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Published on February 11, 2008

Author: Candelora


International Doctoral Programme in Pulp and Paper Science and Technology (PAPSAT):  International Doctoral Programme in Pulp and Paper Science and Technology (PAPSAT) A four-year full-time Graduate School open to students from all countries A prerequisite for the programme is a Master’s degree from a recognized university in pulp and paper technology or in a closely related field The teaching language of the programme is English. Aim of the programme:  Aim of the programme Provide the student with the knowledge of the latest pulp and paper technology Give the student the possibility of participating high-quality scientific work Speed up doctoral studies Achieve international graduate student exchange. Areas of courses and research:  Areas of courses and research - Pulping Science and Technology (TKK, ÅAU) - Paper Science and Technology (TKK, ÅAU) - Chemistry of Pulping and Papermaking (TKK, JYU, ÅAU) - Fibre Raw Materials (HU) - Paper Converting Science and Technology (TUT) - Process and Production Control in the Pulp and Paper Industry (TKK, TUT, OU) - Processes and Materials in Printed Communication (TKK) - Practical Fluid Dynamics in Papermaking (JYU) - Energy Systems and Environmental Control in the Pulp and Paper Industry (TKK, LUT) Financing of PAPSAT:  Financing of PAPSAT Researcher training positions - 15 funded by the Ministry of Education in 2007-2011 - a few students get all the funding from the industry - the rest get project funding (Tekes etc.) Researcher training courses and travels - appropriations granted by the Academy of Finland Coordinator’s salary and other expenses - Ministry of Education 2007-2011 Other expenses - participating Laboratories and Academy of Finland PAPSAT courses:  PAPSAT courses Mainly intensive courses Open to all postgraduate students seven courses arranged in the in the autumn 2006 as well as in the spring 2007 Experts from the industry as well as professors from abroad act as teachers in many courses Programme Board of Management:  Programme Board of Management Professor Hannu Paulapuro (Chairman), TKK Professor Raimo Alén, JYU Professor Hannu Manner, LUT (Vice Chairman) Professor Jurkka Kuusipalo, TUT Professor Marketta Sipi, HU Professor Kauko Leiviskä, OU Professor Martti Toivakka, ÅAU Professor Petri Kuosmanen, TKK - responsible for programme development, - coordination between the universities and selection of students Slide7:  PAPSAT students 43 students totally - 21 female students (49%) - 9 foreign students (21%) (China 1, Egypt 1, England 1,India 1, Russia 3, South Korea 1, Thailand 1) - average age 32 years Participating universities:  Participating universities 1. Helsinki University of Technology (coordinating university) 2. University of Helsinki 3. Tampere University of Technology 4. University of Oulu 5. University of Jyväskylä 6. Lappeenranta University of Technology 7. Åbo Akademi University Slide9:  Number of PAPSAT students per participating university (January 2007) Slide10:  Sources of financing (August 2006) Slide11:  PAPSAT doctoral theses (1/3) 36 theses completed so far: - Tomi Kimpimäki (TUT) December 1997 - Mika Vähä-Nissi (TUT) March 1998 - Janne Virtapohja (JYU) December 1998 - Olli Dahl (OU) May 1999 - Kari Luukko (TKK) August 1999 - Antti Nissinen (TUT) December 1999 - Anna-Stiina Jääskeläinen (TKK) December 1999 - Kathrin Mörseburg (ÅAU) May 2000 - Thad C. Maloney (TKK) May 2000 - Jari Sirviö (HU) December 2000 - Zhinan Feng (JYU) October 2001 continues… PAPSAT doctoral theses (2/3):  PAPSAT doctoral theses (2/3) - Veronica Bobacka (ÅAU) October 2001 - Yongzhong Yu (TKK) November 2001 - Annaleena Kokko (ÅAU) December 2001 - Raija Savolainen (LUT) December 2001 - Sanna Rousu (ÅAU) February 2002 - Minna Rantanen (TKK) April 2002 - Jari Käyhkö (LUT) June 2002 - Juha Fiskari (ÅAU) June 2002 - Sergey Malkov (TKK) November 2002 - Jussi Maunuksela (JYU) March 2003 - Mika Järvensivu (TKK) April 2003 PAPSAT doctoral theses (3/3):  PAPSAT doctoral theses (3/3) - Päivi Rousu (OU) August 2003 - Tea Hannuksela (ÅAU) April 2004 - Gongde Zhang (TKK) August 2004 - Lenita Lindberg (ÅAU) November 2004 - Katri Vikman (TKK) November 2004 - Thi Hong Man Vu (JYU) December 2004 - Natalia Maximova (TKK) December 2004 - Johanna Lahti (TUT) January 2005 - Tom Lind (ÅAU) May 2005 - Urpo Aaltosalmi (JYU) July 2005 - Timo Ahola (OU) January 2006 - Natalia Egorova (TKK) May 2006 - Tuomas Stoor (OU) May 2006 - Xinshu Wang (TKK) September 2006 Theses titles:  Theses titles Tomi Kimpimäki: The Effect of Drying Temperature on the Coalescence of Polymer Particles and on the Properties of Dispersion Coated Paperboard Mika Vähä-Nissi: HD Paper as Barrier Material Janne Virtapohja: Fate of Chelating Agents Used in The Pulp and Paper Industries Olli Dahl: Evaporation of Acidic Effluent from Kraft Pulp Bleaching, Reuse of the Condensate and Further Processing of the Concentrate Kari Luukko: Characterization and Properties of Mechanical Pulp Fines Antti Nissinen: Stability of Wet End for Paper Machines with Dilution Headboxes Anna-Stiina Jääskeläinen: Kraft Pulp Bleaching with Peroxyacetic Acid and Peroxy Compounds Kathrin Mörseburg: Development and Characterization of Norway Spruce Pressure Groundwood Pulp Fibers Thad C. Maloney: On the Pore Structure and Dewatering Properties of the Pulp Fibre Cell Wall Jari Sirviö: Variation in tracheid properties of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) Zhinan Feng: Chemical Composition of Spent Liquors from Non-Wood Pulping Veronica Bobacka: Interactions Between Cationic Starch and Components of a Peroxide-bleached Thermomechanical Pulp Slide15:  Yongzhong Yu: The Effect of Fiber Raw Materials on Some Toughness Properties of Paper Annaleena Kokko: Flow Losses in a Capillary Viscometer and their Relation to Dynamic Water Retention and Elongational Viscosity Raija Savolainen: The Use of Branched Ketene Dimers in Solving the Deposit Problems Related to the Internal Sizing of Uncoated Fine Paper Sanna Rousu: Differential Absorption of Offset Ink Constituents on Coated Paper Minna Rantanen: Solvent Retention and Fibre Chemistry Jari Käyhkö: Influence of Process Conditions on the Deresination Efficiency in Mechanical Pulp Washing Juha Fiskari: Minimum Effluent Pulp Mill Concept: On Water Use Reduction in the Bleach Plant Sergey Malkov: Studies On Liquid Penetration Into Softwood Chips – Experiment, Models And Applications Jussi Maunuksela: Scaling and Noise in Slow Combustion of Paper Mika Järvensivu: Intelligent Control System For The Lime Kiln Päivi Rousu: Holistic Model of a Fibrous Product of Non-wood Origin Tea Hannuksela: Mannans in Mechanical Pulping and Papermaking. Naturally Existing Aids and Promising Wet-End Additives Gongde Zhang: Effect of Drying on the In-Plane Tensile Properties of Paper Lenita Lindberg: Dissolved and Colloidal Substances and Bacterial Activity in Papermaking Slide16:  Katri Vikman: Studies on Fastness Properties of Ink Jet Prints on Coated Papers Thi Hong Man Vu: Alkaline Pulping and the Subsequent Elemental Chlorine-free Bleaching of Bamboo (Bambusa procera) Natalia Maximova: The Surface Chemical Properties of Fibres and Their Effect on Paper Properties Johanna Lahti: Dry Toner Based Electrophotographic Printing on Extrusion Coated Paperboard Tom Lind: Pretreatments of Norway Spruce Pulpwood for Pressure Groundwood Production Urpo Aaltosalmi: Fluid flow in porous media with the Lattice-Bolzmann method Timo Ahola: Intelligent estimation of web break sensitivity in paper machines Natalia Egorova: Using slit rheometry in characterising coating colour flow in the blade coating process Tuomas Stoor: Air in Pulp and Papermaking Processes Xinshu Wang: Improving the papermaking properties of kraft pulp by controlling hornification and internal fibrillation Number of PAPSAT theses (January 2007):  Number of PAPSAT theses (January 2007) Number of graduated doctors per university in January 2007:  Number of graduated doctors per university in January 2007 Latest application round (15 Sept 2006):  Latest application round (15 Sept 2006) Altogether 24 applicants, of whom 13 Finnish and 11 foreigners (46 %) Application distribution by country: China 3, Egypt 1, Iran 2, Malesia 1, Nepal 1, Pakistan 2, Spain 1 eight female applicants (33 %) Slide20:  Contact information International Doctoral Programme in Pulp and Paper Science and Technology (PAPSAT) Programme Director Programme Coordinator Prof. Hannu Paulapuro Sari Kärkkäinen tel +358 9 451 4216 tel +358 9 451 4166 email email Mailing address: TKK/P.O.Box 6300, FI-02015 TKK, FINLAND fax +358 9 451 4259 PaPSaT obligations:  PaPSaT obligations Annual Seminar end of August + thesis work presentation Article in the Yearbook PaPSaT experience:  PaPSaT experience The targeted four years’ graduation time at about 30 years’ age has approximately been achieved Cooperation between the participating universities has increased and their profiles in the pulp and paper area have become clearer Contacts between postgraduate students in various universities have intensified Plenty of postgraduate courses in the pulp and paper are are available in Finland Industry’s interest in the programme and cooperation have been good all the time International contacts have increased PaPSaT students (1/3):  PaPSaT students (1/3) Helsinki University of Technology Laboratory of Forest Products Chemistry Heli Koskinen Laboratory of Paper and Printing Technology Outi Aho Maiju Aikala Jenni Ala-Hongisto Khalil El-Sharkawy Taegeun Kang Alexey Kononov Hanna Luukkonen Karina Puurunen Phichit Somboon Ramjee Subramanian Anna Vainio Laboratory of Chemical Pulping and Environmental Technology Gary Watkins Laboratory of Process Control and Automation Maija Dietrich Laboratory of Machine Design Jari Toiva Lappeenranta University of Technology Laboratory of Paper Technology Marina Holm Egor Nikolaev Seppo Sivén Juha Tamper PaPSaT students (2/3):  PaPSaT students (2/3) University of Jyväskylä Department of Physics Marko Rasi Laboratory of Applied Chemistry Jaana Käkölä Hanna Lappi Piia Valto Camilla Wiik University of Oulu Fibre and Particle Engineering Laboratory Antti Haapala Hanna Jokinen Control Engineering Laboratory Ari Isokangas Iiris Joensuu Jarmo Keski-Säntti Åbo Akademi University Laboratory of Fibre and Cellulose Technology Risto Korpinen Tom Lundin Laboratory of Paper Coating and Converting Anders Sand Liisa Sinervo Laboratory of Wood and Paper Chemistry Jessica Holmback Ville Saarimaa Chunlin Xu PaPSaT students (3/3):  PaPSaT students (3/3) University of Helsinki Department of Forest Resource Management Mikko Havimo Antti Rissanen Kirsi Sundqvist Department of Organic Chemistry Maarit Lahtinen Tampere University of Technology Institute of Materials Science Kati Rissa Institute of Paper Converting Sanna Auvinen Kimmo Lahtinen

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