Partner Webcast – Oracle Coherence Applications on WebLogic 12c Grid - 21st Nov 2013

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Published on November 21, 2013

Author: oracle_imc_team



Oracle Coherence is the industry leading in-memory data grid solution that enables organizations to predictably scale mission-critical applications by providing fast access to frequently used data. As data volumes and customer expectations increase, driven by the “internet of things”, social, mobile, cloud and always-connected devices, so does the need to handle more data in real-time, offload over-burdened shared data services and provide availability guarantees.

The latest release of Oracle Coherence 12c comes with great improvements in ease of use, integration and RASP (Reliability, Availability, Scalability, and Performance) areas. In addition it features an innovating approach to build and deploy Coherence Application as an integral part of typical JEE Enterprise Application. Coherence GAR archives and Coherence Managed Servers are now first-class citizens of all JEE applications and Oracle WebLogic domains respectively. That enables even easier development, deployment and management of complex multi-tier enterprise applications powered by data grid rich features. Oracle Coherence 12c makes your solution ready for the future of big data and always-on-line world.

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Oracle Coherence Applications on WLS 12c Grid Lukasz Romaszewski ISV Migration Consultant

ISV Migration Center Team • Who we Are: team of senior technical consultants based in Eastern and Central Europe and represents Oracle's technical investment for partners. • Mission Statement : Enable partners to rapidly and successfully adopt and implement Oracle latest technology • How can we assist: We offer a wide range of free services for partners such as one2one assistance, webinars, seminars and hands-on workshops. ISV Migration Center blog: Contacts: Thanos Terentes Printzios, ISV Migration Center Manager, EE&CIS

Safe Harbor Statement The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.

Agenda • Introduction to Oracle Coherence • What’s new in Coherence 12c? • • • • • HotCache Live Events POF Annotations Managed Coherence Servers Coherence Applications (GARs) • Live Demo • Summary • Q&A

Agenda • Introduction to Oracle Coherence • What’s new in Coherence 12c? • • • • • HotCache Live Events POF Annotations Managed Coherence Servers Coherence Applications (GARs) • Live Demo • Summary • Q&A

Oracle Coherence Through 12c Market Leader and Pioneer Since 2001 Origins of Coherence Coherence 12c +  Foundation for Mobile & Cloud Architectures  In-memory grids become strategic standards  Scale for the Internet of Things (IoT)  Tangosol founded in 2000  Coherence 1.0 in 2001  Acquired by Oracle 2007 2000 - 2007 2008 - 2012  Deep integration with FMW & Exalogic  In-memory data grids grow in popularity  Broadening vertical adoption Coherence 3.5 – 2013 +

Cloud Application Foundation Out of the Box, Best of Breed, Pre-Integrated Cloud Infrastructure Oracle Traffic Director WebLogic Server Coherence WebLogic JMS Java EE Java SE WebLogic & Tuxedo XA Virtual Assembly Builder Cloud Application Foundation

Coherence Clustered Caching Explained Partitioned, Fault Tolerant, Self-Healing Cache • Cluster of nodes holding % of primary data locally • Back-up of primary data is distributed across all other nodes • Logical view of all data from any node ? • All nodes verify health of each other • In the event a node is unhealthy, other nodes diagnose state X • Unhealthy node isolated from cluster • Remaining nodes redistribute primary and back-up responsibilities to healthy nodes

Example Uses Coherence In-Memory Data Grid • Caching – Client applications request data objects and state from the Data Grid rather than backend data sources • Analytics – Client applications ask the Data Grid questions from simple queries to scenario modeling • Compute – Applications execute compute – business logic and transactions - across the Data Grid • Events – Applications take action based on events from the Data Grid

Coherence Grid Applications (GAR archives) Next generation of distributed caching solution • New deployment artifact • New container in WLS • Fully managable with • WebLogic Console • WLST • Command line tools • Dramatically simplifies grid applications management • WEB-INF • META-INF •web.xml •... •ejb-jar.xml •... WAR JAR • META-INF • META-INF •ra.xml •... •coherenceapplication.xml •... RAR GAR

Agenda • Introduction to Oracle Coherence • What’s new in Coherence 12c? • • • • • HotCache Live Events POF Annotations Managed Coherence Servers Coherence Applications (GARs) • Live Demo • Summary • Q&A

Coherence GoldenGate HotCache Database Synchronization • Solves the “stale cache” problem • Applications updating DB outside Coherence • Leverages existing technologies • Golden Gate • TopLink Grid • Golden Gate detects changes, drives Cache updates through JPA/TopLink Grid • No programming • Broaden the applicability/usability of Coherence in enterprise applications

Live Events Converged server-side programming model • Provides information about Server-Side activities and lifecycle • Supports interception to observe and/or change serverside behavior • One programming model for all events • Data Related Events • EntryProcessor Related Events • Transfer Related Events • Transaction Related Events • Configuration Lifecycle Events (e.g. Managed Coherence Servers) • More suitable for event driven architectures • Declarative configuration

POF Annotations In-line configuration • Available since Coherence 3.7 • Less XML to write and maintain • POF definition goes along with code • Makes the configuration a lot easier • Coherence 12c can automatically generate POF config files based on • POF annotations • existing configuration files (templates) • Ideal for Maven / Ant / CI builds

Managed Coherence Servers • Traditional Deployment & Management Approach • Coherence applications as a jar incorporated into a JSE/JEE application • Two roles within a Coherence application: • Servers – hold cache data and perform server processing • Clients – do not hold data but perform data operations • Servers usually started by running a Java class (DefaultCacheServer) • Challenges with this approach • Separate lifecycle of cache servers (custom shell scripts/utilities) • Development, deployment and management of these type of applications more difficult • No “standard” way to deploy/manage Coherence across different platforms and environments • Every customer has no option but to re-invent the wheel EAR <caching-scheme-mapping> <cache-mapping> <cache-name>dist-*</cache-name> <scheme-name>example-distributed</scheme-name> <coherence <init-params> xmlns:xsi="<init-param> instance" <param-name>back-size-limit</param-name> <param-value>8MB</param-value> xmlns="</init-param> operational-config" </init-params> </cache-mapping> xsi:schemaLocation=" ce/coherence-operational-config coherence<cache-mapping> operational-config.xsd" <cache-name>near-*</cache-name> xml-override="/tangosol-coherence<scheme-name>example-near</scheme-name> override.xml"> <init-params> <init-param> <cluster-config> <param-name>back-size-limit</param-name> <multicast-listener> <param-value>8MB</param-value> <time-to-live system</init-param> property="tangosol.coherence.ttl">4</time-to-live> </init-params> <join-timeout-milliseconds>3000</join-timeout</cache-mapping> milliseconds> </multicast-listener> <cache-mapping> </cluster-config> <cache-name>repl-*</cache-name> <scheme-name>example-replicated</scheme-name> <logging-config> </cache-mapping> <severity-level systemproperty="tangosol.coherence.log.level">5</severity<cache-mapping> level> <cache-name>opt-*</cache-name> <character-limit systemproperty="tangosol.coherence.log.limit">0</characterlimit> </logging-config> </coherence>

Managed Coherence Servers • Simplified and streamlined development WebLogic Domain Machine and management environment • Leverages WebLogic infrastructure • Similar to EJB, JMS and JCA • Management through Configuration Wizard, WebLogic admin console, WLST, JMX, FMWC • Deployment of Coherence applications (GARs) • Node Manager for lifecycle management • Coherence libraries on the system classpath (no need to package in your application) • Coherence remains available “standalone” including support for GARs Node Manager Admin Server Machine Machine Node Manager Node Manager Java EE/Coh Server Cluster Java EE/Coh Server Standalone Coherence Clusters Coherence Server Cluster Coherence Server

Managed Coherence Servers - Use Case  Create a Coherence Application (GAR) - Package GAR as separate artifact GAR can also be packaged in WebLogic EAR or as a shared library Include config files coherence-application.xml, coherence-cacheconfig.xml, pof-config.xml WebLogic Domain/ Managed Coherence Servers Machine Node Manager  Establish Coherence Infrastructure - Coherence cluster general attributes – cluster port, name, etc Tiered topology (Application layer and Storage layer) via WLS Clusters Leverage Configuration Wizard, Console, WLST, FMWC  Deploy GAR into Coherence Infrastructure - Console, WLST, FMWC, webLogic.Deployer, ant Coherence services will be automatically started  Monitor Deployment and Cluster Infrastructure  Multiple Topologies Supported - Coherence-only, Coherence/Java EE, Storage-enabled/storagedisabled, Coherence*Extend, Coherence*Web, etc. Admin Server Machine Machine Node Manager Node Manager Coherence App Coherence App Managed Server Cluster Managed Server

Coherence Applications What is a Grid Archive (GAR)? • A GAR file contains Coherence and dependent artifacts required for the operation of a Coherence application • The structure of a GAR is as follows: META-INF/MAINFEST.MF /coherence-application.xml /coherence-cache-config.xml /pof-config.xml GAR Deployment descriptor file Cache configuration file POF configuration file (optional) com/oracle/demo/Class1.class /Class2.class .... Classes required by the Coherence application such as entry processors, POJO’s, aggregators, business logic. lib/myjar.jar /myjar2.jar Any supporting libraries (optional)

Coherence Applications What is a Grid Archive (GAR)? • The GAR deployment descriptor, coherenceapplication.xml contains the following: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <coherence-application xmlns:xsi="" xmlns=""> <cache-configuration-ref override-property="cache-config/ExamplesGar">META-INF/example-cache-config.xml </cache-configuration-ref> <pof-configuration-ref>META-INF/pof-config.xml</pof-configuration-ref> <application-lifecycle-listener> <class-name>com.tangosol.examples.container.gar.LifecycleReactor</class-name> </application-lifecycle-listener> <configurable-cache-factory-config /> </coherence-application> Pointer to cache configuration file, with optional override property Pointer to POF configuration file Optional implementation of LifeCycleListener for prę/post start processing Optional implementation of ConfigurableCache Factory

GAR Deployment Modes • GAR modules can be deployed to a Managed Server in number of ways to support Coherence based applications Application.ear MyApp2.gar MyApp.gar Application.ear WebApp.war WebApp.war WebEJB.jar WebEJB.jar MyApp.gar MyApp.gar Stand Alone – caches are automatically isolated Embedded GAR - available to war/jar files in EAR Deployed as shared library – available to all WAR/EAR

Example Deployment Architecture • Best practice is to have a storage-disabled client tier • We can utilize the WebLogic clustering capabilities to set this in Coherence • Example deployment example: • DataTier cluster is storage-enabled • WebTier cluster is storage-disabled • MyApp.gar deployed to DataTier cluster • MyWebApp.ear deployed to WebCluster WebLogic Cluster WebLogic Cluster: DataTier (storage-enabled) MS1 MS2 MS3 MyApp.gar MyApp.gar MyApp.gar MS4 MS5 MS6 MyApp.ear MyApp.ear MyApp.ear WebAp.war WebAp.war WebAp.war MyApp.gar MyApp.gar MyApp.gar WebLogic Cluster: WebTier (storage-disabled) Coherence Cluster Domain

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE)  Coherence Project Configuration • GAR Support in 12.1.2 • Standalone Coherence Project • Facets • Library Management  Coherence Runtime Support • Launch Configurations • Run/Deploy/Debug from IDE • Run as Managed Coherence Server  Cache Configuration Editor • Rich Coherence descriptor editors • Validation and Integrated F1 Help

Agenda • Introduction to Oracle Coherence • What’s new in Coherence 12c? • • • • • HotCache Live Events POF Annotations Managed Coherence Servers Coherence Applications (GARs) • Live Demo • Summary • Q&A

DEMONSTRATION Oracle Coherence 12c

Q&A Lukasz Romaszewski Oracle ISV Migration Center FMW Consultant ISV Migration Center blog:

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