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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Carmina


Slide1:  Past Simple Passive and Active Questions When______Ghandi ______? (kill) :  When______Ghandi ______? (kill) was killed 1 Where_______Martin Luther King______ ? (kill) :  Where_______Martin Luther King______ ? (kill) was killed 2 How long______Nelson Mandela ________for? (imprison) :  How long______Nelson Mandela ________for? (imprison) was imprisoned 3 When_______Charlie Chaplin_____? (die) :  When_______Charlie Chaplin_____? (die) did die 4 Where______John Lennon and Paul McCartney ______ ? (meet) :  Where______John Lennon and Paul McCartney ______ ? (meet) did meet 5 When_______Bill Gates_______a billionaire? (become) :  When_______Bill Gates_______a billionaire? (become) did become 6 When______Mother Teresa______the Nobel Peace prize? (win) :  When______Mother Teresa______the Nobel Peace prize? (win) did win 7 When ______J.F. Kennedy______ ? (kill) :  When ______J.F. Kennedy______ ? (kill) was killed 8 What _____ Mohammed Ali______before 1946? (call) :  What _____ Mohammed Ali______before 1946? (call) was called 9 When______ Princess Diana______Prince Charles? (marry) :  When______ Princess Diana______Prince Charles? (marry) did marry 10 Back to Sarah’s home page

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