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Information about PaperClipPlus for Carrier Invoices - File Sets

Published on March 8, 2012

Author: fdomke



Share files easily and securely for FREE. Know with certainty when someone has seen your file, or more importantly, if they have not.

for Carriers Using Tags and File Sets to send and manage your shipper invoices --Know they got them, and know if they didn’t!!

Using Tags and File Sets to Manage Your Invoices• You’ve seen the benefits of using PaperClipPlus™ to send certificates of insurance and shipper invoices.• After introducing Tags in the last presentation, we now want to show you the power of File Sets.• Using Tags and File Sets, you can send a shipper a link to all of their open invoices.• Remember, PaperClipPlus™ is FREE!!!• Now let’s get started …

Log in to your PaperClipPlus™ account.

We’ll upload 2 invoices for Acme Inc.Click on New File to upload the 1st invoice.

Begin by selecting a file ...

… from your file system.

Add a description, change Authorization to be anyone at Acme Inc. (*, and clear the Verified flag.

Add Tags that describe your file. These are very important when using a File Set, which we’ll see shortly. Click Upload.

File is uploaded.Repeat steps to upload invoice #2.

Now let’s talk about File Sets. A File Set allows you to group files based on the tags you have assigned.Instead of sharing a single file, you can share a grouping of files, or a File Set. This is especially useful for invoices, where you will have new invoices for the same shipper on a regular basis. You can send the shipper one link that will show all of their new invoices. But here’s the best part: they will see all of their overdue invoices too, all in one place.

Click on New File Set.

Add a description. Authorization must match what is required for the files you want included in the file set. Here’s where the tags are important. Add tags that correspond with the tagson the files you want included in this file set. We don’t include “2012” because we want all open Acme Inc. invoices to be included, not just those from 2012. Note that tags are case sensitive (open vs. Open). Click Create.

File Set is created. Click on My Files to share.

Click on the row to see the detail.Click on the person icon, and you get 3 options for sharing.

The recipient receives your email and clicks the link.They are prompted to enter their email address for logging – that is how you know they got it.

They see all of the files that have the matching tags: Acme Inc., invoices, and open.When the shipper pays an invoice, remove the “open” tag and add a “closed” tag. Next time when they click the link, they only see the open invoices.

Back to your account.Click on the History icon of the File Set …

… and see that the recipient has seen the file set, and when.

PaperClipPlus™• PaperClipPlus™ is perfect for sending invoices. In fact, that is what AutoTransMart uses to send out invoices.• You know with certainty when someone gets your invoice – and more importantly, if they have not.• Using a File Set, you can upload new invoices with the matching tags, and send the same link to the File Set so they always see all of their open invoices, not just new ones.• When a shipper pays an invoice, just remove the “open” tag and add a “closed” tag.• Remember, PaperClipPlus™ is FREE – there is no registration fee, no fee per file, no fee to the recipient.• Click the link for more information:

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