Parents + Web Resources = Effective Critical Thinking in Elementary Mathematics

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Published on June 29, 2009

Author: Dang15



This presentation, by Fosston teacher Dan Gutterud, a graduate student at Bemidji State University, focuses on the importance of parental involvement in education while also highlighting methods of connecting with parents using web resources to promote communication and critical thinking.

Parents + Web Resources = Effective Critical Thinking in Elementary Mathematics Dan Gutterud Ed 6117 June 2009 Bemidji State University Image from

Part 1: What is your focus? "To have taught well is not to have used a great set of techniques or given the learner some words to give back, but to have caused understanding through words, activities, tools, guided reflection, the learner's efforts, and feedback”(McTighe& Wiggins, 2005). Image from

Is this a surprise? Much of what influences students occurs during their hours outside of the school building. Image from

Who influences students during their time away from school? Parents. Image from

Part 2: GET PARENTS INVOLVED! Image from

Benefits of Parent Involvement “Research shows that students with involved parents—regardless of their background or income level—reap a bevy of benefits, including attending school regularly, enrolling in more advanced classes, getting better grades, graduating from high school, and pursuing post-secondary education” (Be Strategic, 2003). Image from

Part 3:Connect with parents and students using technology “Parents' attitudes toward mathematics have an impact on children's attitudes. Children whose parents show an interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics around the home will be more likely to develop that enthusiasm themselves” (Brosnan & Hartog). Image from

Communication is vital calls home webpage progress reports newsletter conferences blog surveys e-mail Image from

Blog Consider a blog as a way to communicate by posing questions or relaying information. From my blog at

PodcastsPublish podcasts online. A self assessment question has been published here. Image from

What is a wiki? Image from Page from my wiki at

Videos on wiki Image from

VoiceThread Pose a question. Students respond at school or home via: *Text *Voice *Phone *Video Image from

Virtual manipulatives—try ‘em “Research has shown that concrete manipulatives help students better understand abstract concepts in math, and comparative studies show virtual manipulatives to be as effective as concrete ones”(Donovan, 2008).

Virtual Manipulatives How many families have manipulatives at home? How many have internet access? Image from

Bring parents into the classroom Image from

Visit my links by going to my wiki at Image from

References Be strategic to boost family involvement. (2003, December). District Administration, Retrieved November 5, 2007, from ContentSelectResearch Navigator database. Brosnan, P.A. & Hartog, M.D. (n.d.). Doing mathematics with your child. Retrieved June 20, 2009 from Donovan, J. (2008, November). Teaching mathematics with virtual manipulatives. Technology & Learning. Retrieved June 22, 2009 from McTighe, J. & Wiggins, G. (2005). Understanding by design (2nd ed.). Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Development. No child left behind act, section 1118. (2001). Retrieved November 26, 2007 from

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