Part 1 - Winning Minds and Markets with Thought Leadership Webinars

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Information about Part 1 - Winning Minds and Markets with Thought Leadership Webinars

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: WebinarReady



Webinars are a top B2B marketing tactic, but rather than simply doing a one-off webinar, you should consider a multi-webinar strategy for ongoing success.

In this 2-part series, I examine emerging and global brands that have developed a winning thought leadership webinar series and then go behind the scenes for a look at the metrics and methods that made them work.

In Part 1, I focus on the "why" of this topic and reveal the benefits of a series over a "1-off" webinar, provide 3 actual case studies of B2B and SMB outcomes, and share best pracites and lessons learned.

In Part 2, I drill down into the "how" by discussing how 2 well known technology companies, (Intel and GE) created Care Innovations, and how they leveraged thought leadership to establish a new category and capture sales leads.

I also cover off on 6 key metrics for delivering predictable outcomes, and close off with some planning tips to pull it all together.

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