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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: Spencer


The Panhellenic Pulse:  The Panhellenic Pulse October 2006 Vol. 1 Issue 12 Chapters at a Glance: AΓΔ – Thus far the 2006- 2007 year has been a great success for Alpha Gamma Delta with a truckload of enthusiastic new members and awesome sports teams. Alpha Gam is at an all-time high, we entered many teams in the Day of the Longboat and have had some great exchanges with our fraternity brothers. 12 of our sisters are participating in the charity Boo- la – thon to raise money for Kids’ Help Phone. Our sisterhood is stronger than ever and we cannot wait for the opportunities that this new year will bring. We hope all the sororities have a great year and a wonderful Halloween. AΔΠ – First of all we would like to welcome all of our fabulous new Alphas!  We are so excited to call you our sisters.  We would also like to extend a congratulations to all chapters on a very successful recruitment and a big thank you for all the hard work that the Panhellenic Council put into formal recruitment.  ADPi has had an awesome first month back, with phenomenal results at Day of the Longboat and teams for soccer, basketball, volleyball and dodge ball intramurals!  We had a great chapter retreat and we are looking forward to initiation this month.  Finally we would like to welcome our new Chapter President Laura Heaven!  We wish everyone a great year! ΑΦ- The sisters of Alpha Phi are excited to welcome their 23 new members from recruitment. This is their largest pledge class in years, and actives are looking forward to be getting their little sisters soon. They had a great Bids Day BBQ and loved hanging out with the new members.  Alpha Phis have taken part in the first of many philanthropy events. They attended the Cheerios Mother-Daughter Walk for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and took part in a blood drive with Phi Delta Theta. They have already had two successful exchanges: speed dating with Delta Kappa Epsilon, and mini Olympics with Phi Delta Theta. The girls enjoyed their annual dessert crawl which consisted of dessert from different locations including their favorite, Cupcakes! They also had fun participating in Day of the Longboat and are excited for Urban Challenge! Clare & Karla's team "Red Hot A-Phis" plan on winning first again this year! As a larger sorority, Alpha Phi has many upcoming sisterhood events, the biggest one being the sisterhood retreat next month. Alpha Phi had a great time with Delta Kappa Epsilon at their Traffic Light bar party at Lola's Alpha Phi is still selling their  "Take Heart" calendars which are rich with Greek social events, UBC academic dates, Greek contacts, and includes the participation of 13 fraternities and sororities at UBC. All proceeds from the calendar go to the Alpha Phi Foundation which focus on women's heart health care. They are $15 and can be purchased either before meeting, or contacting the Director of Philanthropy, Peggy Chang, at 778.882.5783 or ΓΦΒ – Gamma Phi Beta is very excited to welcome their amazing new member class of 2006! Also, they would like to congratulate all the other chapters of Panhellenic on a successful recruitment, and thank the Panhellenic officers and advisors for all their hard work. They are looking forward to all the amazing events and opportunities the new school year has in store. In particular, they are eager to put on the annual and highly anticipated Mr. Greek UBC on October 26th, their main philanthropic event, raising money to send deserving girls to camp. Gamma Phi Beta is excited to meet all the new members of the other chapters on campus at the new and improved Pride of Panhellenic, as well as the New Member Meet and Greet, hosted by Gamma Phi Beta on October 11th before meeting. They would like to wish everyone luck on their midterms this month, as well as academic success for the rest of the term. Hopefully everyone will have time for a few study breaks – they can’t wait to see all of you and catch up after a long summer! Also, we'd like to advertise Mr. Greek on October 26th. 1 Slide2:  2 Sorority Events! AΓΔ AΔΠ AΦ ΓΦB ΔΓ KAΘ KKΓ Gamma Phi Beta is proud to present the 4th Annual Mr. Greek UBC! We would like to invite everyone to come watch this lively mock male beauty pageant.  Watch the fraternity contestants strut their stuff, sweet talk their way through the Q&A and impress you with their "talents."    New to this year's competition is a Toga contest, so come out and cheer your favourite Mr. Greek on!   When? Thursday Oct 26 Time? 6:30 pm Where? TBA Entrance is by donation, minimum $2 Consider representing your sorority as a judge! All proceeds go to our philanthropy, sending deserving girls to camp.  We thank last year's participants and audience for their support in helping us send 7 young girls to Camp Howdy over the summer! For more info contact Chelsea at ΔΓ – Welcome back everyone. After a long summer of road trips down South to California, The Gorge, Kenny Chesney in Seattle and of course Merritt the DGs are looking forward to another exciting and fun year in the Greek system. With formal recruitment behind us, DG would like to congratulate all the chapters on a successful and recruitment. It's great to see so many girls come out to Recruitment and join UBC Sororities. Delta Gamma would also like to especially welcome their amazing new member class of 19 girls! We look forward to the wonderful things each of them will be bringing to our chapter and Panhellenic as a whole, they make us proud. We can't wait to see the other pledge classes at the upcoming Pride of Panhellenic. We're also not wasting any time in raising money for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind with our annual Delta Gambling Poker Tournament happening Thursday, October 19th at Enigma Restaurant. Come out and support those playing or just stop by to watch, everyone is welcome! All the best for a successful school year. ΚΑΘ – Theta would like to extend a welcome to all of the new panhellenic members, especially our new girls. A special thanks to our disafilliates, Mari, Mego, Melissa and Jocelyn and the rest of Panhel for a fabulous September recruitment. This promises to be a busy semester for Theta with teams in ultimate, volleyball, basketball and dodge ball. Our two exchanges so far with Sigma Chi and Alpha Delt were a huge success and we're looking forward to the rest of the semester's exchanges as well as POP. We also have a sisterhood retreat, COR and our I-week at the end of October to look forward to. Welcome back to school everyone! KKΓ – The Sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma would like to welcome back all of the brothers and sisters of the Greek Community at UBC to what is shaping up to be a great year! We would also like to send the warmest welcome to all new members of UBC Sororities and a congratulations to all returning members on their great work during recruitment! With Reading Buddies at University Hill Elementary, an amazing Rent-A-Kappa Auction, fabulous Basketball and Ultimate teams this year is blooming with opportunity! We hope that all of our new members will take the time to check out and get involved with everything the Greek Community has to offer. As always, through midterms, papers and of course songfest this year is sure to be filled with memories and good times. The Sisters of KKG would like to send out our warmest wishes and we hope that through all the every stressful moments this year we can all find the time to sit back and enjoy yourself! You deserve it! The Panhellenic Pulse will be starting a message board where you can post messages for girls in your sorority or in other sororities. It can be birthday wishes, reminders, or anything you want. Just e-mail me with your message. If you have any suggestions for the Panhellenic Pulse, feel free to contact me. Fraternally, Jacqueline Young Assistant PR Alpha Gamma Delta Slide3:  New Members’ Blog 3 Message from our President . Welcome Back! I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer and is happy to be back with all your sisters and friends.  I would like to send out a huge congratulations to all chapters on a fabulous recruitment.  This year we beat all of our recruitment goals and had a large quota of 18!  Recruitment went very well overall and I am so pleased that all chapters have fared so well.  I am also incredibly excited to see what the newest members of Panhellenic have in store for us and I am so excited to get to know all of you.  I encourage all members to come and talk to me about Panhellenic as I would love to chat with you.  The Panhellenic Council would also love to have each of you attend one of our meetings this year.  October is month of the scholar so make sure to look out for different events this month and make sure to set aside some study times with friends. Lastly I would like to send out a huge congratulations and welcome to the Junior Panhellenic Council 2006!  We are so happy to have 14 new faces affiliated with the Panhellenic Council! Have a great first term! Sincerely, Jessie UBC Panhellenic President "So far, it's pretty cool being in a sorority, and it's a lot of fun because you get to meet so many people at one time. What I like about it is, you get to bond with a lot of girls and they are really sweet. Plus, you get to do all these events together. I look forward to getting to know the girls more, and it's not enough just going to meeting, but you got to plan things outside of them to meet individual girls and chat with them." – Louisa Lai ΑΦ “The whole sorority thing was completely new to me.  I'd seen the movies and heard the horror stories but that was where my knowledge of sorority girls ended.  The three days of recruitment were a blur of smiling faces, glasses of punch and matching t-shirts.  I felt pretty intimidated walking through columns upon columns of cheerful new faces- I was entering an entirely new frontier and felt exhilarated but slightly on edge.  And then I found it.  A place where I felt comfortable.  A place where, upon walking in, I felt my tense shoulders finally relax as I carried on a fun, joke-filled conversation with girls I could see myself becoming quite close to.  I am now a member of an organization that throws male beauty pageants, holds secret rituals and rules competitive dodge ball.  I have discovered a new community-the Greeks- and that has made all the difference in my time at UBC.” – ΓΦΒ New member “This year I joined the Greek system with Kappa Kappa Gamma. Throughout recruitment, though it was overwhelming, I met so many great girls that I really connected with. Being new to UBC as a second year, I don't have the easy networking environment that 1st year res. students enjoy, and joining a sorority has given me the opportunity to put myself out there in the social side of things. Even the whole recruitment experience was incredible, there isn't a day on campus or a night out with my friends that I don't bump into some girls I met from the other sororities during recruitment. Although it was tough to choose which sorority to join because there were so many women that I met, I am happy to have pledged with Kappa. Right away the girls took me in and really made it easy to get to know them. Kappa has brought so many positive things into my life already and I am looking forward to many more great experiences.” – Erica Shalinsky KKΓ Being a Delta Gamma new member is an experience I can liken to nothing else. Joining a sorority, girls often have no idea what they're getting themselves into, let alone joining a group of 50+ girls who you barely know but joining Delta Gamma has been such an amazingly fun experience and it hasn't even really begun yet. Finding your way around UBC is hard enough as a first year but having other girls to help me along the way has made the whole transition from high school so much easier, the girls are always around and it's nice see so many friendly faces. My new member class and I can already see how much fun we have in store for us. Although we're still learning our way through the whole process it's comforting to have a home on campus with the DGs. - ΔΓ New member

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