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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: devendra00


Paper : The African Literature Prepared by: Devendra Pratipalsinh V Prepared by: Chudasama A Joshi Roll No. 13 Roll No. ::06 P.G Enrolment NO. : PG12101009 P.G Enrolment NO. : PG12101020 Seat NO. : 11340006 Seat NO. : 11330013 Sem : 4 Sem : 3 Email id : Email Email id : Id : Submitted to: Smt. S.B. Gardi Department of English Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University Bhavnagar (Gujarat – India)

 Gabriel Okara  The most significant  Serious early Nigerian poets  The motifs childhood, innocence and nostalgia  Many of his poem  The identity of African Literature

Once Upon A Time - Theme This is an emotional poem in which the father laments the innocence of youth

Content and Structure  Man’s adult world  His childhood years  The poem in this line “They used to laugh With their hearts”  insincerity and their superficial laughs “but now they only Laugh with their teeth”

Important words/phrases     “while their ice-blockcould eyes” Example of a metaphor Real feeling in the words “ Unlearn all these Muting things” the person describes are muting Block or silence

Mood / Atmosphere     nostalgic young and innocent tone of the poem is Sad Thematic cataloging Death, Desire / Dreams, Loss of innocence, Hypocrisy Childhood experiences

Irony o o o o o o Ironic Persona is behaving Adam’s curse Toiling in the soil Compared to the Negros Very Foundation

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