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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Reaa


Slide3:  Do you know? How often is the modern Olympics held? Which city hosted or will host the Olympic Games in the years 2000, 2004 or 2008 respectively? Slide4:  The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games The doll-like figures represent the Olympic flame and four of China’s most popular animals— panda, fish, Tibetan antelope, swallow, and each one the color of one of the Olympic rings. Slide5:  Beijing Olympic Emblem entitled “Dancing Beijing” It resembles a red Chinese seal enclosing a lively dancing figure. Slide6:  Volunteers Symbol of Beijing Olympics The shape of heart, composed of interweaved hearts, signifies that volunteers, athletes, the Olympic family, and all guests would render service and compassion in a joint effort to glorify the Olympic Movement. Slide7:  title subtitle Slide8:  Do you know? What do volunteers usually do in order to make the Games a success? They help in a variety of tasks such as transportation, catering, ticket selling, room attendant or security guard, etc. What are the basic requisites for becoming a volunteer for the Olympics? Promotional Film on Beijing Olympic Volunteer Program Divide the passage into some parts.:  Divide the passage into some parts. Part I. The experience as a volunteer made the author learn a lot. (Paragraph 1-3) Part II. It tells the experience that the author worked as a volunteer Supervisor. (Paragraph 4---7) Part III. The experience as a volunteer is what the author will remember forever. (Paragraph 8) Slide10:  1. Why did the author say that volunteering in Sydney helped her prepare for the Winter Games in 2002? It was a good opportunity to learn more about staging a major multi-sport event. Part I Slide11:  1. This knowledge, I felt, would stand me in good stead as I developed the media services that would be needed for our Salt Lake City Winter Games in 2002. (para.1)  I felt this knowledge would help me develop the media services for the 2002 Games. 我觉得这一知识对我十分有益,因为我所提供的媒体服务也将是我们承办2002年盐湖城冬奥会所需要的。 Part I Slide12:  2. I also decided that working as a volunteer would give me a greater understanding of a whole range of issues, which is why I joined the ranks of those working in the front line. (para.2)  I also thought working as a volunteer would give me a better understanding of all the issues, so I joined the ranks of those working in the front line. 我认为志愿者的工作能加深我对各种事务的全面理解,而这正是我要选择参加一线工作的原因。 Part I Slide13:  2. Before the author began her voluntary work, how did she feel? Little did she suspect just how much the experience would offer her such powerful feelings and a strong sense of pride. Part I Slide14:  3. But little did I suspect just how much the experience would offer me such powerful feelings and a strong sense of pride... (para.3)  但我却毫不怀疑,这种经历会让我有如此强烈的感情和自豪感。 Part I I was sure that the experience would offer me much powerful feelings and a strong sense of pride. Slide15:  4. I am not usually keen on uniforms. (para.4)  Part I I am not very interested in wearing uniforms. be keen on sth: be very interested in sth. Slide16:  5. I felt I was part of something important, something big that could well be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. (para.4)  Part I I was involved in a major event that could be unique and special in my life. 我感到自己是一项非常重要,非常宏大的赛事中的一员,这种经历我一生中难得再有第二次。 Slide17:  6. I immediately bonded with others in the same uniform and as we passed each other in the street dressed in our colorful outfits, we smiled and said “G’day” to each other and those greetings continued throughout the two weeks of the Olympics.. (para.4)  Part I I soon involved in the group with the same uniform, and we smiled and greeted to each other as we met in the street. These greetings surrounded me throughout the two weeks of the Olympics. 我很快融入到穿着同样制服的人员行列中,当穿着五彩缤纷的制服在大街上迎面相遇时,我们微笑点头并互致问候,在两周的奥运会期间,这声声祝愿时刻萦绕在我耳边。 Slide18:  stage n. The raised floor on which plays are performed in the theatre v. To perform or arrange for public show; put on to stage a play/an art show/a football game point, period or step in the development, growth or progress of sth/sb 上演;举办;举行 at an early stage of our history 我们历史发展的早期 Wenzhou staged the Light Industry Products Fair (LIPF) in October. Wenzhou staged Miss World Talent Competition on November 18. Slide19:  stand sb. in good stead to put sb. in good condition; to help sb. in a reliable or predictable way 在需要时对某人有用或有帮助 你在这里获得的经验将使你今后受用不尽。 idiom The experience you have gained here will stand you in good stead in later life. Slide20:  a range of : the front line: a whole range of issues: a set of; a series of; a variety of a whole set of issues; all issues a. line of fighting which is closest to the enemy b. the most important , advanced or responsible position 前线 最重要、最前面或责任最重大的位置,一线 Slide21:  倒装 含有否定意义的副词hardly, never, not, no, not , only, little, seldom, scarcely, nowhere,或者是含有否定意义的代词nothing, nobody,等放在句首时用部分倒装的形式。 Never have I seen such beautiful views. 我从未见过这么美丽的景色。 Nothing did he say at the meeting. 他在会上一言不发。 Seldom do I go to the cinema. 我很少去电影院。 1. 2. 3.

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