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Published on March 4, 2012

Author: misterhadi


PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE: PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE SHORT EXPLANATION By : misterhadi TO BE (PAST): TO BE (PAST) Subject To be present To be past By : misterhadi TO BE (PAST): TO BE (PAST) By : misterhadi Examples :: Examples : He was a teacher . ( noun) She was busy yesterday. (adjective) They were here last night. (adverb) I was sleeping when you called. (continuous) We were followed by someone. (passive) By : misterhadi Past Continuous Tense: Past Continuous Tense To describe actions happening at the spesific time in the past. Last night at 6 PM , I was having dinner. At midnight , we were still driving to Bandung. Yesterday at this time , I was sitting at my desk . Examples : By : misterhadi PowerPoint Presentation: To indicate that a longer action in the past was interrupted by a shorter action. The longer and the earlier action is past continuous , the short interruption is simple past . We use ‘when’ or ‘while’ to connect the two sentences. Past Continuous Tense Examples : I was watching TV when she called . When the phone rang , she was writing a letter. While we were having dinner, it started to rain. By : misterhadi Now look at the structure... PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE: PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE AFFIRMATIVE I HE SHE IT YOU WE THEY WAS WERE VERB + ING He was studying english when I called . They were watching TV when we arrived there. Examples : By : misterhadi PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE: PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE NEGATIVE I HE SHE IT YOU WE THEY WAS NOT (WASN’T) WERE NOT (WEREN’T) VERB + ING He wasn’t studying english when I called. They weren’t watching TV when we arrived there. Examples : By : misterhadi PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE: PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE YES-NO QUESTIONS I HE SHE IT YOU WE THEY WAS WERE VERB + ING? Was he studying English when you called? Were they watching TV when you arrived there? Examples : By : misterhadi PowerPoint Presentation: PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE WH - QUESTIONS I HE SHE IT YOU WE THEY WH WERE WAS VERB +ING? Examples : What was he doing when you called? What were they watching when you arrived there? By : misterhadi F i n i s h...: F i n i s h... By : misterhadi Follow my next other slides soon

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