Par Coalition ~ Fulfilling Our Sacred Responsibilities to our Community

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Information about Par Coalition ~ Fulfilling Our Sacred Responsibilities to our Community
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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: KingdomShare



God calls us to be his hands and feet, serving those around us. We need to rebuild the walls of society starting in our own back yards.
We pledge to serve those in our community by
- Building healthy marriages and strong families
- Building reconciliation skills, helping to resolve conflict
- By proclaiming the Good News.

PAR! Coalition! When the Enemy Comes in like a Flood,! God will Lift up a Standard. Isaiah 59:19 ! ! ! Par$defini*on:$$Equal$to$the$Standard$ We!will!li'!the!Standard!of!Peace!&!Righteousness! Civic! Social! Sacred! Market!

Will we be on PAR? To ensure that we are, we are asking for 4 pledges. We pledge to take actions to support… 1. Happy and Healthy Marriages 2. Strong Families 3. Build Conflict Resolution Skills 4. Freedom. Use it to proclaim righteousness or lose it!

Marriage We pledge to support marriages. ! ! 7 Sec rets t o a & H ea lthy M Happy! ar riag e! 1.  W e Regula work on o u r rly an d delib mar riages 2. We ! erately learn ! to pos 3. We itively practic resolv e lo vin un der e confl sta g ict ! o ur sp n d an d spe one anothe r & tr ak in o u se u the Lo y n derst Affir m ve Lan to a ation, gu a g e Qualit n ds: Gifts, T 4. We y Time o w , Acts uch, Words Expre ork to impr of Ser o ssing A o ve th vice ! f e ff Childr en, Tra ection, Fina Lo ve Grow er nc ns Co mpa nionsh parency, Ex es, Co m mun s: ten de ip, Res ication 5. We d F pect, H , w o me & amily, Disres ork to re du Family pect, L ce the Care ! ac Excess L ive Ac k of Honest o ve Ero der tivitie 6. We s, Ang y, Selfishne s: le er, An noying ss, paying arn to deve lo Habits attent ion to p go o d Sex ! 7. We ual Re o u r ap w o rk lations pearan to free do , ce ! m & b create pro p ou er bala mar ria ge go v n daries, u s nce be in t ernan ce suc g w ise prin ween h as t c hese s iples of ecrets ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ACTION We commit to encourage all married people in our fellowship to build their marriages with solid standards. We commit to train our married people so they help others build their marriages with solid standards.

Families We pledge to support families. Strong Families Are BUILT Dad   Mom   Brother   Sister   Grandpa   Grandma   Uncle   Aunt   Cousin   In  Laws   Out  Laws   1.    We  love  and  honor  one  another.   2.    We  pracBce  Love  Growers,  considering  the  unique  Love  Language   of  each.  We  reduce  Love  Eroders.    (see  Marriage  Secret  Sauce)   3.    Provision  and  Family  ResponsibiliBes.  We  provide  for  those  family   members  wherein  we  have  responsibility;  addiBonally,  we  help  meet   each  other’s  needs.  We  share  in  responsibiliBes.     4.  RecreaBon  and  Fun.  We  enjoy  each  other  and  life  together.     5.    Family  Governance.  We  work  to  create  proper  balance  between   freedom  &  boundaries.  We  learn  to  posiBvely  resolve  conflict.   6.    Life  Moments.  We  build  memories  and  tradiBons  and  together   celebrate  important  moments  in  life.     7.    Extending  Family.    We  honor  our  extended  family.   Solid  Principles  ~  Built  to  Last   ACTION We commit to encourage people in our fellowship to build their family relationships with solid standards. We also commit to equip our people help others build their family relationships with solid standards.

Making Peace: The Ministry of Reconciliation! We pledge to improve our ! Conflict Resolution Skills.! Work to build skills now! Reconciliation principles and process can be found at ! and! ACTION! We will identify people in our fellowship who will be trained in the ministry of reconciliation, reconciling people to God and each other. !We will take advantage of Peace Making training that will be offered though out the community. !

Freedom! We pledge to support and ! use our freedom.! ! ! ! Freedom ! It isn’t FREE. Use It or Lose It.! ACTION! Freedom of Speech has been granted to us by the Bill of Rights. ! The responsibility to proclaim peace and righteousness has been given to us by God.! We will use our freedom of speech to boldly raise a standard of peace and righteousness, not being silenced by political correctness, fear or any such thing.!

!!!!!! We pledge ! Who? All Christ-followers! What? Seven Stars for things ! to discharge Our !we devote ourselves to.! 1. Love God and Live Christ! Sacred Duties! 2. Love Our Neighbor! ! ! ! ! The Kingdom Peace and Righteousness Banner represents our responsibilities. ! ! ! 3. Make Disciples! 4. Apostle’s Teaching, Scripture! 5. Fellowship! 6. Breaking of Bread! 7. Prayer! ! ! Where? ! Four Yellow Stars for the 4 !pillars of our lives. The 4 Pillars.! 1. Disciples, in other words, me, individuals ! !2. Marriages! 3. Body of Christ, in other words, the church, believers !4. Families! Three Stripes for three communities. Three Communities!     1. Natural community – all people! 2. Kingdom community – all believers! 3. Connected community – where we live, work & play! Four Yellow Stars for the 4 areas of responsibility. We have ! authority to act in these areas. The Four Authorities.! 1. Sacred – Our responsibilities to God! 2. Social – Our responsibilities to each other & those around us! 3. Civic – Our responsiblies to act and administrate with ! good governance in all arenas of life wherein we have authority! 4. Market – Our responsibilities in commerce, gainful occupation & work! ! ! ! ! How? Five of the stars for our responsibility to equip ! everyone in the five foundational, gateway skills.! 1. Equip all to plant, strengthen & support new works, aka apostolic! 2. Equip all to perceive what God is saying, aka prophetic! 3. Equip all to proclaim the Good News, aka evangelistic! 4. Equip all to provide care, aka pastoral! 5. Equip all to impart, aka teacher! !!

PAR! We pledge to strive for PAR Excellence in our marketplace responsibilities.! I will take actions to support ! 1. Happy and Healthy Marriages! 2. Strong Families! 3. Build Conflict Resolution Skills! 4. Freedom (Use it so we don’t lose it!)! Choose YOUR level!! If I take action on…! ONE = a BRONZE Member TWO = a SILVER Member! THREE = a GOLD Member FOUR = a PLATINUM Member PAR! A DREAM with a PLAN*! ! ! Contact us:! ! Phone: (302) 827-7271! Facebook/parcoalition! ! Civic! ! *A$dream$without$a$plan$is$a$wish.! Social! Sacred! Market!

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