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Published on October 29, 2007

Author: Heather


Time Use for Leisure in Romania Monica Mihaela Roman* Mihai Daniel Roman Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest :  Time Use for Leisure in Romania Monica Mihaela Roman* Mihai Daniel Roman Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest *Address: Piata Romana 6, sector 1, RO-70167 Bucharest, Romania Email: Slide2:  Some questions to answer: How are Romanians spending their free time after 10 years of democracy? Are there any disparities in time use for leisure between Romania and other European countries? Are there any significant differences in time use patterns in respect with demographical characteristics (gender, residence area, regions)? Time Use for Leisure in Romania :  Introduction Some methodological aspects General patterns in time use for leisure in Romania Factor analysis Conclusions Time Use for Leisure in Romania Data sources :  Data sources Time Use Survey in Romania (TUS) National statistics: Labor force survey (2001) Living standards survey (2001) Romanian statistical yearbook, 2001 Multinational time use survey Time Use Survey (TUS):  Time Use Survey (TUS) Was first conducted in Romania in August-September 2000, on a pilot basis. The survey covered residents of private dwellings in urban and rural areas across all counties of Romania. The survey was done on a sample of 9018 dwellings, using a two-stages sampling plan Time Use Survey (TUS):  Time Use Survey (TUS) All households within selected dwellings were included in the survey and all persons aged 10 years and older living in these households were in scope. The data results are comparable at international level as the survey was harmonized with similar surveys within similar European Union with respect to the concepts, definitions, classifications used, as well as of sampling plan and method of organization and data collection. Free time - a residual category:  Free time - a residual category It is the time that remains after maintaining one’s body in a healthy and socially acceptable state, contracting time to the market, and meeting domestic and family responsibilities. The structure of a day:  The structure of a day Daily average free time by groups of age and gender:  Daily average free time by groups of age and gender Daily average free time by gender and activities:  Daily average free time by gender and activities Time spent on mass media by regions:  Time spent on mass media by regions Daily average time of watching TV by residence area:  Daily average time of watching TV by residence area Slide13:  Daily average time spent watching TV by gender and age groups Participation at leisure activities over 24 hours:  Participation at leisure activities over 24 hours Variables list :  Variables list GDP per capita earnings /capita expenditures /capita life expectancy at birth and unemployment rate Time spent Paid work Time spent on Housework, Time spent on cooking and food preparation, Time spent on child care, Time spent on domestic related travel Time spent in education. Variables list:  Variables list Time spent on sleep Time spent eating meals Time spent resting Time spent watching television Time reading books, papers, or magazines, Time spent in active sports, Time spent on religious activities Time spent on social activities Principal Component Analysis:  Principal Component Analysis Direct Classification of Romanian Regions:  Direct Classification of Romanian Regions CONCLUSION:  CONCLUSION This classification emphasis a hierarchy which reflect surprisingly the historical regions of the country. The first level groups South and South East in a group and Center and west into another group, while the other regions are independent. At the extreme are situated, just as we seen before, Bucharest and North East. The second level adds to the first group South West, so that the entire south region is grouped into the same class. By adding North West to the second group, we obtain the Transylvania historical region. North West region is added to the first group, being less economical developed, while Bucharest is added to the second group, with regions with a better economic and social standard. CONCLUSION:  CONCLUSION The most important category of free time is dedicated to mass media 65%: watching TV, reading and listening to radio. The persons living in Bucharest spend the most time on mass media activities, 3.8 hours. In NE region the time spent on these activities is 2.6 hours. Beside poor economic conditions, there are also social factors involved, linked to the access at TV channel or in some villages, to the access at electricity.

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