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Published on November 11, 2013

Author: SacredLove



Passion is active, it dances within us, it moves us forward in the journey of discovering our greatest love, romance and lives. For support visit

Passion Principles What makes you feel enthusiasm, fire, joy, zest, animated? What makes you lose track of time and feel that life is full, wondrous and worth living; your passion of course. Passion is active, it dances within us, it moves us forward in the journey of discovering our greatest love, romance and lives. Passion has often been individually associated with love, sexual ecstasy and spiritual revelation. In actuality, passion can originate from one specific area or interest and quickly expand itself to positively affect our entire selves. When we are experiencing our passion, we literally feel it all over. Creating, Building a Business, Having a Great Love Relationship as well as Giving and Helping Others can all be sources of great passion. Spiritual Development, Arts and Entertainment, and Travel and Exploration can also be the keys to the ignition that juices our cells and motivates our very being.

How passionate do you feel in your life? 1-Are you full of excitement for the day? All the time ______ Sometimes ___________ Once in a while ______ 2-Are you passionate for the work that you do? Yes_____ Certain Aspects____ No_____ 3-Are you passionate about the people in your life? All of them____ Some of them _____ One or two of them________ None of them_____ 4-Are you passionate in the choices that you make? All the time____ Sometimes_______Rarely______ 5-If in relationship, are you passionate when you are with your partner? Yes______ Sometimes________ Hardly at all________ In truth, we all desire passionate lives and passionate love relationships. Why are some lives and relationships more passionate and exciting and others not? A passionate lifestyle and a passionate love relationship have distinct characteristics. When these qualities are absent, or are sometimes or rarely there, passion diminishes. Let's take a look at the differences between a passionate life and love relationship vs. a passionless life and love relationship. Characteristics of an Individual Passionate Life: • Committed to what juices you • Positive • Full of color • Energized • Enjoy work that you are passionate about (that you would do whether you were being paid or not) • Surround yourself with others that are living passionate lives • Feel the riskiness of being authentic and passionate and do it anyway • Supportive of others passion

Passionate Partners in Love Relationships: • Enjoy Personal Passion, Pleasure and Well-being • Express Positive Feelings towards one another daily • Feel Desire, Sensuality, Affection, Love and Devotion for each other • Enjoy Intimacy and Physical Pleasure Frequently • Enjoy Healthy Dialogue • Willing to Learn and Grow from Differences • Can Admit Being Wrong • Motivated towards Timely Resolutions of Bothersome Dynamics • Actively Engage in Raising the Bar to Enhance their Love Life • Enjoy the "In Love Experience" more and more as the relationship deepens When we are disconnected or uncommitted to experiencing our passion in our everyday lives and love relationships, they become dull and routine. We can become negative and frequently complain. We can focus more on what is wrong with our lives, everyone else and the world. We end up feeling we have to escape our everyday lives to enjoy passion. Characteristics of an Individual living a Passionless Life: • Complains and Criticizes • Excessively Practical • Generally a Spectator • Dislikes what they do for a living, (does it only to make money) • Gossips • Dull • Dry • Low Energy • Not Supportive of others that follow their passion • Surrounds oneself with others that are not living passionate lives • Regularly seek to escape their daily lives Passion Diminishes in Love Relationship when Partners: • Do not express enough love and appreciation for one's lover • Wait on the other person to take initiative and be passionate • Begin looking at the flaws of the partner more than the gifts • Bothersome feelings are not expressed

• Needs are repressed in the relationship • Do not resolve troublesome issues in the relationship • Become complacent, and take for granted the love they have Passion, however seemingly challenging and impractical, offers the most practical experience that each one of us can have, the experience of being fully alive. When we turn our attention towards our passion, we gain energy; life gets more exciting; relationships get juicier and stronger; the world lights up. We always have the opportunity to enjoy passion. Dare yourself to eliminate the passionless and live and love your most passionate life. Karinna Kittles-Karsten, The Love Educator, is an internationally recognized love and intimacy expert, speaker, and the founder of, a fun, empowering online dating and couples membership site to enhance any stage of your love life now. For a trial visit

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