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Information about Parker Software and the call centre industry

Published on January 29, 2016

Author: ParkerSoftware


1. You operate a leading call centre with a leading reputation. We’re a leading software house with a leading digital engagement solution. Together, we’ll give your customers a truly market-leading experience. industry Call centre Who we are We’re Parker Software, and we build digital bridges. More than that, we help your business cross those bridges faster than ever before possible. We do that with a single channel solution that works across your entire digital operation – uniting all your channels under one umbrella and unlocking thousands of new efficiencies. Disparate digital platforms belong to yesterday’s tech scene. We’ve eliminated the need for your business to have separate software to manage web analytics, separate software for live chat, for support ticketing, social media management, lead generation, CRM integration, business process automation, etc., etc., etc. Even reading that long list seems unnecessarily convoluted, doesn’t it? Well, we offer synchronisation. The mess of relying on multiple solutions is no more; instead, we’ve created a single, simplifying suite that covers your digital transformation from every angle. So far, we’re delivering cutting-edge digital transformation to over 10,000 businesses in over 100 countries. We’d love you to be our next next-gen success story. What we do It’s our mission to optimise your entire digital operation. That means taking the time to get to know your business, analyse your online pain points and tailor our software to meet your requirements. So, the first thing we do is get to grips with your digital goals. Only then do we put together a specific solution – adding value where you need it most and turning missed opportunity into ROI. Naturally, that means delivering a fully managed service. We custom configure your package. We help you install. We help you integrate. We provide training. We deliver on premise, remotely or in the cloud. We’re there to deliver regular health checks and mission critical support. And of course, all this support and expertise comes with the sharpest digital engagement edge that technology can offer. In short, we’re your 360° digital transformation partner, and we’ve got all your needs covered. Parker Software and the Currently unlocking efficiencies for

2. The technical support from Parker Software is phenomenal! They are fast, efficient and friendly. It is extremely easy to have a good partnership when things are going well and there are no problems, but entirely different when issues arise. Parker Software has proven time and again that it cares even after a sale. Schneider Electric And it’s in this climate that call centres must adapt or die. To deliver the service that the modern customer demands, the need for digital transformation is critical. Consumers now fully expect seamless omnichannel customer service, and they’re getting in touch via tweet, text, email, web forms, live chat… talking is no longer confined to the telephone alone. To deal with multiple queries from multiple channels, call centres must transition into full digital contact centres. That, right there, is where our software becomes invaluable. With a single, all-encompassing suite, we offer: This is a climate in which some 80% of call centres say their current customer service systems won’t meet their future needs. It’s a climate in which 60% of consumers have higher expectations for customer service now than they did just one year ago; a climate in which 89% of companies are now competing mostly on customer experience. Our services

3. Live chat Immediacy and instant connectivity are the orders of the day. This is an age of availability: anything you’re looking for can be found at the touch of a screen or the click of a button. Customer service is no different: consumers are used to immediate responses and one-click communications. Simply put: the telephone is no longer convenient. Live chat enables instant customer service that fits into busy consumer lifestyles – and that’s just what we’ve been specialising in for ten years. Choose the live chat option that’s light years ahead. Speech recognition We can’t read minds, but we can read voices. An effective digital contact centre needs to bring together all your inbound comms across all mediums, and we haven’t neglected voice messages. You’ll love our voice detection software. We’ll give you an example. Let’s say a customer calls and leaves a voicemail. We can translate that into text and update the content within your CRM. Or let’s say a customer is waiting to speak to an agent. We can identify key words which trigger an appropriate transcript and run relevant actions. Go next-generation. Intelligent automation Our software speaks over 40 languages, so that your employees don’t have to. In a multi-cultural society, you need to be responsive to customers in multiple languages. So, we translate chats and emails in real-time, meaning less barriers, less misunderstandings and less obstacles to quick, quality service. But that’s not all. Our suite also offers keyword based intelli- gent canned responses, picking up on key phrases and offer- ing ready-made responses. That means no more repeatedly typing out answers: just smart automation. Support desk Support is an integral part of our suite: for customers and agents alike. We know that a high volume of queries can be impossible to manage efficiently with a traditional telephone-based or email system, and that’s why we offer a leading support desk and ticketing system. We use inbuilt skill selection rules to match live support requests with your best suited team member, preventing any unprofessional service delays. A trained live chat operator can deal with six or more enquiries at one time – enabling you to give accurate support, quicker. And with features like remote desktop control, knowledge base integration, co-browsing and an extensive management toolset, you have everything you need to make short work of support.

4. Real-time analytics Want access to real-time website reports? No problem. Want to monitor how your agents are doing and how well they’re responding? Still no problem. Want to identify recurring customer pain points? Again, not a problem. Our digital contact centre offers a custom created analytics kit, giving insights on everything from online traffic trends through to employee performance analysis. You have 80 pre-defined reports at your disposal, as well as any number of custom reports. You can discreetly monitor agents as they respond to queries and even step in where necessary. You can retrieve interactions, review them, and offer reactionary employee praise or support. Keep your finger on the pulse. Email automation Our technology will monitor, parse and process all your inbound messages: whether it’s an email, an SMS, a social message, or a file attachment. In real-time, we scan any incoming text from any source and extract key information, syncing the data with your systems. That means contact details straight to your database, messages automatically added to CRM records, updates to your email system and SharePoint… in fact, we offer thousands of different process combinations and integrations. Even better, all this parsing, processing and syncing is done instantly – ticking away 24/7 behind your business without any need for supervision. Insight generation Any contact centre allows you to be reactive. We do more. We enable proactivity. Our digital contact centre comes complete with unparalleled insights into your online customers, giving you the tools to reach out and address their current and future needs. Not only can you offer immediate resolutions via a live dashboard of inbound comms, you can also capitalise on inbuilt tracking software. So, let’s say a customer started the payment process and then clicked back. Your agents will know about the shopping cart abandonment that same second, and can reach out with a personalised message. Or let’s say a customer started filling out a form, then left. Your agents will still be able to capture that information (even though it wasn’t submitted), and they’ll also be able to see which point in the journey made the customer lose interest. Triggered task responses We don’t just parse your inbound comms – we also run a sophisticated series of actions off the back of them. For example, our software can create and issue automated plaintext and HTML emails, including relevant attachments. It can schedule outgoing messages directly to the customer’s SMS texts or social channels, send appointments, call web services and post to web pages… all using the relevant information we’ve extracted for pain-free personalisation. And we do all of this with simple, code-free rules. All you have to do is make the rules. From there, we configure our software to take care of business. Absolutely no better way to interact with our online customers instantly, an amazing application for our existing customers services support service! Hi-Tec

5. File automation We’ve got all your mail merge needs covered. Your file conversion needs, too. In fact, we’ve got a whole host of convenient document tricks up our sleeve to save you time. In one click, you can convert Word, Excel, or JPEG files into PDFs and attach them to outgoing messages. You can create file processing rules based on message and attachment content, rename, transform, copy, and sync with your systems or team collaboration tools. Make your working day that bit quicker. Social media monitoring Want to see what people are tweeting about you? How about sentiment analysis on the things people are saying about your service? What if that same software could also pick up and process all your inbound social media messages? Well, our suite has eyes everywhere, and it’s got all those things covered. Our software can send social data to your CRM, reply intelligently, post automatic or scheduled updates and create custom reports. With a single piece of software, you have an all-encompassing view of your business and the call centre scene that is alert 24/7. Not only is your finger on the pulse: you’re measuring, recording and reacting to that pulse as it beats.

6. We looked at a number of providers and found Parker Software to be more advanced. Aviva

7. I would certainly recommend Parker Software to anyone who has a customer facing website, the software is functional, easy to use and can only help your business improve its customer service. Centerplate We’ve been specialising in digital engagement solutions since 2003, making us a front runner with a wealth of expertise and industry innovation behind us. Investing in our suite means that you also get US and UK based sales and support, consultancy days, health checks, audits and training, not to mention a wealth of knowledge. We’re an authority in our field, putting you in safe hands. That’s not to mention the fact that the sheer scale of our suite’s capabilities make it uniquely advanced. No other provider can match our offering – in terms of expertise and expanse alike. Choose the option that’s light years ahead. This list only scratches the surface of what our software delivers. With one suite, we can offer your business thousands of digital synergies. And if you haven’t seen the feature you’d like, just let us know – our tech team loves a new challenge. Why we’re different Not only has Parker Software streamlined processes and efficiencies in order for us to stay competitive, they have also improved both the customer journey and staff engagement. autonet UK: +44 (0)330 0882 943 US: (800) 680 7712 UK address Parker Software Limited Victoria Business Park Prospect Way Knypersley Stoke on Trent ST8 7PL United Kingdom USA address Parker Software Inc. 4767 New Broad Street Baldwin Park Orlando Florida 32814 United States

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