow substitute for real experience. The reality of the awakening process is extremely complex and must be illuminated gradually from within. To approach this material solely from the standpoint of mind would defeat the very purpose of its presentation. Ladla Sarkar

- 9 - Acknowledgements II humbly submit this book in service to those who cherish God more than anything else in their life. My academic stature, caliber and record do not grant me to claim for any credits or appreciations from the readers. Primarily, I arranged this book for self-help or my own guidance but as I have benefited from it greatly so I thought it my compassionate duty to present this book for the benefit of other God seekers. I pay great respect to those writers from whom I have benefited greatly but I am now unable to credit them by their names for their marvelous thoughts. Most of the content of the Chapter named as “Dilemma of a seeker” has been borrowed from the Internet pages and is added here with slight necessary modifications. In other chapters of the book, paragraphs of thoughts are presented in numerical sequence. Here again I clarify that all these paragraphs are not the exclusive work of my intelligence but at many places thoughts of other great writers of present and the past have also been included for the benefit of readers as well as myself. I fully agree with the contents of those paragraphs that are borrowed from the literary works of other writers. I felt as those words came right from my own heart. In these paragraphs of the book, collection of thoughts, though appear fragmented but all paragraphs are inter-linked with each other with the final

- 10 - objective of self-realization. I have deliberately left the reader at liberty to assemble his own personal and unique model of understanding with the help and guidance of these fragmented pieces of spiritual wisdom. As enlightenment is not the static climax of spiritual evolution but is an eternally expanding movement of intelligence and consciousness that is unique for each individual. How far we can expand the frontiers of our enlightenment depends upon our spiritual capacity, inspiration, knowledge and intelligence. It is our individual essence that journeys through the process of evolution, progressively shifting through states of awakening and levels of surrender that lead ever deeper into the supreme beyond. Finally a few words about one strange thing that you will find in this book that this book teaches spirituality but does not advocate any religion, cult or ‘ism’. This was a real hard task for me to separate spiritual teachings from the myth and superstitions of the past that have intermingled and adulterated the spiritual wisdom up to a level that the separate and independent identity of the spiritual education has become almost extinct. It has been my deliberate effort to avoid using any standard terminology and specific religious, historical or geographical references and personal names. English is not my mother tongue. So I am afraid that there might be a number of grammatical and structural errors in my submissions. It may be asked that why I chose English as medium of communication while I was not confident about my ability to express in English. To my personal opinion, the kind of thoughts that I intended to present could only be delivered well in English, as this is the only language that has evolved its capacity and word treasure up to a level that can assimilate all the modern day thought processes. So any linguistic suggestions in this regard

- 11 - would be received with gratitude and will be included in future dissemination of this book. I have opted for not disclosing my formal name as the author of this book. As I am a weak man, so I feared that the imprinting of my name as the author of this book and the possible pride resulting from it could spoil the purity of my intent. So I have used a special literary name “Ladla Sarkar” for the purpose. The real author of all, which is a glimmer of the truth itself, is the one Self. Those humans, who have been blessed with capacity to experience truth as it is, become simply instruments or servants to it. When one goes through the experience of pure peace as the core of one’s own being and tastes the living freedom inside, he or she is “propelled” by compassion to share one’s experience with others. In that way many can come to know and experience reality as it is. Ladla Sarkar Jan, 2014

- 12 - Dilemma of a Seeker (The plight of a modern-day seeker) You cannot just become a God-seeker without having previously developed this spiritual desire through the evolution of your own inner consciousness. Not everyone desires to know God and Its infallible truth, nor does the realization of the true Self have much universal draw in our highly technological world, and therefore the subject matter of this book will not appeal to everyone. Only those who have searched the globe high and low, desperately looking for some divine light will find some sort of guidance in it. It is my sincere desire that true seekers wherever they are should benefit in some way by perusing these pages to achieve a deeper insight into their unique situation in their lonely search for Truth and God. What is intended here is to introduce to you a system of thinking which is impossible to avoid in your life. Logic, argumentation, conflict, strife and fear, battle, war - do they succeed finally? An amiable nature, a smiling face, a love, a consideration, a goodness, an acceptance of the nature of another person, an acceptance of the nature of the world as a whole and an acceptance of the oneness of God - that is what succeeds. I am particularly going to introduce you a way of living that is determined by awakening. You may be wondering: What it means by awakening because the very idea of it appears illusive in the beginning. Honest spiritual seekers are searching for a Path that transcends all personal ills, carrying them past the stultifying conditions of institutionalized religion and past the conventional and

- 13 - traditional ideals of modern society. True seekers are wary of preachers in their ivory towers declaring their outrage at those who do not believe as they do. They are exasperated over the plethora of cultish leaders and pseudo gurus springing up all over the globe. The seekers of truth have become all too knowledgeable with the emptiness of ritualistic and ceremonial worship, wisdom that is out of date, and past Masters who have come and gone. The seekers are dismayed with how spirituality has been commercialized, how seekers are being exploited for money, and with the performance of vows and disciplines that bring no appreciable gain to one’s own evolving spirituality. The plight of the modern-day seekers has them wondering if a true path even exists, or if anybody really knows or can guide them aright to God’s door. Spirituality has been so ravaged and overworked that hardly anyone knows with certainty what a true spiritual path even consists of. No wonder the seekers of truth are still disillusioned and disenfranchised with the current state of all spiritual endeavors as presented by our world and culture. Many seekers have simply quit their search; others feel it is hopeless to continue searching; some are so discouraged and dismayed that they wonder if truth even exists, and if it does the near impossibility of ever finding it still remains. Is there an adequate explanation for these spiritual maladies? Is there a rhyme or reason for this spiritual crisis? Yes there is, but we must continue our investigation into the plight of all modern-day seekers, for at the heart of this dilemma lie the answers to the seeker’s redemption and liberation. All spiritual doctrines, philosophies, psychic sciences, and metaphysical pursuits, have all been created and founded by humans. Furthermore, all spiritual interpretation as to what spirituality really means, and the way to liberation and salvation,

- 14 - has only come from humans as well. All enmity and discord amidst religious circles, coupled with abundant argumentation and bigotry, have all issued forth and been a byproduct of human beings walking this planet, whether in the misty past or in present times. All things are in such disarray that need for a peaceful and enlightened life has become a far cry in this modern age. Naturally, unenlightened human beings are not concerned with this spiritual downfall, but those keenly yearning for a higher and more fulfilling life are bewildered by and ashamed of such degrading situation, undeniably knowing that this could not in any way properly reflect the purpose of human life. Rudderless at sea and without a compass, does the individual attempt to cross the ocean of empirical existence. Blown about by chance winds and detoured by inclement weather, does the soul strive to secure its spiritual moorings. Without the Master at the helm, without precise directions over stormy seas, it becomes impossible to arrive at the other shore. There is a true Path, but you must give up your external search to find it. There is a true doctrine, but you must close the outer books of scripture to read it. There truly is a transcendental Guide, but you must forfeit your own mental counsel to find Him. And there is a true Self deep within your being-ness. There is a secret Path leading to God’s door and, although it is enshrouded in mystery, it opens up to all the sincere seekers of God. The honest seeker who squarely faces his own human dilemma desires to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Many byways are adopted with the hope that the gnawing pains of separation and isolation will subside, but hardly anything effectively works anymore. Those who experiment with drinks or

- 15 - drugs with the dim and fading hope of forgetting or suppressing their personal dilemma only make it worse, although sometimes this experience is needed in the overall unfoldment of the consciousness. Some individuals abandon themselves to the pleasure principle, avoiding pain and heartache as much as possible, but this too boomerangs upon them, for one’s reliance and refuge is still being placed in the external world, and pain follows pleasure like the darkness follows light. The majority of individuals enlist the help of four major institutions such as religion, philosophy, commercially propagated spiritualism and self devised odd practices of meditation, with the expressed desire of alleviating the inner problems that have become palpable and acutely present. The seeker enlists the help of external institutions with the desire to find reconciliation and resolution of one’s difficulties. And yet the plight of spiritual institutions is more aggravating the circumstances the individual finds and perceives within oneself. The institutions of the world are pointedly more concerned with their own collective survival than they are with emancipating the individual soul and relieving it of its unsettling conditions. The current dilemma that each honest seeker faces is only the byproduct of these sterilized approaches. Religion and philosophy were initially meant to redeem and liberate the soul of the seeker, but by following these doctrines centuries later, after they have been ravaged and overly editorialized to the point of their original purity being unrecognizable, one only sinks deeper into the morass of externalized opinion coming from those supposedly in the know. It appears that our own religious and spiritual leaders of today are as ignorant of the truth as are their followers, and as a result they both fall into the ditch.

- 16 - Many spiritual seekers are not happy in this outer world of excessive materialism, for no matter how much or how little one acquires; an ever-present emptiness remains. Likewise, the same seekers uneasily sense that they are not in harmony with their subjective reality, those prevailing thoughts and feelings that constantly follow one in the waking day-to-day life, whispering messages of either support or the lack thereof. And lastly, there are those who, having sensed their lack of fulfillment, have embraced a system of spirituality that has not produced the desired relief nor adequately taught the means of transcending their personal dilemma. Out of yearning and sometimes desperation, seekers attempt to find another spiritual doctrine that will put an end to the confusion or somehow shed some light and meaning upon their own search for spiritual growth. When the individual attempts to sift through the labyrinth of psychic paths available in the marketplace, one can become confused and misled with the excess of New Age mania. As a result, the seeker can become wary and suspicious, filled with doubts and skepticism about all paths, whether traditional or contemporary, and the hope and trust of ever finding some means of escape fades before one’s very own eyes. Consequently, the universal mantra has become: “What doctrine can I really trust? Which teacher or master is actually telling the truth? Where am I to turn, with some degree of provisional faith, in order to find the purest truth about myself?” Subsequently, the seekers of the world can sometimes wage a needless war of words and doctrines, feeling their enemy to be outside themselves, while simultaneously their hearts remain burdened, harmony is fleeting or forever lost, and the fresh breezes of love, power, and wisdom fall to the ground like autumn leaves.

- 17 - The common denominator in all separate paths is their insistence that God is outside of your body. The vast percentage of spiritual endeavor directs the seekers to pursue a Deity that is outside of them, one that cannot be accessed, seen, or heard. All devotees are subjected to this universal dilemma. Before the Divine Deity can be found and worshipped properly, the individual must discover one’s own divine essence within oneself. When human consciousness realizes that it is just an extension of divine consciousness then doors of further spiritual guidance become open for us. And that inculcates the oneness of all life, of all paths, and the overriding realization that it is the Divine’s Essence, which creates, sustains, and directs all life - whether it is the atom, molecule, plant, animal, or human being. Every true spiritual seeker should realize that the truth for which one seeks is never outside of himself, but always within. Seekers must find their own divinity within themselves before they can properly relate to anything divine outside of them. A Self seeker must also negotiate the problems in life that all of us encounter, and which are inescapable even to the best of us: problems of despair and uselessness; the feeling of inadequacy; a sense of inner guilt and shame; unrelenting strife and tension; overwhelming loneliness; the inescapable date with death; a gnawing doubt and growing skepticism with external authority; an inexplicable loss of our spiritual bearings; constant assaults of anger, greed, lust, vanity, and attachment; not to mention debt, problematic children, unruly mates, and the loss of our own personal tranquility. Heap onto this our growing dissatisfaction with the religious torch bearers, social and political reformers, and therapists of every kind, alongside the alarming reality of pharmaceutical companies, advertising through subliminal projection, the promise of having it all by just taking a pill.

- 18 - When your entire external search has ended, when all the byways and detours have been explored, when your heart is flayed and truth is nowhere to be found, simply have trust in your lord, give up yourself to your God. Let the hand of God work for you and if you would not turn away from your God-seeking, all your conflicts will end miraculously.

- 19 - CHAPTER - 1 Spiritual Cosmology  There is God  God created the world These are two common statements. But how many of us really understand the depth of these statements to the full of their meaning and scope. I fear there are very few souls that really have some good grasp of these statements. And even fewer are those who are ready to surrender to the sublimity and grace that is latent in these words. To initiate our journey on the spiritual path, we need a spiritual view of cosmic existence (world) and its presence in and around us. What is the true nature of visible world is an unsolvable mystery. All cosmologies in this regard are mere assumptions. So, the spiritual cosmology too is an assumption. It is an assumption that provides the God-seekers a viable ground for spiritual understanding of the world. We have to establish a conscious link between world and our own individual existence. Missing it, it would become hard to grow in Spiritual enlightenment and to have a well aligned perception of Truth. Object of the perception of the very word of “God” is a field of infinity. That is self-conscious, all knowing and all powerful. Universe is not the embodiment of God, because the infinite can never be embodied, nor it can be described in words but universe is a structure of divine presence and potentialities. This structure

- 20 - is filled with very fine countless particles or dots that have dipolar charge on them. This charge is causing vibrations in them and these vibrations are producing very subtle infra-sonic waves all around them. These infra-sonic waves are the basic creative force behind all forms of creation. Properties or character of the forms is being determined and controlled by some genetic stratum that is being generated, modified and managed by these infra-sonic waves according to the will and knowledge of God. This is the physical cosmology that is envisaged here in this paragraph but there are other aspects of this phenomenon and that are biological, psychological and spiritual cosmologies. Biological layer of the cosmos is nothing but a cluster of these infra-sonic waves that evolve together to form a particular type of form or body. The genetic stratum that is the basic building block of physical forms is a consciously devised blueprint of the structures that are built upon it. The genetic stratum of a snake and a man are different but both are made of the same raw material of infra-sonic waves. On the next step there is psychological layer of the cosmology. This layer depends and is being manipulated by the genetic stratum of any organism. Different types of psychologies are manifestations of different type of genetical groupings. Next is the spiritual cosmology. Spiritual cosmology involves all three previously mentioned cosmological aspects i.e. physiological, biological and psychological. So the spiritual cosmology is actually all-inclusive Cosmology. Spiritual Cosmology

- 21 - God (Self) > Field of Infinity > Forms > Character and Properties > Instincts and Senses > Empirical Experiences > Cognition > Reasoning > Understanding > Action > Devotion > Love > Enlightenment Notes: 1. God/Self: The unnamable and unknowable absolute basis of all existence. We can not judge it through mind but we can develop a direct feel of divine presence. And we can interact with it through spiritually expanded awareness. 2. Field of Infinity: It is the total space where God simulates Himself through the medium of countless tiny dots that have dipolar charge on them. This charge is constantly pulsating in ON and OFF states and these dots or particles are vibrating and producing infra-sonic waves around them. The whole universe is resonating with their vibrations. 3. Forms: Clusters of infra-sonic waves are producing incalculable forms of creation through the formation of especially designed genetical strata. 4. Character and Properties: Different characters and properties shown by the different forms of life and inanimate stuff are direct reflection of the underlying genetical stratum of the Forms. This stratum is the basis of biological layer of the cosmos. 5. Instincts and Senses: Life forms are equipped with instincts and senses through which they are changed by the environment and have the capacity to change the environment also. Instincts and senses not only provide safety and sustenance to body but they are basic tools to acquire knowledge and understanding of the existence.

- 22 - 6. Empirical Experiences: All sense interactions with the environment or stimuli and mental impressions resulting from it fall in this realm. 7. Cognition: At this stage sense impressions take a clear form of an idea in mind. 8. Reasoning: This is an intermediary stage between Cognition and Understanding. Mind processes the reported ideas with the help of past learning. 9. Understanding: The data processed by Reasoning when accepted by mind pure of any doubts becomes Understanding or faith. 10. Action: Realm of power and will of the body that it borrows from instincts, senses and awareness. Awareness can be influenced by faith, knowledge, doctrines, drugs, illusions and emotions. 11. Devotion: Purity of intent and action. This purity is always a result of sustained and ego-less spiritual effort on the path. 12. Love: A deep sensation for God. This is the driving force for any sort of spiritual attainment and inner transformation. 13. Enlightenment: Enlightenment is a non-ego state. It is Unity-Consciousness. A state beyond noise is silence and a state beyond “being” is Enlightenment, enlightenment is ultimate spiritual target. It is merger of the part into the Whole. Intense love induces this state in man but once it has been induced then even the medium of love becomes unnecessary. Further Study A close study of these submissions in this regard will also polish the understanding of spiritual cosmology presented earlier.

- 23 - 1. God is the Principle Cause from where all subordinate causes are arising. Symphony of “cause and effect” is being controlled by God’s Will as an orchestra conductor directs the music movements in a concert through his conducting baton and gestures. 2. To have a right view about the creator, we must have a proper understanding of the creation. Creation is ecstatic expansion of divine beauty into six physical dimensions which are Time, Space, Forms, Motion (change), Consciousness and Witnessing. We have to understand the subjectivity (I-ness) and dynamics (cause and effect) of Consciousness. Witnessing is the crown layer of mind. In witnessing the love of God crystallizes itself as enlightenment. It is the heat of seeking that prepares and develops the witnessing to be transformed into transcendence and have the ultimate experience of the reality of Self. Here the witness tastes the bliss of being one with that is being witnessed. Witnessing is the most subtle plane of creation. Though it rises from the creation yet it appears as it stands outside of it. Proper grooming of Witnessing can guide us to the experience of our own reality. 3. God is unknowable because if you know the God then God will become the known and you the knower. How can the “known” become the God of the “knower”. God is not understandable. Because if you understand the God then you would become bigger than God. And how can the smaller be the God of the bigger. God is not available. Because if God becomes available to you then you would become the holder of Him. How an “available” thing can be the God of its holder. But to walk on the path of Self-realization, we have to have some idea about God because without having a little perception about God we can not move on the path. So, just for the sake of having

- 24 - some idea, we would assume that God is field of infinity that is self-sufficient, self conscious, all knowing and all powerful. Remember that Creation also includes death. Life and death both together compose the symphony of creation. Death is rebound of the life. Death is reversal of the wheel of the creation. But these are just assumptions of the intellect. What is the true nature of the Truth is still unknowable and it will continue to be unknowable for all the times to come. It is a tragedy but this tragedy resides only in mind, intelligence or intellect. Man is bigger than mind. There are other means and ways to feel the heart of Truth and the presence of it. Certainly there is another type of knowing and understanding, not based on logic or intellect. When a drop of honey falls on your lips and you lick over it then you know what the honey is but this knowing does not come from logic or intellect side. Rather it comes through encounter, experience and sensation. Feelings are imminent while ideation follows them. Without feelings the evolvement of thoughts is impossible. So, spirituality is a path that seeks knowing and understanding through “direct feel” not through logic or intellect. The baby floating in the womb of mother is connected to her mother not through perception, logic or intellect but through umbilical cord. This umbilical cord is taking care of the baby and it is “sufficient” to her needs. Find your umbilical cord that is connecting you to your God. Let you float in the womb of God. God will take care of you and He is the Lord of All. 4. In the Self of God there is musk of His Oneness. This musk is emitting the fragrance of His attraction that pulsates (vibrates) equally in all dimensions. This fragrance of the Self is vibrating in twin waves and is forming the divine rhythm of “I AM”. In the “I” wave of its pulsation it falls back onto Self and in the “AM” wave it radiates in all dimensions and fills the whole space. Hearts of lovers are attracted to this fragrance and once you smell

- 25 - it in your life you will never come back. [Here Self of God, musk and its fragrance have been used only metaphorically just to convey the sense of reality] The rhythm of “I AM” is emanating from Self and is the highest and purest form of God-worshipping. It has been invoked by God Himself for Himself. Our God worshipping is just an echo or resonance of this divine utterance. Our God-remembering is just a shadow action. The real proclamation is coming out of God Himself. Resonance of this divine proclamation (rhythm) is penetrating all forms from particles to complex organisms. Those are extremely lucky people who are allowed to perceive this divine rhythm at conscious levels. This rhythm of I AM can be used as Mantra to focus the contemplation and to experience the bliss latent in these words. The resonance and divine truth that these syllables represent, can be invoked within the seeker and then allow these energies and wisdom to bathe the mind, the spiritual self (consciousness) and the physical body & being. Repeating the Mantra silently from a conscious, connected and intentional inner space can assist the seeker to be spiritually transformed. 5. Consciousness is of two grades. Master consciousness that resides in God and holds all control, Subordinate (causal) consciousness that resides in organic (manifested) self. Master consciousness is an attribute of God; subordinate consciousness is deriving its life from Master Consciousness. Causal consciousness is oblivion to its source and is imprisoned in gross physicality of world but it can be brought to a state of illumination and awareness through sustained spiritual effort. God is unknowable and non-empirical in His nature. It is not the human capacity to interact with God. But God can be reached through His mantric

- 26 - rhythm. This mantric rhythm is the empirical (spiritual) face of God. God in His full grace is a stateless state, a bodiless presence that is called “wajud-e–la-wajud” or Alam-e-hahoot. Where God is present even without His Self and attributes. No human consciousness, no matter how exalted it is, can ever access this domain. 6. World has not come out of its creator at some remote point in time, rather world is emanating from its source (God) in the very moment of Now. Space and time are just providing a stage for the divine show. 7. God is Sun and creation is His sunlight. All objects of creation hold heat of God. This heat is self-awareness. Awareness trapped into the forms becomes Ego and awareness awakened to God becomes enlightenment. Evil and forgetfulness is the path of ego while love and remembrance is path of the enlightenment. 8. Whole universe is web of divine Oneness. It is the characteristic of mind that it divides this oneness in duality or multiplicity and it does so for the convenience of its own functional needs. Mind does not stand as paradox to oneness; rather it too works as component part of the miracle of oneness. Oneness is the major theme being played by versatile roles and characters of its constituent components. Mind is an observer of these versatile roles. Water, when in Ocean is called ocean, when on the mountain peak we name it as snow, when in the lake we call it lake, when in the river we call it river. Water is same but it assumes different names and forms during its journey through water cycle. The content remains the same but change occurs in name, form and character. Similarly the underlying reality in this world of multiplicity is One but this reality goes through many stages of manifestation as it moves through the channels of time and space.

- 27 - The same one reality assumes three roles i.e. Subject, Object and Witness. 9. Through training and harmonizing our minds with the latent Oneness of universe, we can experience the bliss of reunion with God (self-realization) and that is very practical and possible idea. 10. The goal of all mystic disciplines is the achievement of a spiritual state of “oneness” with God. In essence, spirituality is the ability through various practices to arrive at a coherent state in which the individual becomes whole. What are the dynamics of this coherent state? DNA is more than a blueprint for genetic expression; it is the “instrument for the re-spiritualization of the body”, DNA structures help man to arrive at Divine Resonance by passing through electromagnetic influences on body and subtle processes of thought. It is DNA that functions as the receiver and transmitter of electromagnetic frequencies through the body. Man’s ability to achieve Divine Resonance is located in the hydro-energetic matrix of DNA, where the body’s highest concentration of water molecules is found. These water molecules are the source of the organism’s coherence. Divine Resonance is accessed through a variety of practices that return the body to its coherent state. Now, more than ever, man can attest to the divinity within him. The spirituality of modern man resides in his ability to control the profile of his DNA through practices that can restore him to the coherent state of Divine Resonance. 11. Everything is formed by vibration and geometry. Scatter some very fine sand over the head of a drum. Then take a tuning fork and strike a note just above the drum head causing it to vibrate. The sand would shift and assume a geometrical figure corresponding to the particular note that was played. When

- 28 - another is sounded, the sand will shift and assume another figure. This shows that every vibration produces a corresponding geometric form. Form is the organization of energy at certain rates of vibration. There is no solidity in the universe. A form that appears solid is actually created by an underlying vibration. Vibrations express themselves in corresponding geometrical figures and in this way build up crystals that are the expression of vibration. Crystals collectively form a body of an element according to its particular vibration. The forms of snowflakes and faces of flowers take on their shape because they are responding to some sound in nature. Crystals, plants, and human beings are music that has taken on visible form. We all are created in the image of God and God, like the sun, continuously shines His light onto all. Everything in the universe, in its simplest form, is vibrating with divine resonance. In nature we see a beautiful example in the bumble bee. When buzzing around a particular plant the bumble bee hits the note of C, which resonates with the plant’s opening mechanism to reveal the sweet nectar within. In medicine, kidney stones are destroyed through a laser therapy called lithotripsy. The laser is set at a resonance that is destabilizing to the stone, thus causing it to break up. Every organ, every molecule in the body has a particular resonance and the ancients were able to detect these in order to create appropriate healing and meditation techniques. Resonance can be described as a process of initiating and amplifying a vibratory response in a receiving system that is attuned to an emitting system. It is very important to understand that resonance starts only when the frequency of two systems (receiving and emitting) are almost matching. All of existence can be viewed as a manifestation of energy and consciousness, functioning according to various laws or

- 29 - principles. This trio of active Energy, Consciousness and Principles may be called manifest existence, part of which is perceived as space-time and matter. All such manifestation is characterized by vibration, which is related to the amount of energy and consciousness resident in a parcel of matter. The higher the amount of associated energy and consciousness the higher the vibration would be. Readers who are familiar with modern physics might recognize that a parcel of energy at the finest levels can also be represented by frequency, which is another term for how fast something vibrates. But the rate of vibration is an indication not just of energy, but also of the state of consciousness associated with it. The scientific notion of the Grand Unification tries to unify all forces and laws (i.e. energies and principles - matter being a form of energy) under a single force or law at the highest energies possible. Here the consciousness aspect of our Trio is simply missing. But if consciousness were to be included, the reader might readily find a parallel between the scientific Grand Unification and the spiritual Grand Unification. The latter is known as Truth (spiritual). Truth is simply laws or principles behind manifestation, in this case the higher laws. The ancient notion of the spiritual grand unification may be reconciled with the modern scientific grand unification by including consciousness into the picture. One direct result of the above unification is that a parcel of consciousness can be characterized by its vibration. All kinds of experiences in consciousness have associated vibrations and energy levels. The energy level determines the intensity of an experience, and frequency determines its nature. By changing the state of vibrations, the state of consciousness associated with that parcel of energy is changed. And by changing the state of

- 30 - consciousness, its vibrational levels (frequency) can be modified. All sensations and feelings in consciousness - such as pain, pleasure, love, fear and so on - may be considered as resulting from an interplay of different vibrations and energy levels. One implication of the above notion of Grand Unification, which considers consciousness as an integral aspect of matter with its own dynamics, is that the concept of chemistry extends to consciousness. Not just chemistry, but also physics, biology and so on. For example, the chemistry of certain drugs on the human brain and their effects on a resonant consciousness is a matter of active research in the medical community. Another implication of the Grand Unification is that higher states of consciousness can be associated with higher vibrations and energies, progressively tending toward the Grand Unification with the Godhead. The baser, denser or more materialistic consciousness can be characterized by lower vibrational levels. Spiritual progress can be defined in terms of moving toward the Grand Unification, and away from a purely material preoccupation - or in essence, the raising of one’s vibrations. One’s level of spirituality is a measure of his average vibrational level. This is a key point to understand, for much that may appear perplexing or nonsensical can be explained in terms of the mechanics of vibrations. Every human has a subtle body which comprises of mainly emotions and thoughts. This is the body which can be called causal self or ego self as it is created by the simple act of borrowing from others hence it is based on all borrowed emotions and thoughts. The natural frequency of human being is the frequency of the fundamental emotion which can only be found in humans which is faith. This specific emotion has the frequency quite matching with the natural frequency of existence. Once we

- 31 - generate faith or love frequently within us then these doses of faith act as small periodic forces being supplied to ego which can actually trigger larger amplitude oscillations for ego self . Earlier positive swing which was either missing or quite small suddenly with doses of faith become large and as intensity of faith increases the larger and larger swings can eventually trigger the collapse of giant ego self which is attached to us like a shadow self . This phenomenon can be termed as spiritual resonance. Resonance phenomena occur with all types of vibrations or waves. There is mechanical resonance, acoustic resonance, electromagnetic resonance, nuclear magnetic resonance, resonance of quantum wave functions. I would like to add one more type of resonance – spiritual resonance. Spiritual resonance is a resonance effect created by most powerful emotion of faith to tame and discipline the most anti spiritual entity – the ego self attached to every human being by default. Everything in creation is vibrating with God’s power. I AM is the rhythm produced by the vibrations of God’s presence within and around us. ‘I AM’ is the divine rhythm and has a few meanings. Firstly ‘I AM’ is a powerful statement and in itself is a Mantra. It is a creation & manifestation statement, as well as a statement that resonates with the frequency of divine wholeness and Divine perfection. ‘I AM’ calls forth the Creator Self, the creator energy that lives within each of us and is part of the manifestation cycle. Secondly, the rhythm of “I AM” shows that when we choose our lives to live from place of consciousness, divine presence, conscious connection and peace we become a Living Mantra into our world. We become a living, breathing prayer that then offers this frequency, this consciousness into our world.

- 32 - CHAPTER - 2 God Though the foundation stone of the Spiritual Cosmology, of which God is the axis point, has been laid down in the first chapter yet some more details are needed to assess the attributes of God properly. This second chapter is supposed to serve this purpose. 1. God is neither center nor periphery. Neither gross nor subtle but God is God. God is unique and has no opposite word for it. Transcendence and Beyondness are also used to indicate towards divine presence. God is not a person and hence is pure of any personality. God is pure presence – equated to holy Silence - eternal and infinite. We cannot know or grasp Him but God’s presence is every where. God is present in us (or we are present in God) and we can become conscious of divine presence if we would train our minds to receive this experience. 2. What we call the heart is that which is prior to everything that we can imagine in our minds or understand

- 33 - through our intellects. The presupposition of our very existence is the heart of our being-ness. And there is a heart in everything. There is a core within even an atom. There is a substance of this heart even in the minutest of creatures, such as an ant. There is a status maintained by each person, each individual, each entity in the world, a status which is capable of getting identified with what we call the heart. Even an ant has a status of its own. It is not an object to itself; it is a subject. All life is a movement towards this centre. Every step, or stage, in the process of the evolution of things is a tendency of converging towards this centre which is, and which has to be, everywhere. Such a centre is the object of our meditation; that is the heart. It is in us, no doubt, and when we speak about the meditation on the heart as the centre of all things, we are not concentrating our mind within this physical body merely, because God, the omnipresent king, cannot be contained within a six-foot physical frame. This is something well known to everybody. Our little “I”s are part of the bigger divine “I”. As our heart contains many cells in it so each particle of the universe is contained in the bigger heart of God. God is particles in whole and whole in the particles. 3. God is the Absolute. God is not relative. The word ‘absolute’ is used to indicate something which cannot be compared to something else. Anything that is capable of comparison with something else is not absolute, it is relative. It is relative because it is related to something else. Every description is a relation of one thing to another thing; therefore, anything that is capable of being described or characterized is not absolute. This is the reason why sometimes people say God is without characteristics, without qualities. People imagine and tell us that

- 34 - the Supreme Being has no qualities, no attributes, because qualities and attributes are nothing but descriptions in terms of something else. This will not be valid in the Absolute. Therefore, it is said that the Absolute has no qualities although everything that we can consider as a quality is involved in it, just as every statue can be found inside a block of stone. Though we cannot see any statue inside it, yet we can carve out any statue. So is the Absolute. Every little formation can be found in it, yet nothing is there. All things are there, and yet nothing is there. 4. God is not an external object that is to be explored and reached through intellect or to be tamed through labor of worship. God never comes to us as He is never away from us. Veils of ego are separating man from God. Ego must be taught and forced to fall back into its divine source. Self-experience is natural culmination of devotional spiritual practices. 5. Life has no meaning without God. When the sea tide collides with seashores foam is produced on the surface of the waves. Our individual consciousness is nothing but this foam on the divine water waves. Whether you like it or not you are connected to God. Whether you float with the current or swim against it, you are still in the same river. 6. God is center or heart of all things and all realms of manifestation stand in periphery of it. When we sleep our mind is

- 35 - not working but life does not stop but if once the heart is asleep then no life is possible. This is why we consider heart supreme to mind. Heart is the primal organ of body and life. Our acceptance and rejection both are two sides of a single coin named – Mind. There is no liberation without dropping the feel of separate self. Self is one. Mind is a servant to it. Though mind is part of divine totality but mind plays as anti-God. Through pain and pleasure God tests the levels of our surrender. Mind conspires to make us believe that we are a separate little self. But in fact there is no little self or greater Self. There is only one Self. It is mischief of mind that it divides the undividable. Mind is home of psychological states. These psychological states are deriving their life from Self and Self has a full manipulative command over these states. 7. The air we breathe is invisible, odorless and tasteless—it cannot be perceived at all unless it moves. It is usually peaceful and still, but it is a reservoir of enormous power. The air is a massive ocean—invisible, yet completely necessary for our life, for we are quickly dead without it. It seems reasonable to suggest that one reason God created the air—and respiration—was to show us graphically how great and immediate is our need for Him. We should recognize that the breath of life is a great gift from God, and a powerful metaphor used to speak of His very presence. Our life should generate continual thanksgiving, so that we might join in the praising God along with everything that has breath.

- 36 - 8. Only Oneness (of God) is the truth, multiplicity is a mental version of reality. Multiplicity is a delusion and is a trick of mind to handle and understand the Oneness. For example Time is a dimension in God. It is indivisible but to understand Time mind divides it into seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries and millennia. Real time is a dimension in God. It never moves or changes. It never comes so it never goes away. It never begins so it never ends. It is always there available to interact. But division of time into days etc is an act of mind. Mind creates Thursday then Thursday is replaced by Friday. Thursday has to die out so that Friday may come. Time as dimension of God never moves, changes or dies out but it is the time divisions created by mind that have to change and disappear. 9. Life is an actuality of God. The mirror hall for One Self. The refulgence of unshared beauty. Theological literature about God is in such abundance that we cannot finish reading it even in hundred lives. Thus one may easily jump to the conclusion that it is impossible to get full knowledge of truth. But fortunately truth is so evident and so near to us that even an illiterate person can access it through direct knowledge. When some one is feeling hungry or happy he does not need reading books to become aware of his hunger or happiness. Content is fundamental thing and words are of secondary importance. God is like ocean and language is like a bowl. You cannot condense the ocean into a bowl.

- 37 - 10. Life stands as question mark in front of us but our logical minds find no satisfactory answer to it. It baffles us and leaves us beaten down. The need for a God, a missing link, a super being that could help and guide us through the rigmarole of life gets intensified. Our logical thinking fails to find any such being and authority in the sphere of life; the feeling of tragedy and betrayal engulfs us more deeply. We all need God, the whole existence needs God but God does not appear before our addict minds. Right at the center of the mess and darkness there is light. Invisibility does not mean that God is not present. God is present but our minds are so conditioned and drunk in physicality that it is hard for gross mind to trace the presence of God. We cannot sense God with our five senses. We cannot find God through logical probing; if we could have found God through our logical pursuing then such God would not be worthy to be called a God. God is such an immense Reality that it cannot be exposed upon our senses. It is beyond the power of senses to bear the intensity of divine exposure. We can experience God only through sincere self-giving. God is available to us all the times. The only thing that keeps us apart from God is our discordant thinking. If we empower and purify ourselves to go beyond the ego and mind momentum then we can enjoy the companionship of God in this very life. It is impurity of the vision that keeps us ignorant and separated from God. God is not only is outside of us but He is also within us. We have to make ourselves eligible for God’s exposure. Leaves, blossoms and fruit all three are there in the seed of the plant right from the day one but to realize all that the seed has to go through many stages of its development. When seed attains maturity for

- 38 - leaves the leaves come from within, when branches attain maturity for blossom the blossom comes from within, when blossom attains maturity for the fruit the fruit comes from within. So is with God-seeking. God comes to us firstly as seed. We have to nurture this seed for the required period of time. Then this seed attains leaves and blossom and finally bears fruit with the passage of time. Slowness and gradual growth is law of nature. It applies to Spirituality also. 11. As creation is not external to God so creation is as real as God. When we say that all sense objects are unreal and illusive, the only purpose is to train the thinking that the sense objects are not a separate and standalone phenomena. World is not unreal but our perception of seeing things is illusive. Nothing exists as outside of God. Even our misperceptions are taking there life energy from God. When our misperceptions too are part of God then what makes a difference between wisdom and follies, a saint and a sinner. The difference between positive and negative states is not because we feel about them differently but they are different because of holding different types of divine energy. Wisdom and enlightenment represent positive and constructive type of energy whereas the ignorance is a dark state. God- experience is a play of positive energy. Do we have any control or discretion to manipulate the flow of different types of energy in our favor? Answer is NO. Energy and its flow relate to God and God alone has control over its flow. If there could have been any other controlling authority then that authority too was eligible to be called a God. Creation comes only from one God and the control over it is also the privilege of that one God.

- 39 - We all have to go through our life conditions submissively. There is no ultimate verbal answer for the ultimate “why”. No school of thought, no saint can provide ultimate answer to the ultimate “Why”. At the end, knowledge fails but devotion delivers. Divine love is fragrance of God. God Himself is the seed of His seeking. Those whose hearts are sowed with this seed are the most fortunate beings on earth. 12. All is phantom unless He is seen, who is the Real Alone. See Him and all is His garment; see Him not and all is phantom. What is World, you ask? To see anything whatsoever apart from Him: that is the illusion the source of sorrow. See Him and you see that all belongs to Him and nothing stands rejected. 13. Your life is a short period in time. You are dangling in a void perched on the branch of a Tree called God. This branch is loaded with sweet fruits. In this void there are un-named demons and dreadful monsters that are ready to attack on you and are hovering around you to catch you unwarned. But these monsters can not take you unless you leave the branch. Once you would leave the branch the monsters will grip you fast in their claws of suffering. You may eat fruits on this branch in times of hunger but you are not supposed to leave the branch even for a moment. If the first breath is not saved the second shall not be saved too. God is your first breath; if you would save it from the demons of distraction then God will save you from suffering.

- 40 - 14. We can show indifference or we can even deny the existence of God consciously but we are incapable to silence the cry that arises deep inside us incessantly. We cannot remove or silence the cry for God that is present at the very center of our consciousness. Life without God is simply not possible. People need God. It may be a job. It may be a drug. It may be a family. It may be a hobby. Each person’s God may be different and it may even be yourself. Everyone has to put his faith in something and it becomes his God whether they believe it or not. In this day and age, many secularists have accepted creation itself as God and they worship God’s creation in place of God. Where do you give your time, your talent, and your treasure? Where is your focus? Where ever that might be, it most likely is your God. 15. Having faith in God is also having faith in our own being. When we lose faith in our Master, we become miserable. God is an answer from within to a question from within. 16. O! Lord. Whenever You come to me I have no questions for You, only openness. Nothing needs to be spoken. Everything is in its place; all is accounted for. But when You leave ... I am a harbor without any boat; a nest without a bird; a cup that somehow knows what it means to have capacity, yet that sits without any means to fill itself except for this flood of questions rushing to pour themselves into where once You were.

- 41 - What is it about You? How is it that your footsteps through my heart—even on their way out—leave only imprints of a new promise? What is in your hand that can touch my soul almost imperceptibly yet moves it so much? How do You speak to me of all that matters without ever saying a word? Coming out of the darkness, going into it, and then back out again almost unannounced and the sudden sense of awakening light is always left there in your place? What is it about You? 17. Will of God is represented through natural laws or material causes. No living being sustains on material causes alone. It is will of God that creates, maintains and discontinues any manifestation. When the will of God is withdrawn from your life then your body is no more capable even to drink a spoon of water or to inhale a puff of air despite the fact that life organs are still present there but they fail to instill life in you. 18. HE, who strives to realize God through understanding, eventually will understand Him but realization will still be a dream. And he who strives to realize God through unconditional submission will eventually realize as well as understand Him. Because where God comes there remains no ignorance. 19. God is non-deductive, primitive and original truth. All other facts stand as truth only in reference to Him. God is

- 42 - content of all forms. Without His presence nothing has any form, character or property. He is heat in fire, he is cold in ice, He is illumination in light, He is fatality in poison, He is healing in medicine, He is hardness in stone and flow in water and air, He is softness in love and destruction in hatred. We cannot take anything as ‘fact’ without taking God first as basis of all reality. 20. Universe is creation of God. Our love, hatred, denial, submission etc are part of it. Our sense of individual being (ego) is also very much part of this creation. Thing ‘A’ and thing ‘B’ and space of ‘choice’ between them, and the higher mind that observes in alienation - all are part of creation. We cannot come near to God as we are never away from Him, we cannot realize God, as we are never separated from Him. There is no independent ‘I’, ‘we’, ‘you’ or ‘mine’. There is only one ‘God’ all else is His radiance and creation. People who have discernment are privileged ones. In life we have two options. One is to take the dirty thing that is dirty throughout from inside to outside and the other is to take the clean thing that outwardly looks absurd but is clean at core. In other words if we deny and challenge the God then we opt for a dirty thing and if we surrender to God though apparently it looks unmanly and unworthy matter but in the longer run of life this second choice proves to be the clean and pure thing. This other thing is clean and pure and the more we go deep inside it the more it appears clean and pure. Ultimately it absorbs the sense of our separateness and thus we reinvent our identity as a vital part of the infinite divine play. We must not be afraid of surrendering our illusive being to the real-being of God. This physical self of us that is afraid of submission is an illusion, a phantom created by our own senses on the screen of our

- 43 - perception. This fear is fear of a child who shouts in the long corridors of a deserted castle and gets feared when he listens back the echo of his own shout in a changed tone and pitch of voice. He ignores the original sound that produced this echo and he takes it as someone else is voicing upon him from inside the castle corridors. It is matter of the awakening of us to the original Self that the fear of the ‘other’ self will be obliterated from our minds and hearts. 21. One saint said, “My ‘me’ is God”. This knowing, this gentle intuition that arises and is at first repressed and left unfulfilled. We have had this intuition all our lives. And we have run from it our entire life - evaded it, pushed it away, drowned it in drink or drugs or knowledge or success or sex or a billion other reasons and excuses. But the more it is run from the more it haunts, daunts and confronts us in the gnawing emptiness within and without. Some succeed in evading it until the moment of physical death itself. Still others, who having been given an inclination to seek and search, are graced with a realization now. And what a blissful realization this is! 22. The wonder of God is that there is nothing you need to do to get anything of Him. I repeat there is nothing that needs to be done, by you or anyone else. Our only problem is that we have been taught and conditioned by years and years of belief systems that we are not in touch with that which is infinite, that which is unnamed, unknowable and almighty. And so we have invented philosophies and techniques and there have been

- 44 - teachers and gurus and a myriad of self-help seminars and books about it all. I say to you now, you need none of it. There is nothing to find out which is not already here right now. All of the spiritual guidance and wisdom is meant only to make us realize that the perfection is already in us. That we are pure at core. When we remove impurities then the pure emerges spontaneously, as when the disease is cured health is available without any further effort. Health is a natural state and is available to us as our birthright but efforts are required for the removal of any sick condition. 23. No argument can prove the existence of God and no denial has the power to quench the infinite thirst of human heart. We stray between two ends and two pulling forces. When the world sucks us viciously we bow before God and we bow before world when God does not honor our wishes. This run between two extremities ultimately tears apart our inner peace and we look as breathless as a deer that had been running all the day along in front of hungry wolves. Then what is the way out

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