Parallelism Structures

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Information about Parallelism Structures

Published on December 31, 2015

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2. Parallel structures 1. Parallelism with Nouns A noun names a person, place, thing or idea, e.g. Robert, Beverly Hills, brake, acceleration. Nouns often appear with words that tell how much or how many, whose, which one. They may also appear with words that include articles (a, an, the). Example of parallelism with nouns: A memory chip is made of millions of transistors and capacitors.

3. Parallel structures 2. Parallelism with Verbs A verb express an action, an occurrence or a state of being, e.g. prepare (action), fell (an occurrence), and is (state of being) Example of parallelism with verbs: The memory controller reads the memory and writes it.

4. Parallel structures 3. Parallelism with Adjectives Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns, e.g. the dedicated employee (the adjective “dedicated” modifies the noun “employee”), or He felt happy as the sales index rose (the adjective “happy” modifies the pronoun “He”). Example of parallelism with adjectives: HP Pro Curve delivers consistent and efficient wireless connectivity in industrial work environment.

5. Parallel structures 4. Parallelism with Noun Phrases A noun phrase generally has a noun or pronoun as its main word, e.g. secure network, or an innovative worker. Example of parallelism with noun phrases: Smaller indoor automated teller machines (ATMs) dispense money inside busy shopping malls and popular recreational centres.

6. Parallel structures 5. Parallelism with Verb Phrases A verb phrase generally has a verb as its main word or consists of a verb and an adverb, e.g. drove speedily. Example of parallelism with verb phrases The temperature of the cake in the microwave oven rose rapidly and the chocolates hip on the cake melted slowly.

7. Parallel structures 6. Parallelism with Adjective Clause Adjective clause are group of words containing subject and a verb that modify nouns and pronouns in sentence. They begin with relative pronouns (that, which, who, whom) and functions adjectives, e.g. He is the scientist who has invented a superb car which allows fast cruising Example of parallelism with adjective clause: The ATM is a computerised telecommunication device that enables customer to withdraw money in a quick and convenient way.

8. Parallel structures 7. Parallelism with Prepositional Phrases A prepositional phrase consists of a prepositions such as by, in, over, or with and its object as well as any modifying words, e.g. with a model that is thermodynamically efficient. Example of parallelism with prepositional phrases. Water in an electric water boiler may be dispensed either by pouring or by pressing the button that functions as a diaphragm pump.

9. Parallel structures 8. Parallelism with Gerunds A gerund is an “-ing” form of a verb used as a noun, e.g. burning in an open space can be hazardous. Example of parallelism with gerunds: Designing and manufacturing gas turbines is a tough problem from both the engineering and materials standpoint.

10. Parallel structures 9. Parallelism with Infinitive Phrases An infinitive phrase is made up of an infinitive (to + the base form of a verb) and any other words that modify the infinitive, e.g. to revive sales. Example of parallelism with infinitive phrases: Solar and thermal mass refrigerator are designed to reduce electrical consumption and to fit customer needs.

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