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Published on April 17, 2012

Author: pandorafms



Pandora FMS a general purpose monitoring software.

1 8 Apr 2012




WHAT IS PANDORA FMS ? Pandora FMS is an all-purpose monitoring system. WHAT IT DOES WHERE IT WORKS Gather information from any Applications and operating systems. kind of logic system. Network and communications. Generate customized alerts and notifications Business processes (BPM). Shows graphs, reports, User experience on WEB monitoring maps in a WEB environments (browser automation), environment. Electrical comsumption, temperature monitoring, external sensors, etc.5

WHAT IS PANDORA FMS ? Is an OpenSource There are thousands Big corporations like project, under the of companies using it, Telefónica choose leadership of and more than Pandora FMS to Artica, a Spanish replace other 450.000 downloads* monitoring solutions company founded It is used all around like BMC Patrol, HP in 2005. the world in more OVO, IMB Tivoli or than 75 different NetlQ), achieving countries. very significant savings.6 * Source:, March 2012

WHO USES IT ? Spain Mexico Spain UK Japan Mexico Brazil USA Germany Dennmark Chile Argentina New Zealand Canada Ecuador Belgium Colombia Congo7

HOW IT WORKS ? NOTIFICATION COLLECTION CONSOLIDATION • User notification. • Action commands. • With an agent. • Data normalization. PRESENTATION • Without an agent. • Historical data. • Automatic detection. • High capacity. • Reports, graphs, trending, maps, dashboards… • Event console. • Inventory. • Service diagrams.8

WHAT IT MONITORS ? OPERATING SYSTEM NETWORKING Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX, Any manufacturer: Cisco, Juniper, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, 3com, Teldat, Huawei, D-Link. NetBSD, MacOS... DATABASES VIRTUALIZATION Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Mysql… Vmware, Xen SUPPORTED PROTOCOLS APPLICATIONS SNMP, HTTP, LDAP, Ping, TCP, SAP, Tomcat, Weblogic, IIS, WMI, RADIUS, DNS, SQL queries… JBoss, Exchange, WebSphere, Oracle, ERP... WEB USER EXPERIENCE HARDWARE SENSORS Latency, connection, login process, Temperature, humidity, flood, sessions, buying process, etc. power, etc.9

ADVANTAGES Same tool for different environments and technologies Users and customers who have Extreme scalability. brought experience and maturity to the (Thousands of servers) project. Faster time Capability to develop evaluation (time-to- new features on value) demand. Opensource ! Very low TCO (Total A large number of Cost of Owenership) features with the best compared to other cost-benefit ratio. similar solutions10

ADVANTAGES VERSUS CLASSIC COMPETITORS VERSUS NEW COMPETITORS (HP, IBM, CA, Microsoft) ( OpenCore, OpenSource) Better cost-benefit More powerful crossplatform agents. Greater flexibility and integration Bigger number of features. Faster start-up Extensive international support. Larger user community11

LICENCE AND VERSIONS OPEN SOURCE LICENCE  Free.  Unsupported, help from community.  Reduced features option for large environments. ENTERPRISE LICENCE  Annual payment.  License based on the number of monitored devices.  Professional support, Enterprise features and certified updates.12

OFFICIAL TRAINING There is a formal training program for Pandora FMS: PAT: Pandora FMS Administration. PAE: Pandora FMS Expert engineering. * The official certificates are issued only by Artica. PAT: Curso de administración de Pandora FMS13

Artica ST Madrid. EspañaTel: (+34) 91 559 72 22

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