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Information about parts of the body

Published on November 17, 2008

Author: olleratub


Slide 1: Parts of the body Slide 2: head Slide 3: mouth Slide 4: teeth Slide 5: neck Slide 6: eye Slide 7: hair Slide 8: face Slide 9: nose Slide 10: ear Slide 11: hand Slide 12: finger Slide 13: arm Slide 14: elbow Slide 15: shoulder Slide 16: back Slide 17: knee Slide 18: foot Slide 19: toe Slide 20: leg Slide 22: Tooth Hair Finger Hand Thumb Skull Knee Throat Elbow Arm Teeth Match the parts of the body to their names in English Slide 23: Face Beard Cheek Skelleton Lips Tongue Chin Ear Stomach Nose Toes Match the parts of the body to their names in English Slide 24: Shoulder Waist Neck Armpit Mouth Eyelash Eyebrow Foot Adam’s apple Back Eyes Match the parts of the body to their names in English

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