Parallel Operation on Alternators.

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Information about Parallel Operation on Alternators.

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: VikasJangir2



In the presentation all about, the operation of Parallel System of two alternators and in the sense how in power plants, they utilize it in their sensitivity to produce more electricity at one operation and after all how they reduce the per cost of electricity unit. I hope, this presentation helpfull to all the Engineering Students.

A Presentation on “Parallel Operation Of Alternators And Load Sharing” Presented By Vikas Jangir Electrical Engineering

Contents          Introduction Why this system is required Parallel operation of alternators Parallel alternator arrangement Process Conditions Applications Advantages Summery & References

Introduction     It is necessary to provide an uninterrupted continuous power supply. In case of an isolated plant, a considerable amount of reserve capacity would be required to ensure the continuity of the supply. Moreover some units are required either to be lightly loaded or floating on the lines in order to meet the unpredicted sudden increase in demand. There will be two or more alternators connected in parallel called parallel connection of alternators. The parallel operation of power station is essentially am extension of parallel operation of alternators, with the exception of resistance and reactance's of the interconnectors.

Why this system required.     uninterrupted continuous power supply. For fulfill the load requirement. Provide increase the overall efficiency. For reduce per unit generating cost.

Parallel operation of alternators. • • • The easiest way to setup a parallel system is to use alternators that are exactly alike, or at least have the same output rating and alternator pitch. Another flexible pitch to backing up your power requirement is to have two or more alternators of variable output. In either scenario these can be connected in parallel with paralleling switchgear to achieve maximum output during peak requirement or the desired minimal output during other times.

Parallel alternators arrangement.

process      In the operation there are two alternators connected in parallel. Bus-bar, (to which a number of alternators are connected.) The process of connecting an alternator in parallel with another alternator or with common bus-bar is called synchronizing. The system is establish on the base of requirement of load. In the process of A.C generator mechanical input is provided to rotate the alternator.

Conditions.       For make system efficient and free from dangerous problem then some conditions are required. The terminal voltage of incoming alternator must be equal to that of another alternator the bus-bar. Frequency. Both alternators voltages are same or the bus-bar voltage relative to the load. No circulating current b/w the winding and bus-bar and the incoming alternator. Phase sequences must be same.

Applications.    Power plants Industries & load sharing Other..

Advantages         Load sharing Efficiency Reduce losses Easy to operate Cheaper (reduce capital cost) Continuity of supply Save of fuel Other many advantages are…

Summery   In the parallel operation of alternators, we have learn about the hole system. And know the main advantages by this and how we do in our electricity system, here we also studied about the process of parallel operation and the applications of these type of system. Behind of everything there are one term that is WHY and here we know about this and how we utilize it in our system and what are the main work for complete the task of electricity.



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