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Information about Participatory Budgeting Alister Shaw

Published on November 7, 2013

Author: neighbourhoodmanagement


How to get People to Involved? Voice Your Choice Communities R US Richard Edwards & Alister Shaw

PB: A Successful Method of Getting People to Get involved

WHY? Its a wilderness

PB: Not just a £ thing! Meaningful Engagement: if you are serious about people influencing you have to give them the means to do it.

Manton’s Process

Budget Bingo: Priority Setting

Tailoring Approaches: things to watch!

Tailoring Approaches: go to the voters

Tailoring Approaches: Get out there!

Primary Outcome: Not the £, but the turnout!

Secondary Outcome: Do People Influence? District 25% National Average 30% Manton 41% Sources : Place Survey & Local Independent Impact Assessment

Secondary Outcome: Promotes that Community Engagement is worthwhile In 2004: Poor Engagement Blame culture rife between public sector & people “No one listens to me” By 2010: 60% of the population Engaged Trust levels arguably highest in generations 57% people think area getting better 41% Feel they influence “I am somebody”

Secondary Outcome: What Services do because of PB • Attracts additional investment • Tracks local need • Delivers services that are co-owned by Public Sector & People • Shows that people are part of the solution rather than passive consumers of public services. • Improves relationships between Public Sector & local people. • Grows the depth of Community Engagement

Finally Trust the People Richard Edwards & Alister Shaw

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