Parkin History ofAfrican Cancer Regs

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Information about Parkin History ofAfrican Cancer Regs

Published on October 21, 2007

Author: Marigold


Slide1:  CANCER REGISTRATION IN AFRICA ~ Dr D. M. Parkin IACR course, Entebbe, 11-12th September 2005 Slide2:  HISTORY OF AFRICAN CANCER DATA 1980’s Renaissance 1970’s Black hole……….. 1960’s the first registries Johannesburg 1953 (Higginson & Oettle) Capetown 1956 (Muir Grieve) Durban 1964 (Schonland and Bradshaw) Kampala 1954 (Davis, Templeton) Lourenco Marques 1956 (Prates) Ibadan 1960 (Edington) Bulawayo 1963 (Skinner) 1950’s Case series (hospitals, pathology) 1900 –1950 Case reports Slide3:  Volume Period Registries Populations I 1950s 4 4 II 1956–67 4* 7 III 1968–72 2* 2 IV 1973–77 1 1 V 1978–82 0 0 VI 1983–87 3 3 VII 1988–92 5 5 VIII 1993–97 6 6 * One updates the entry in previous volumes   African Cancer registries in Cancer Incidence in Five Continents Slide4:  Africa Slide5:  MALI NIGER NIGERIA BURKINA FASO GUINEA COTE D’IVOIRE SENEGAL THE GAMBIA Ouagadougou Conakry Bamako Niamey Dakar Ibadan Abidjan Eruwa Calabar Zaria Engu Ifé Ijesha CAMEROON Yaounde GABON Libreville Lambaréné CONGO Brazzaville DEM. REP. OF THE CONGO Nyankunde Katana ANGOLA Luanda NAMIBIA Windhoek SOUTH AFRICA Elim Johannesburg Capetown SWAZILAND Pietermaritzburg Durban Butterworth Kentani Bizana Lusikisiki Umtata Cancer Registry Transkei ZIMBABWE Harare Bulawayo ZAMBIA Lusaka Ndola MOZAMBIQUE Maputo (Laurenco Marques) MALAWI Blantyre TANZANIA Dar Es Salaam Kilimanjaro MADAGASCAR MAURITIUS REUNION Antananarivo ETHIOPIA Addis Ababa Yirga Alem KENYA Nairobi Eldoret (Uasin Gishu) RWANDA Butare UGANDA West Nile Mbarara Kyadondo (Kampala) MOROCCO Rabat TUNISIA Tunis Sousse Sfax Alger Oran Tlemcen Sidi Bel Abbes Batna Annaba Constantine Sétif Tizi Ouzou Blida ALGERIA Slide7:  CONTRIBUTIUONS OF AFRICAN REGISTRIES Slide8:  CANCER IS NOT RARE IN AFRICA Cumulative incidence of cancer (excluding Kaposi sarcoma and non-melanoma skin cancer) in women, 0–64 years of age, 1993–97 (Parkin et al., 2002) * 9 cancer registries Slide9:  Completing the world picture Slide10:  BLADDER CANCER CASES : BULAWAYO 1963-1977 SOME SPCIAL FEATURES: Slide11:  5 Some cancers special to Africa: Slide12:  BURKITT LYMPHOMA IN AFRICA (International Incidence of Childhood Cancer Vol. II) Slide14:  Endemic KS- age specific rates Slide15:  Time Trends, Kampala Cancer Registry Evolution of the epidemic of Kaposi Sarcoma Slide16:  Uganda, Kyadondo County (1993-1997) Slide18:  CANCER SURVIVAL IN A SOUTHERN AFRICAN URBAN POPULATION Adam GONDOS, Eric CHOKUNONGA, Hermann BRENNER, Donald Maxwell PARKIN, Risto SANKILA, Margaret Z. BOROK, Z. Michael CHIRENJE, Anna M. NYAKABAU and Mary Travis BASSETT. Int. J. Cancer: 112, 860–864 (2004) Slide19:  Uganda cohort study (De Thé et al., 1978) Slide20:  Incidence per 100 000 Tanzania: N. Mara Uganda: W. Nile 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 Year of diagnosis Trends in the incidence rate (three-year moving average) of Burkitt lymphoma in East Africa (data from Geser et al., 1989) MONITORING A PREVENTION PROGRAMME Slide22:  Surveillance is critical to development and implementation of health policy Rational planning is not possible without a means to identify health problems, decide priorities for preventive and curative programmes, evaluate whether goals are reached, and compare resource input and outcomes THE POPULATION BASED CANCER REGISTRY IS THE INDISPENSIBLE FOUNDATION OF A SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM

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