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Published on December 29, 2016

Author: MuhammadUsman1034




3. REMOVE NEGATIVITY • First of all we all need to remove negativity from our personalities. We are not liable for others wrongdoings. We are responsible for ourselves only. • For this we have to firstly remove the idea that Pakistan can’t get better and its all finished. Its not finished it’s a new beginning with each new day.

4. THINK POSITIVELY AND MAKE OTHERS TO THINK POSITIVE • After removing negativity we have to think positive. • It is famous saying that to be happy keep others happy. • Your mood is nothing but the treatment you get from other people. • Motivate others to get best out of them. • Advice others in isolation and praise in front of others. • Be thankful to others (even for giving you a glass of water).

5. GET THE BEST OUT OF YOU • Its the key to success. No two people are different by abilities, but one who gets the best out of him. • Avoid useless activities, major useless activities these days are: • Watching unproductive movies, unproductive TV shows/seasons, unproductive android games and etc (for this analysis at end of each activity ask yourself what you have gained from this, what is the value addition through it? If the answer is “Nothing, just time pass” then just leave that activity right away). • Unproductive gossips, same rule applies to this.

6. GET THE BEST OUT OF YOU (Continued) • Invest time in productive activities • Besides a routine job every person has some hidden talent or interest. It may relate to art, science, fiction, exercise, travel or in any other field. • If you have not explored your hidden talent yet then do it now. • Invest your time to the activities, at the end of which you feel yourself a better and more accomplished person, which actually adds value to life. • Its not how many days you live in life, its how much lives you live in each day.

7. PROPOSED PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES • Offer prayers five times a day. Besides a must obligation it challenges you every day and gives you a sense of achievement. • Study and/or practice science. • Reading and/or writing a productive art • Exercise • Charity work (old aged, orphans, handicapped), prefer charity other than just giving funds. You can educate them , motivate them and help them to get them out of the dilemma and negativity • Study the biography of people who have actually conquered their lives.

8. SAY NO TO CORRUPTION • You are the future of Pakistan. Its you who will build the future of this country. It is your stage to fight against corruption. • What has been done is past, what is others practice right now, is not your mistake. You are liable for yourself only. • Don’t indulge in wrong activities, even if you are an unpaid internee at an organization your responsibility is to work at your best because you have willingly signed the contract for internship. • Discourage wrong activities. Believe me, if you are at right and stand strong, Allah will help you indeed and your all matters will be resolved easily.


10. DIRECTION OF THE NATION • Firstly, we need a direction for development of the country. Activities of individuals should be streamlined to the national goals. Objectives should be set to get maximum benefits for individuals and country both. Personal benefit over national benefit should be highly discouraged.

11. EDUCATION SYSTEM • Comprehensive revision of education system. We should now leave the dogmatic view of our syllabus and education system we have adopted in past. Our education system shall be representative of our great history and victory. It must be the representative of the reason for which we got this country.

12. EXTERNAL TRADE AND AFFAIRS • Pakistan shall re-assess and redesign its policies for external trade and external affairs. • Pakistan should close down imports and exports completely for medium period of time in order to set up manufacturing facilities of its own and manage the inflation (just like China). • External debt should be Zero in order to avoid any dependency on other countries and huge debt servicing.

13. POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT HIERARCHY • The current procedure of election should be completely replaced by a system which more resembles to Islamic way to election. One of the main characteristics is the selection of the head of government is done by knowledgeable, talented and ethical people, not by general public whose votes can easily be abused. • As Iqbal said, “Nations are born in the hearts of poets, they prosper and die in the hands of politicians.” Kabhi Aey Nujawan Muslim Tadabbur Bhi Kiya Tu Ne; Woh Kya Gardoun Tha Tu Jis Ka Hai Ik Tota Hua Taara; Tujhe Us Qoum Ne Paala Hai Aghoshai Mohabbat May; Kuchal Daala Tha Jis Ne Paon May Taaj E Sardara.. (Iqbal)

14. It is the end of the presentation with a hope of new beginning !! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

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