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Published on July 3, 2016

Author: AntonniKendallPrades


1. Part II The weeks 2 to 3, organogenesis

2. Week 2 • Week 2 follows implantation, the formation of germ cells, and the derivation of tissues • Week 2 includes mesoderm, ectoderm and endoderm, lateral and cephalo caudal folding, and the first appearance of gonad cells • Week 2 starts as a biscuit at day 7 and turns to be a htdoght form at day 21 • Week 2 forms placenta, chorion, yolk, amnion, and allantois • Lastly it forms the formation of the internal organs

3. Week 2 The best known characteristics is that you learn to study all body parts of a two weeks baby Endoderm-Gives rise to the digestive tract, and the yolk Mesoderm-Gives rise to the muscles, bone tissue, heart and blood vessl. Ectoderm-Outermost part, gives rise to the skin, body parts, brain answer and the spinal cord and the rest, the hair Tissue differentiationmostly starts at 2 weeks and ends at 4 weeks At the end for week 2, it is 2 mm long

4. Dev 7-8 days Day 7 Age Time Dev Char Place 7 d 168 hr 145-168 hr Implanta tion Uterus Day 8 age time Dec Dev cHAr Place 8 d 180 hr 168> Implanta tion Uterus

5. Day 7 • Day 7 follows hatching, implantation starts when trophoblast contacts with endometrium, and the first germ cells appear • Day 8 ends implantation, begins chorionic formation

6. Day 7 Diameter-2 mm Age-168 hr Time-145-168 hr Characteristics-Implantation Organs-Epiblast, Hypoblast Gives rise-Ectoderm, Mesoderm and Endoderm Embryo length; is 0.2 mm

7. Day 8 Diameter: 0.2 mm Length: 2 mm CHaR: Follows implantation Structures: Hypoblast and epiblast give rise to ectoderm and mesoderm and endoderm Formation of the placenta begins Yolk sac (known as umbilical vesicle) lines with endoderm Amnion lines with Ectoderm Embryonic disc formed Amniotic cavity formed

8. Day 9-10 • Embryo has developed the new features. Streak is not formed. The placental lacunae are bubbling in the chorion layer • Amnion and yolk sac fully lined with ectoderm and endoderm • Mesoderm not yet formed • Skin (ectoderm) and gut (endoderm) • Length 0.2 mm

9. Day 9 Length: 0.2 mm Char; lacunae are forming in placental mass End of stage of implantation

10. Day 10 Length: 0.2 mm Char: Maternal blood invades the placenta, Endoderm fully lines interior of embryonic yolk sac

11. Day 11 • Most of the embryo is now considered as embryonic disc, is bilaminar in thickness • The extra embryonic mesoderm sandwiches with extra embryonic membranes • The Length is 0.2 mm • Pronounced growth of the placental blood

12. Day 11 The age of 11 & 12 days gestation follows when EEM forms and the reticulum thickens At 12 days lacunae form in the reticulum At 13 days gest the lacunae expand and the reticulum disappears At 14 days the 1st umbilical vesicle separates and the 2nd umbilical vesicle is formed At 17 days The chorion cavity is created. All that remains is the c vacuoles from the 1st umbilical vesicle It starts Stage size six Carnegie stages This time lateral and cephalo caudal folding establishes at 23 days gest

13. Day 12 Day 12 ends stage 5

14. Day 13 • Day 13 marks the start of stage 6 and beginning of mesoderm formation. Gastrulation follows implantation as formation of primitive streak • It appears when the tusk tissues are formed • 3 layer, ectoderm, mesoderm, and endodrme will be a trilaminar embryonic disk • Ectoderm is outer mesoderm is internal mediate, endoderm is most internal • Primitive streak contains a node

15. Day 13 Length: 0.2 mm Structures: Ectoderm, Endoderm, and Mesoderm Age: 13 days Equal age: 17 days Formation of connecting stalk begins End of stage 1 5 6 The white and purple bars represent the scale by 0.1 mm Stage 6 is 0.2 mm

16. Day 15 • The embryo of this stage is 0.4 mm long, and 0.3 mm wide • The notochordal process begins to form • The allantois appears as a short bud • The tail and head fold is not yet observed until stage 8, especially side folds • The amnion and the yolk sac size increases as the embryo grows • Not all have notochordal process • The circular plate would be a primordial mouth

17. Day 15 Day 15, 0.4 mm embryo

18. Day 17 • Length is increased by 0.2 mm, is 0.6 mm, is 3x the length of day 13 embryo • The notochord has grown further and the canal forms • The embryo is oval in shape

19. Day 17 0.6 mm embryo

20. Day 19 • Lateral and cephalo caudal folding begins in these embryos. It has a length of 0.8 mm, twice the width of the embryo • The primitive streak grows even longer. The primitive pit forms • One of the best features is that its mouth is still an intact membrane, even on the cloaca. The heart primordium starts to form as a horseshoe shaped part of the caridovaskulary system • The mesoderm gets thicker and begins to form the paraxial mesoderm, intermediate mesoderm and lateral mesoderm • Over a cours e of days the neural folds start to form

21. Day 19 0.8 mm embryo, 19 days

22. Stage 7 M EC ME HE NO YO AL A M CC L ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Stage 8 Age Age pf CC LF crl 23 d 19 d Yes Yes 0.8 mm

23. 24 days • Day 24, or 20 days follows the end of stage 8, the somite blocks begin to form at day 25, one somite disperses into the back. Neural folds start to form. The heart is horseshow shaped shows shoes. The cc and lateral folding becomes more evident • The yolk sac forms a cervix like constriction as the folds grow

24. 20 days Length: 0.10 mm or 1 mm

25. 20 days (Stag Stage 9) • Stage 9 is which somite formation begins. The heart tubes fuse and is united as endocardial tube. It later rotates 180 degrees at next 3 days • The first two pair somites are visible • The neural folds elevate • And the cc and lateral folding grows deeper • The pericard sac begins to form and the heart tube is red • Blood vessels from the heart circulate the body and develops more vessels at day 24 • Early signs of gonadal migration seen as cells

26. 21 days (Stage 9) Length: 1.5 mm (0.15 mm) or cm

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