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Published on March 20, 2008

Author: Jolene


security without compromising privacy balancing voluntary and compulsory:  security without compromising privacy balancing voluntary and compulsory dr Igor Hansen CLAN Systems Ltd e-Ja Sp. z o.o. +48 501 320801 Slide2:  eAdministration, eGovernment eBanking eBusiness, eCommerce eEducation, eWork eHealth eInclusion, eSociety { partnerships and cost sharing secure electronic personal data in the hands of citizens efficient bridging of digital divide unique levels of security and essence of data privacy access to information wherever, whenever necessary unique flexibility and fine grain scalability with minimum risk eCitizen, eTaxpayer eDriver, eTraveller eCustomer eStudent, eEmployee ePatient fabric for open electronic society eIdentity, eSecurity, ePrivacy Slide3:  doctor 91% teacher 87% professor 74% judge 72% clergyman/priest 71% TV news reader 66% scientist 65% the police 64% man in the street 53% pollster 46% civil servant 46% Trade Union off. 33% business leader 28% government mnstr 20% politician 18% journalist 18% Mori: Year 2003, 2000+ British Adults aged 16+ Do you trust? yourself ??% citizens should be able to store their data with those they trust Those who decide about our data e-citizens e-drivers e-travellers e-spectators:  ? data exchange and compatibility are a problem CipherMe: reclaim your own data e-administrations are distributed data duplicated privacy questionable Now administrations can come to us, see and contribute what is needed e-citizens e-drivers e-travellers e-spectators provide Web-based easily updateable software tools e-citizens e-drivers e-travellers e-spectators:  administration services keep your encrypted data in a chosen, trusted place use cryptographic tokens to access it licence other tokens to selected items e-citizens e-drivers e-travellers e-spectators Slide6:  secure personal data space Address 1 Address 2 Slide7:  secure personal data space Address 1 Address 2 Wydział Komunikacji Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority H 263 PSG Slide8:  secure personal data space earnings and tax deducted at source tax return tax office account statement proof of payment Insurance certificate insurance contribution cost of medical service critical medical data medical note medical note medical note prescription prescription prescription issue test result test result leave of absence leave of absence vaccination vaccination certificate address address 2 vote in referendum vote in elections data: secure, free from computers, accessible whenever wherever, bridging digital divide:  data: secure, free from computers, accessible whenever wherever, bridging digital divide secure personal data spaces access points users with cards Slide10:  now: separate fixed- or multi(2,3,...) -function cards one open-function card: universal key to the world of secure data and applications. any „cards” in one ID card, travel and drivingdocuments club, fan, mass spectator events personal health records and insurance multi-function and multi-bank professional (doctor, lawyer, advisor) student, teacher, parent employee, HRMr Slide11:  deployments ID cards secure travel secure access banking mass spectator events (championships, olympics, ...) adjustable borderlines between voluntary and compulsory alleviated privacy concerns Secure, direct delivery, junk-free e-post in place of e-”poste restante” security and convenience identification multidimensional biometrics security of on-line biometrics history multiple digital signatures simplicity of updates universal deployment and access entitlements direct control by the issuer: issue, extension, restriction, withdrawal user convenience: remote updates, availability Slide12:  Individual entities store their personal data securely, privately and anonymously, manage and access their data at any time, from any place in the world. No one has to store data about third parties. digitally certified and encrypted biometrics on a user chosen server digitally certified entitlements on the issuer server. The owner has full security and privacy of his information. He has access to this data anytime, anywhere: at home, at the office, in the field. in eIdentity and security The rightful owner of data licenses individual objects to others as he wishes or as it is required by law, with chosen access rights and on chosen conditions. The owner licences his data to administrations, authorities, citizens. secure way to prove one’s identity and present entitlements anytime, anywhere, direct control by issuers, convenient updates for users Slide13:  Thank you for my Burgerkarte consult my Polish medical test results with my doctor in South Queensferry get a prescription and pick-up the first portion of my medicine in Paris pick up the remainder of my medicine at a pharmacy in Vienna get my UK passport extended while on a prolonged stay abroad grow a beard and update my PL passport photo while in Paris show my UK driving licence, PL car documents to a carabinieri in Italian allow UK IR to see my incomes in UK, PL and FR and work out the tax due remain blissfully unaware why it all works In the future I am hoping to be able to use it to Slide14:  ? questions Seeing is believing. Thank you for your attention !:  Thank you for your attention ! dr Igor Hansen CLAN Systems Ltd e-Ja Sp. z o.o. +48 501 320801 Slide16:  CipherMe places data fully and factually in the hands of its rightful owners assures data privacy while boosting security and should satisfy most privacy concerns makes us fully mobile over administrative, regional and national borders is smoothly scalable at the level of a single user and single application in one move can solve many national IT deployment problems efficiently bridges the „digital divide” applies to people, businesses, vehicles, animals, real estate, works of art, ... provides open space for new applications and services, new businesses, new revenue sharing models and opportunities for new technologies like UMTS telephony is applicable to almost any area secure personal documents: ID card, passport and visas, driving licence personal medical records, anywhere, anytime, including emergencies flexible education structures financial systems efficient and friendly administration real-time, arbitrary grain observation, immediate deployment of decisions minimal reorganisation costs common data platform: subject of administration costs shareable amongst administrations and partners, strictly according to use scalability of deployment and of applications Slide17:  expected annual IT costs per person in EUR Slide18:  Battling unhealthy priorities in government IT The Guardian, September 25 2002 ... spiralling costs and late completions have bedevilled IT projects covering everything from national insurance to the passport office to Post Office benefit payment cards. Although firms often find IT hard to handle, government seems to make a special mess of it. Why won’t the British deal with the government online? The Economist, Jan 2nd 2003 ... where services have already been put online, hardly anyone seems to be using them ... usage of e-government services has not grown in the past two years, and has fallen in some cases ... One problem is sheer proliferation of websites ... Many transactions require co-ordination between several organisations and visits to multiple sites. ... The government’s track record with previous large-scale computerisation projects, ... is hardly inspiring. Merely applying a thin electronic veneer to the existing bureaucracy is easier, but much less useful. As anyone who has tried to use the Inland Revenue’s website to calculate and submit their income tax return will testify, ... make users nostalgic for the old-fashioned, paper-based approach. ... the underlying problem is „healthy British scepticism towards the state. Given the hostility to, say, ID cards, it is not surprising if people are reluctant to type their personal information into a government web site. .. e-government will not take off in Britain unless the state behaves in a way that earns our trust.

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