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Published on January 29, 2014

Author: pandorafms



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Enterprise IT Monitoring for Networks, Applications, Servers and Virtual Infrastructure -2-


WHAT IS PANDORA FMS? Pandora FMS is a monitoring system able to adapt to almost any environment, including most high-load, complex and demanding situations. Servers Networks Applications Events -4- Services Web

WHAT IS IT FOR? The main features of Pandora FMS are: Data consolidation Monitor your networks, servers, applications and web environments from a single tool and cut down on costs and licenses. Event management Interconnect all your system tools to manage incidents and identify problems before they happen. -5- Service impact See vital information in simple window displays from your infrastructure and share them in real time with your customers.

WHO IS IT FOR? Companies who already have IT monitoring Companies entering monitoring for the first time -6-

WHO IS IT FOR? 1 2 Big Companies with huge IT investment who wants a better TCO 3 Companies introduced by the Open Source (free) version Companies who demand a flexible and powerful tool to cover their needs -7-

Best TCO than other solutions Same tool for different environments WHY PANDORA FMS? Powerful and adaptive solution Young company. Listen. Move fast. Proven track record Excellent Time to value -8-

INTEGRATIONS We are flexible: we can monitor almost everything. -9-


WHO WE ARE? Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas S.L is a Spanish, privately owned company, founded in 2005 We have customers in fifteen countries and established partners in four continents - 11 - We have achieve 940.000 downloads 12.000 Open Source users over the world

BUSINESS CASES Those are some of our business cases: Rakuten / Japan Online commerce +60,000 monitors Tuenti / Spain Social Media +50,000 monitors Telefónica / Spain, Mexico Telecomms +600,000 monitors Santa Lucía / Spain Insurance +50,000 monitors G4S / Greece Security +5,000 monitors Povo do Acre / Brazil Goberment +25,000 monitors Ingeteam / Spain Energy +20,000 monitors EMT / Spain Transportation +20,000 monitors - 12 -



TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT AGENTS For local monitoring * Available for all modern OS. * Flexible topology deployment. * Remote management. TECHNOLOGY * 100% Web technology. * Rest API, CLI, Mobile Apps * HA, multitenant. * Open Core, Enterprise features. - 15 - NETWORK Remote monitoring * SNMP, Traps, WMI, TCP, ICMP, … * Netflow support. * Transactional Web monitoring.

AGENT ARCHITECTURE Agent proxy mode Use an agent to “bridge” unaccesible networks - 16 -

AGENT ARCHITECTURE Agent broker mode Use the agent as a “server proxy” and monitor remote devices from the agent. remote remote XML XML XML VPN XML XML INTERNET XML XML XML VPN Pandora FMS Server remote Agent Broker Mode - 17 - remote

HIGH POPULATED SYSTEMS Metaconsole Instead of having a big server, split the load on different setups and co-manage all of them, using a pure federated architecture. - 18 -

HIGH DENSITY NETWORKS Satellite Servers Monitor up to 250,000 remote devices with a single Pandora FMS Server. Split the load using the isolated Pandora FMS satellite servers for an advanced SNMP / ICMP monitoring. - 18 -

COMPLEX HIERARCHY Export server Use different setups to manage separately and report some data to other instances. Pandora FMS Global zone (EU) Pandora FMS National Setup (Spain) Pandora FMS Regional Setup (North zone) Pandora FMS Regional Setup (South zone) Pandora FMS National Setup (France) Pandora FMS Regional Setup (Islands) - 19 -

MORE FEATURES Log monitoring Long term database Collecting of local data, up to 20 Gigabytes per day on Unix/Windows servers. You can manage a history of years of information of all your data, stored in a different database than the realtime information. Service level monitoring Centralized management Using SLA compliance checks based in weightdefined service maps. 100% Visual and realtime. You can deploy the monitoring in a centralized console: monitoring parameters, alerts, and even external files to be used in your custom plugins. Inventory Fine grade ACL Both remote, and based on agents. Useful to get track on changes of installed software, hardware, services, users, etc. Not only a visual customization is possible with Pandora, you can redefine what each single user can do and what doesn’t. - 20 -

EVEN MORE FEATURES Visual maps and consoles Custom reporting Pandora FMS is visual: interactive network maps, custom defined visual consoles, interactive charts and drag&drop dashboards. You choose. Using the custom report builder, you can manage all the information in dozen of different types of reports. Event management Autodiscovery You can use Pandora FMS as a central event management to integrate other tools. Event correlation alerts are the core of Pandora FMS. With Pandora FMS autodiscovery and topology detection you will be able to detect and monitor a class B network in one hour. GIS Open Standards With our Android, Unix and Windows agents, we can track in realtime where your devices are. With over 1200 pages of technical documentation, you can do a lot of things in your own way. - 21 -

LICENSE AND VERSIONS OPENSOURCE ENTERPRISE Free No lincense Supported by community Reduced features for high grade environments Anual fee Licensing based on devices Professional support 24x7 Enterprise features Certified updates - 22 -

OFFICIAL TRAINING with official certifications from the engineering team PAT PAE Pandora FMS Administration Pandora FMS Engineer PAI Pandora FMS Instructor Training - 23 -

ROADMAP evolve, transform and meet the future 2014 * Distributed, headless monitoring for high density networks (up to 1M monitors). * Configuration management for network devices. * Remote software deployment. * Remote automation for administration. * Level2 autodiscovery and cascade protection for root cause analysis. - 24 -


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Thank you for your attention c/ Alberto Aguilera 7 3ºD (+34) 91 559 72 22

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