Part 6 Reading is voluntary (procedure writing)

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Information about Part 6 Reading is voluntary (procedure writing)

Published on June 19, 2016

Author: JoanneSorensen


1. 6. READING IS VOLUNTARY Just writing a document isn’t enough Photo source: Unsplash (Marie-Sophie Tekian)

2. Copyright © Concept Editing 2015 Ginny Redish (1993) asserts that ‘just writing a document isn’t enough to ensure that people will read it’. Photo source: Unsplash (Joanne Boj) She goes on to say that reading is a ‘voluntary act’ and you ‘can’t assume that just because you wrote a document, people will read it. Photo source: Unsplash (Marie-Sophie Tekian)

3. 19 June 2016 Other researchers support this view and assert that ‘people prefer not to read at all unless they have to.’ (Schriver, 1997) She asserts that ‘just writing a document isn’t enough to ensure that people will read it’. Photo source: Unsplash ( Joao Silas) One study found that when people in the workplace need information, only 29% read instructions. It also found that the balance (71%) either asked someone else or worked it out on their own. Another study found that when people read instructions, only 15% read the instructions from cover to cover. 29% 71% 15%

4. 19 June 2016 Researchers assert that people choose not to read for a number of reasons. Information is poorly organised Language is hard to understand The design seems impenetrable The don’t like the look of the document Information they need is too hard to find The information they need is incomplete The information is irrelevant Photo source: Unsplash ( Tim Gouw)Photo source: Unsplash ( Abigail Keenan)

5. In addition, because busy readers use a procedure as a tool to help them do their job, they only read the procedure when they need to find specific information. And, they only continue to read if they believe it will benefit them or if they cannot get the information from someone else. Photo source: Unsplash ( Todd Quackenbush)

6. ABOUT me People tell me that they want their procedures to support people’s performance; so I help them. I help people when their procedures don’t work. I write procedures for people who want to reduce the challenges and error traps associated with procedure use. I edit procedures against standards, programs, and best practices. I take a risk and research-based approach and I base my recommendations on industry standards and best practices. I coach and mentor people who have other jobs (people who are not professional writers) and help them improve their procedure development and writing skills. I develop formats for procedures that provide structure for writers and readers. I also develop style guides to support standardisation and consistency of procedure content. I review and analyse procedural practices programs. I give advice to leadership teams about how procedural practices can be improved and integrated with governance, improvement, and compliance programs. Read more of my ideas at: Web: Blog:

7. Connect with me Web page: Blog: Email: SESSION 7: SO, WHAT TO DO Ready to view the next set of slides?

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