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Published on December 9, 2008

Author: dentsadventure


Past Tense Ending: -edSometimes -ed sounds like “t.”Sometimes -ed sounds like “d.”Sometimes -ed sounds like “ed.”Listen and practice saying the words and sentences! : Past Tense Ending: -edSometimes -ed sounds like “t.”Sometimes -ed sounds like “d.”Sometimes -ed sounds like “ed.”Listen and practice saying the words and sentences! Slide 2: jumped He jumped over the leaves. Slide 3: played She played with her yo-yo. Slide 4: kicked He kicked the soccer ball. Slide 5: pulled He pulled gum out of his hair. Slide 6: shouted He shouted, “This is fun!” Slide 7: watched They watched TV. Slide 8: colored She colored a sun. Slide 9: counted He counted the blocks. Slide 10: looked He looked at the bugs. Slide 11: cleaned He cleaned his bedroom. Slide 12: tasted The ice cream tasted yummy. Slide 13: brushed She brushed her teeth. Slide 14: listened He listened to music. Slide 15: needed She needed some water. Slide 16: rained It rained yesterday. Slide 17: waited She waited for her turn.

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