Part 3 researching effective procedure writing techniques

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Information about Part 3 researching effective procedure writing techniques

Published on June 19, 2016

Author: JoanneSorensen


1. 3. RESEARCHING EFFECTIVE WRITING TECHNIQUES Understand how people read and use procedures

2. Because our procedures link people’s tasks to business objectives, codify and transmit knowledge, and formalise good practice, it’s important we understand how people read and use this content. Photo source: Unsplash (Dai KE)

3. From the 60s, researchers, governments and industry groups have been analysing document users, studying how they comprehend and use functional documents, testing usability of functional documents using think- aloud protocols, and interviewing professional writers to identify effective writing, editing and document design techniques Photo source: Unsplash (Jeff Sheldon ) ANALYSING STUDYING TESTING INTERVIEWING

4. Photo source: Unsplash (Bench Accounting) This research indicates that if we understand how people read and use a procedure what they feel about the procedure format what their information needs are    

5. … we are better equipped to develop procedures that are more likely to be read, used, and understood Photo source: Unsplash (Cynthia del Rio)

6. ABOUT me People tell me that they want their procedures to support people’s performance; so I help them. I help people when their procedures don’t work. I write procedures for people who want to reduce the challenges and error traps associated with procedure use. I edit procedures against standards, programs, and best practices. I take a risk and research-based approach and I base my recommendations on industry standards and best practices. I coach and mentor people who have other jobs (people who are not professional writers) and help them improve their procedure development and writing skills. I develop formats for procedures that provide structure for writers and readers. I also develop style guides to support standardisation and consistency of procedure content. I review and analyse procedural practices programs. I give advice to leadership teams about how procedural practices can be improved and integrated with governance, improvement, and compliance programs. Read more of my ideas at: Web: Blog:

7. Connect with me Web page: Blog: Email: SESSION 4: UNDERSTANDING THE READERS INFORMATION NEEDS Ready to view the next set of slides?

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