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Published on January 15, 2008

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I AM PROUD TO BE A PARSI:  I AM PROUD TO BE A PARSI Parsi is synonymous with ancient Persia. Parsis have added sweetness to the Indian society. Parsis true to the words spoken ages ago “Mix in the society like sugar in milk.” Parsis innumerous qualities have enhanced the Indian society. The spirit of adventure took them to four corners of the world. Parsis ruled the bank, educational institutions, health care, hospitals & housing colonies. Parsi ladies thought of animal hospitals, Convalescent homes. PARSI THY NAME IS CHARITY THE PARSIS AN ARYAN RACE:  THE PARSIS AN ARYAN RACE Parsis came to India thousands of years ago. Men are handsome, tall & have Aryan Nose. Ladies are with beautifully chiseded features. THE BREED STILL EXISTS KISSAH - I - SANJAN:  KISSAH - I - SANJAN Written in Persian in 1600 By Priest Behman Kaikobad Sanjan in Navsari ZOROASTRIAN WERE FORCED BY RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION OF MUSLIMS TO LEAVE THEIR HOMELAND & FLEE. INDIAN PARSEES FIRST SOUGHT REFUGE IN REMOTE REGION OF KHURASAN. THEY SHIFTED TO HORMUZ FOR 15 YEARS ON THE PERSION GULF. THEN MOVED BY SEA IN SEVEN SHIPS TO INDIA. THEY LANDED AT DIU (GUJARAT). REFUGE GIVEN BY HINDU RAJA – JADI RANA IN SANJAN. PARSEE SECTS:  PARSEE SECTS In 1730 on a Controversy of New Year’s Festival Indian Parsees separated themselves into: SHEHEN SHAHIS – 93% of Parsees (New Year - Sept) KADMIS – 7% of Parsees (New Year - Aug) FASLIS – 21 Mar New Year. CONDITIONS BY KING JADI RANA:  CONDITIONS BY KING JADI RANA Priest to explain their religion to the king. To give-up native Persian language & take on Indian language. Women to exchange Persian garb with Indian dress. The men should lay down their weapons. Parsees to hold their wedding processions only in the dark. Priest NERYO SANGH accepted all conditions by putting SUGAR IN MILK POT. Gujarati is native language. Sari is traditional garment for women. Loyalty of Parsees is still observed today. Parsees strictly preserved their own religion. PROFESSIONALLY:  PROFESSIONALLY Parsis leave an honest impression of dedicated & sincere in their chosen profession. They work mirthfully & give their best. They are in all chosen profession: Doctors Bureaucrats Teachers Bankers Corporate Honchos Lawyers Chartered Accountant Office Staff Parsis are the best Social Worker. They are humane & loving in their approach. THEY ARE GENEROUS IN GIVING Journalists Musicians Scholars Writers Sportsman Merchant Princes RELIGIOUS LITERATURE (HOLY AVESTA):  RELIGIOUS LITERATURE (HOLY AVESTA) Every Parsi bowing to Holy Fire promises himself: To think - GOOD THOUGHTS. To do - GOOD DEEDS. To Speak - GOOD WORDS. “AVESTA” is the Parsis HOLY BOOK. Originally contained 21 books but today it contains only: (a) “YASANA” (Book of sacrifice – 17 Gathas are part of it). (b) “YASTS” (Hymn like praises). (c) “VENDIDAD” (Law & Code of Purification). (d) “VISPERAD” (Collection of prayers & Liturgical texts) ZOROASTRIANISM IS WORLD’S OLDEST REVEALED RELIGION VALUE SYSTEM OF PARSIS INBIBED IN CHILDHOOD. PARSI CHILDREN GROW INTO A POSITIVE PEOPLE. BEST KNOWN FOR OUR CUISINE:  BEST KNOWN FOR OUR CUISINE Parsis have special dishes for special days: Curry Chaval for Kali Chawdas. Dhandar for Hormuz Roj. Khichri for Sarosh Roj. Pulav Dal for Patiti. Famous Dhansak for Sundays. Parsi Pora & Akoori for Sunday breakfast. Sev Rava for Happy occasions. PARSIS LIVE TOGETHER AND EAT TOGETHER GAMBHAR:  GAMBHAR THE WAY TO A PARSIS HEART IS THROUGH HIS STOMACH Philanthropists host community feast on various occasions. A Gala annual ritual to which entire community is invited. Some hold Gambhar in memory of their departed dear once. Parsis enjoy getting so many people together on a common platform & give them a good feast. Parsis socialize & enjoy themselves. EVERYBODY & ANYBODY IS WELCOME ZORASTRIAN IN BRITISH PARLIAMENT:  ZORASTRIAN IN BRITISH PARLIAMENT Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji - House of Commons (1892-1895) Liberal Party candidate of INC. Sir M Bhownaggree - House of Commons (1895-1906) Conservative Party. Shapurji D Saklatvala - House of Commons (1922-1923) Labour Party. Loard Karan F Bilimoria - House of Lords (2006). PARSIS LEAD IN THE PROCESS OF INDEPENDENCE PARSIS & THE RAJ:  PARSIS & THE RAJ SIR JAMSHEDJEE JEEJEEBHOY (1783-1859) First Baronet – The most esteemed parsi of 19 century. DADABHAI NAOROJI (1825-1917) First Asian to become member of the British Parliament credited with coining the word “SWARAJ” or home rule. SIR PHEROZESHAH MEHTA (UNCROWNED KING OF BOMBAY) Incorrigible advocate of militant nationalism & a true patriot. MADAM BHIKHAIJI RUSTOMJI CAMA (1861-1936) First to unfurl the future Indian flag in public at second international socialist congress at Stuttgart Germany in 1907. FIRST INDIAN TEAM to go to England to play cricket was exclusively made-up of Parsis. FIELD MARSHAL SAM MANEKSHAW, MC (1914) Military Cross (MC) for conspicious in face of enemy in the jungles of Burma during II World War in 1942. PARSIS HAD IMPECCABLE INTEGRITY & HONESTY BAWAJIS OF BOMBAY:  BAWAJIS OF BOMBAY None in Mumbai can do without them. Parsi humor is unique. They are funny in films. They laugh at themselves. They laugh at all times. There laugh’s are loud which full the air & spread over. IT HAS PROBABLY MORE INFLUENCE ON MANKIND DIRECTLY & INDIRECTLY THEN ANY OTHER SINGLE FAITH TATA’S CENTURY OF EXCELLENCE:  TATA’S CENTURY OF EXCELLENCE 1903 – India’s First Luxury hotel. 1907 – India’s First Integrated steel plant. 1932 – India’s First Commercial air service. 1941 – India’s First Cancer Hospital. 1948 – India’s First International Commercial flight. 1968 – India’s First Software service company. 1998 – India’s First Indigenous car. A CENTURY OF TRUST JHABLAS, GARA & KORS:  JHABLAS, GARA & KORS The present day Parsis are privy to 100 year old chinese design tradition. The European tradition & Persian Zoroastriantradition. The trade flourished through silk route during Sacnian dynasty (226-661 AD) & Tang dynasty (618-907 AD) An aesthetic, enchanting fully embrordered Gara Sari. Made in China & worn by Parsis in India. Various motives that cover Gara Designs: Floral to creatures, real & mythological phoenix, unicorn, bird of Paradise, aquatic life, bullerfhis & even bats. STORY OF PARSI HERITAGE THE PHILANTHROPIST PARSIS OF HONG KONG :  THE PHILANTHROPIST PARSIS OF HONG KONG Parsis arrived in late 1700 to this river delta. A generous lot of 200 souls at present. Pioneers of the island economic success: Sir Hormusjjee Nowrojee Mody Cawasjee Kotwal Dhunjibhoy Bisney Even today HK $ 1 million a year flows into 30 local charities in Hong Kong & millions go to charities abroad in India. Late Sir Hormusjee Nowrojee Mody contributed HK $ 300,000 to establish the university of Hong Kong. Jahangir Rusttonjee contributed HK $ 2 million to fight tuberculosis & established 614 bed Ruttonjee Hospital in Hong Kong. Keki Jokhi & his brother late Shapurji built AVAN BAUG in Navsari. Dorabjee came to Hong Kong as a cook & owned at the end three hotels in Hong Kong. He also introduced colony’s first steam boat ferry service way back in 1898. Sir Jamsetji jejeebhoy served on board of Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking corporation. GIVING BACK TO COUNTRY THAT NURTURED US CALL FOR THE PARSI COMMUNITY:  CALL FOR THE PARSI COMMUNITY The Dwindling numbers. Increasing number of Elderly (65+). The main causes are: Late marriages. Few marriages. Fewer children. Exogamy if married outside the religion. DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE OF PARSIS (AS PER CENSUS 2001):  DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE OF PARSIS (AS PER CENSUS 2001) All India picture is indeed dismal. Total population only 69,601. Overall Parsi constitute 0.007% of Indian population. All India growth rate 21.34%. Parsis recorded negative decline of 8.88%. Religious minority community are: Muslims Christians Sikhs Buddhists Parsis (without any population weightage) Sex ratio: For 1050 females there are 1000 males. 30.9% population in 65+ category, a disturbing feature (Indian 8%). PARSIS & NATIONAL POPULATION:  PARSIS & NATIONAL POPULATION PARSIS & NATIONAL POPULATION:  PARSIS & NATIONAL POPULATION PARSIS IN THE ARMED FORCES:  PARSIS IN THE ARMED FORCES Contribution is far out of proportion to their strength. In earlier era only Medical officers where in British Indian Army. Captain Cursetji (Later Maj Gen) won distinguished service order in 1915. Captain K.S Master won the Military Cross in WW-I, later became Lieutenant General & the first Director General of Armed Forces Medical College. Three Parsis became Chief of their own services: Air Marshal Aspy Engineer of the then Royal Indian Air Force (1964) Admiral Jal Cursetji PVSM, AVSM of the Navy (1937-1979) Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw MC of the Army (1932-1972) Three Parsis commissioned as King’s, commissioned Indian officers pre WW-II, Nusli Billimoria, Rusi Billimoria & Wadia. Highest Galentry awards after indipendence: Lt. Col Adi B. Tarapori – Param Veer Chakra (1965) 2/Lt (Now Col) Cyrus Pithawalla – Ashok Chakra (1981) WEBSITES OF PARSIS:  WEBSITES OF PARSIS

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