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Published on September 20, 2013

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PAKISTAN means ‘Land of the Pure’

A Splendid History • The Legacy of Majestic Mughal Empire • The Land of the Oldest Civilization – Indus Valley • The Land of the Oldest City of the World – Moenjodaro • Land of some of the Mightiest Rivers in the World – Indus, Ravi, Jehlum, Chenab, Satluj, Kabul • 20 spoken languages – 66 dialects

• Founded on August 14, 1947 • Population 190 million • Capital Islamabad • World’s 5th largest democracy • World’s 15th largest economy • World’s 7th largest pool of engineers & scientists

Education • More than 132 universities • Parallel education system, public and private • Ibrahim Shahid-World record for 23 As in 24 subjects in the Cambridge O-Levels. • Ali Moeen Nawazish - World Records for 23 As in A- levels • Haroon Tariq- World record for a total of 47 As in IGCSE exams-Cambridge university • Arfa Kareem-World's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, 2004–2006

Sports • National game – Field Hockey(4 times world champions(world record) ,3 times olympic Gold medalisits) • Most popular game – Cricket(World champions 1992, T20 format-2009) • Most successful individual game- Squash(World open-17 times, British open-12 times) Highest by any nation. • Jahangir Khan(squash) won consecutive 555 matches which is an all time world record for any professional sport.


The Roof Top of the World

Shandur Polo festival at the World's highest Polo ground What it would feel like to play a sport that is wild, challenging and manly at the top of the world surrounded by the drumbeats and the music of the reed instrument. Yes Shandur Polo tournament is played every year at World’s highest Polo ground at Shandur, Northern Pakistan.

Karakoram Highway Eighth Wonder of the World Karakoram Highway runs through the northern areas connecting Pakistan with China’s Xingjiang province is often described as ” Eighth Wonder of the World” due to the marvel of civil engineering as it has taken 15 years to complete by the Pakistan Army Engineers in collaboration with China. It’s been labeled as ” World’s highest paved international Road” under world’s toughest terrain.

Great Wall of China? No, this is the great wall of the fort of Ranikot in Sindh province, Pakistan. Located at a distance of 3 hours’ drive from Karachi. This wall is part of one of the largest fort on this planet, the Fort of Ranikot.

Kachura Lake, Skardu, Pakistan. The Kachura lakes are two lakes in the Skardu District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Northern Pakistan. They are Upper Kachura lake and Lower Kachura lake at an elevation of 2,500 m (8,200 ft).

World’s Largest Deep Sea Port : Gawadar It's going to emerge as a world’s biggest skyline due to it’s capacity and infrastructure of handling bulk carriers. It has been declared as a Duty Free Port and Free Economic Zone by the Pakistani government that has increased the commercial worth manifolds. It has an immense geostrategic importance as it is the entrance to the Persian Gulf and is considered to be a substitute of Dubai Port.

Khewra Mines : Second Largest Salt Mine in the World Khewra Salt Mine located in Khewra, Jehlum Punjab, Pakistan is the second largest Salt Mine in the world and is considered to be the oldest in the subcontinent. It was said that discovery of Salt mines were not done by Alexander or his army but by their horses as they started licking the stones when they stopped here for rest.

Haleji Lake : Asia’s largest Bird Sanctuary Pakistan is a land of serene beauty , a country with diverse wild life , fresh water lakes, a 1046 km coast lines. Some of the most unique species of birds are found in northern Pakistan with awe-inspiring natural wonders like Lake Saiful Maluk, Lake Shandur, Dudipatsar Lake, kutwal lake, Zalzal lake and many more

Grand Canyon or Texas?? No, this is Hingol National Park, Baluchistan, Pakistan. It has mysterious mud mountains, beautiful blue water Hingol river, desert and deep blue Arabian Sea. 3.5 hours’drive from Karachi on the beautiful Makran coastal highway.

Thar Desert : One amongst the largest deserts in the World It covers eastern Sindh province and the southeastern portion of Pakistan’s Punjab province. It is amongst one of the largest deserts in the world rich multifaceted culture, heritage, traditions, folk tales, dances and music.

The Great Trango Tower, 6,286 m (20,608 ft). The east face of the Great Trango Tower features the world's greatest nearly vertical drop. World’s tallest vertical mountain. Located in Gilgit, Baltistan region of Pakistan. This is one of the most difficult mountains to climb in the world

The land of one of the oldest Civilizations : Indus Valley & Mohenjo-Daro Mohenjo-Daro is the province of Sindh, Pakistan and archeology trace back it existence 5000 years ago. It provides an earliest instance of exemplary form of town planning and community organization and found to be as one of the oldest cities known todayOne of the oldest known civilization that flourished in the Indus river Basin embraced within its fold almost the entire country now known as Pakistan

Hunza Valley Attaabad Lake This lake was recently formed due to a massive landslide that occurred in January 2010. This beautiful lake, also known as Attabad lake, is located at Attabad village in Gilgit-Baltistan, 14 km (9 miles) from Karimabad.

Cold desert of Skardu, Pakistan This is one of the most beautiful tourists attraction of Northern Areas of Pakistan. There are huge sand plains in Skardu. Temperature can range from -30 C to +40 C within a short distance.

Music • There are four main families of musical instruments in Pakistan and more than six hundred Pakistani musical instruments; the most well known are the sitar, tabla, rabab, dhool and bansuri.

Islamabad-The beautiful







Khyber Pakhtun Khawa

Kailash Tribe (residing in Chitral valley- thought to be descendants of the Army of Alexander the Great)

Bara Pani- Deosai Plains

Dudiptsar Lake or Dudipat Lake is encircled by snow clad peaks in Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park. It lies in the extreme north of the Kaghan Valley, Pakistan


A tunnel and bridge over a river on the railway track from Rohri to Quetta, Baluchistan.This track passes through 20 tunnels and more than 368 bridges. It is the longest railway gradient of on this planet.

Pakistani cuisine Refined blend of varıous regional cooking traditions of the South Asia . Pakistani cuisine is known for its richness and flavour. It has been partly influenced by Arab, Persian, and Indian Cuisine, it retains its own distinct Pakistani flavour.


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