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Published on June 22, 2018

Author: Goheadsets


slide 1: 1 Panasonic BL-VP104WP WIRELESS CAMERA slide 2: 2 The Panasonic BL-VP104WP is a wireless camera that can serve the security needs of its users. The users can use the camera as an added security measure for their homes. The surveillance camera provides HD images in 720 pixels and high-resolution images of 1280x720p. The camera conducts a progressive scan of the surrounding areas which allows for clear pictures fewer motion blurs and clear images of even a moving subject. The Panasonic BL-VP104WP can even be accessed using the smartphone which allows for better tracking and monitoring by the customers. The users can zoom-in or zoom-out the camera remotely using the wireless connectivity provided through smartphone connection. This particular Panasonic camera uses the modern Noise Reduction technology which makes sure the pictures under varying circumstances and changed environmental conditions have a nearly same level of clarity. The remote tracking feature allows the users to secure their homes and track any problems even when they are away from home. Goheadsets provides high-quality Panasonic Products Customers can easily order Panasonic BL-VP104WP on which has been providing high- quality products to its customers since 1964. The customers would save more than 40 on the purchase of Panasonic BL-VP104WP from our site. The brand name of Panasonic ensures that the product would be high quality and would make sure that entire purchase process for the customers is easy and seamless. The customers when making purchases do not have to worry about hidden charges shipping and delivery costs as the price mentioned on the site is the final price of the product and also includes tax. Panasonic BL-VP104WP Features Some of the main features of Panasonic BL-VP104WP surveillance camera are · Wireless LAN router which allows the images to be viewed over any wireless router · Browser controlled zoom which allows 4x zoom-in · Privacy Zone feature: Using this feature the users can make up to 2 areas in the house Private which would not come into surveillance when the camera makes its round · JPEG image viewing using internet and smartphones · Multiple Language option · The camera is equipped with CMOS sensor of 1MP. slide 3: 3 · Alarm actions provide notification to users through E-mail Image transfer using FTP Alarm indication on the browser and Panasonic alarm protocol output. Return Policy and Guarantee In case the customers are not satisfied with the Panasonic BL-VP104WP they can return the product under Goheadsets’ return policy. The policy guarantees refund of the customer’s money if the product is returned within thirty days of the receiving it. Support The customers can receive support from the staff of on any issue relating to the purchase payment or any problems with the product etc. Our representatives can be reached on the site through email address or through the number provided on our site. Shipping The customers can receive their Panasonic BL-VP104WP free when purchased using No shipping or delivery charges would be added to the price of the product which makes our prices not only competitive but also far better than prices offered by any other online stores. Source:

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