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Published on July 23, 2014

Author: MissOrostegui


Past simple Yesterday, ago, in 2011, last week

Verb + ed [ d ] ski - skiedPlay- played water- watered vacuum - vacuumed

Verb + ed [ t ] Brush - brushed Jump- jumped wash - washedCook – cooked

Verb + ed [ id ] Carry – carried count- counted Dust – dusted want – wanted

Now your turn • Pick • Clean • Dust • Watch • Walk • Wait • Copy • Rain • Plan • mix

Now your turn • Pick • Clean • Dust • Watch • Walk • Wait • Copy • Rain • Plan • mix Picked Cleaned Dusted Watched Walked Waited Copied Rained Planned mixed

Did you go to the club yesterday? Yes, I did. I went to the club yesterday. No, I didn`t. I didn`t go to the club. ASK and ANSWER the questions. 1. …he (play tennis) last Sunday? 2. …she ( brush) her teeth in the evening? 3. … you ( wash) the floor yesterday? 4. … your friend (help) you? 5. …your mother (prepare) tasty dishes last week? 6. …your brother( clean) the room last Saturday?

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Aksi takdirde, Simple Past kullanmamız yeterlidir. They didn't leave the office until I had completed my report. ( They left after I had completed my report.)
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