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Published on July 8, 2007

Author: scatteredbrain



Location and Histology • Is located on posterior surface of Thyroid • Composed of 1 pr of superior glands (which arise from endoderm of 4th pharyngeal pouch) and 1 pr of inferior glands (from 3th pharyngeal pouch ). • Histology---2 cell types

Cell Types • 1) Principal (Chief) cells secrete PTH • ( parathyroid hormone) • 2) Oxyphil cells –function unknown, has acidophilic cytoplasm, many mito. And pyknotic nuclei.

Chief Cells • Low Ca++ in blood causes PTH secretion from chief cells • PTH acts on osteoclasts via osteoblasts to increase Ca++ in blood from bone • PTH acts on Kidneys to(a) ↑ Ca++ in blood • And(b) cause the formation of Vit D (calcitriol) which ↑ intestinal absorption of Ca++

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