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Information about Pakistan

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: MehreenOmer



A comprehensive marketing plan for Pakistan taken as a country brand.

Presented By: Ammarah Nasrullah Mehreen Omer M. Ali Aman Omer Saeed Khan Osama Ahmed Khan Raphael Atif Sahar Fatima Shanza Baig Waleed Akbar Waqas Azeem

Pakistan Challenges in Branding Pakistan Terrorist Nation Af-Pak: Branded with Afghanistan Pakistan ranked amongst 10 weakest brands Pakistan ranked with Somalia

Pakistan Points of Difference K2 in Azad Kashmir is the Highest Peak in The world Pakistan has some of the highest peaks in the world including Nanga Parbat Pakistan also has fifth largest coal deposits in the world. Pakistan is full of natural resources like the biggest gas reserves, Salt mines & many more minerals which are unexplored so far. Pakistan has a big human resource particularly the young lot and is full of brain not utilized properly so far. Pakistan has the largest deep sea port at Gwadar Karakoram Highway is the eighth wonder of the world. Tarbela is the largest earth filled Dam Pakistan geographical and strategic location with God Gifted natural topographical feature starting from Northern areas down to the desert make it a unique country in the world. Siachen- the highest glacier where our country fought the battle identifies it as the highest battle field of the world. Reko Diq in Balochistan is believed to contain the world’s largest gold mines Pakistan has got one of the most hospitable people on planet earth

Brand Hierarchy


Pakistan Punjab Entertainm Tourism ent 1.Basanti 1.Murree Bahar “ Paradise Of 2. Punjabi Cool Breeze” Bhangra 3. Punjab Dance “ Luddi” 2. K2 “ The Ultimate Challenger” 3. Royal Fort Of Lahore- “ Azeem Mughal-eAzam” 4. Baadshai Mosque“Aurangzeb’s Prestige” Investment Quality Of Life 1. Investment in Live Stock, dairy farming & energy sectors through joint ventures with companies in Denmark. “FERTILE YOUR MONEY TODAY!!! .Six major cities of Punjab have good quality of life including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Faislabad and Sialkot Based on health, education & environment. “ HEALTHY SIX” 2 Investment in Quality Education “EDUCATED PAKISTAN PROJECT” 3. Investment in energy sectors “PAK HYDRO PROJECT” in collaboration with superpowers.

Pakistan Sindh 1.Sindh Olympic Game Festival 2. Sindhi JHUMIR 3. “ SINDHI DHAMAL” performed by Fakirs 4. BHTAGA.. This is properly speaking a dancedrama enacted with the aid of song, Kalams etc. . Haleji Lake “ CRYSTAL BLUE” 2. Keenjhar Lake “ Beyond Destiny’ 3. Shogran Valley “ God’s Reflection” 1. Corporate Farming 2. Seed Production & Processing Industry 3. Agriculture Export Processing Zone 4. Dates Processing Industry 5. Vegetable Processing and Canning Industry 6. Fresh Mango Processing 7. Essential Oil Extraction Industry 8. Food Processing Industry 9. Fruits Processing & Canning Industry 10. Compartmentalized Cold Storages. 11. Green House Farming of Cut Roses 12. Certified Plant Nurseries 13. Viscous Fibrefrom cotton waste 1.Improved drainage system from barrages to the canals

Pakistan Khyber 1.Khattak, 1. Khaghan Phaktunkhwa Chitrali Valley and 2. Swat Mehsud Valley Dance 3. Naran 2. Sarhad 4. Malam tourism Jabba Corporatio 5.Kailaash n Valley 1. Mineral sector (Marble, Granite and Gemstone) 2. Exploration and development 3.Mining & Processing 4.Mineral based Manufacturing industries 5. Hydel power projects 6.Small industrial estates & allotment of plots 1. Water resources Management for improved irrigation facilities from 40% to 45% 2. Implementation of 20 small dam programs 3. PHP D-Fund strategy for empowering women and promotes socio economic development of women

Pakistan Service Mix  Branding People     Branding Festivals   Shandur Polo Festival Branding Natural Habitat    Muhammad Uzair Imran Khan Ali Moein Nawazish White Tigers from the North Unique Indus river Dolphin Investment programs   Gwadar Sialkot

Pakistan Brand- Building Mix EXPERIENCE QUALITY People perceptions Abundance of natural resources in Pakistan Variety of services in Pakistan Enhance credibility by demonstrating country education Actions of people Brand evolution over the years through urbanization IDENTITY Guarantees by the government Technology present in Pakistan COMMUNICATION Strategic position PR & Advertising strategies National songs Quality letterheads & writing materials. Recognition through logo and national flag Internet presence Sponsorships Changing the political culture aside Corporate uniforms- national teams and forces News Releases, sponsored press articles etc. Other verbal and non-verbal means used in communicating

Pakistan Digital Objectives  Build and sustain relevant digital media assets for the Brand Pakistan  Create Awareness and engage a community of loyalist for Brand Pakistan. The Major focus of the Digital audience would be International Audience.  Drive Trial and consideration through digital platforms for Pakistan.

Pakistan Relevant Digital Touch Points for the Brand Pakistan Instagram Twitter Facebook Page Online Ads Website

Pakistan The Digital Strategy that we intend to follow is to: Create value for our followers/fans with multi-touch point activations that drive engagement & WoM Immersive integrated experiences that drive fans to talk about their experience with the BRAND Pakistan.

Pakistan Digital campaigns Know Your Country How well do you know your Country? Touch Point: Facebook App Duration: 1 month A quiz application will be developed in which the user has to answer 10 simple questions to win an incentive. The quiz questions will be based on the information about the different parts of the country. When a user completes quiz, the results will be posted on his/her timeline with a call to action for more users to engage in the contest. Winners will be decided through a lucky draw!

Pakistan Your Journey, Your Story An application will be developed in which the user has to share their travel story to Pakistan. A picture of the travel/ Tour would be mandatory along with the story for a legitimate entry in the campaign. The stories will be shared via posts and the best story will win Winners will be decided through a voting system! There will be a separate category for the best picture. A facebook application will be developed to generate USER GENERATED CONTENT Touch Point: Facebook App Duration: 1 month

Pakistan Media Plan - TV Media vehicles Time slots (EST) HBO 12pm-1pm Star World 9pm-10pm Star Movies 11pm-1pm Bloomberg 2pm-5 pm AXN 9pm-11pm ESPN During popular cricket and tennis shows TLC 3pm-5pm NatGeo During shows like Departures Adventure PTV World 10 pm – 11 pm Geo News 7 pm – 10 pm ARY Digital 7 pm – 10 pm

Pakistan Media Plan – Banner Ads Vehicles (Websites) Description Guardian Posting horizontal banner ad on the top about the history and culture of Pakistan Huffington Post Posting 250 X 250 banner ads on the right most visible slot about the history and culture of Pakistan Trip Adviser Posting pictures of cooked foods every day Expedia Posting 150 X 800 horizontal banner ad on the right side of the website Travelocity Posting 250 X 250 banner ads about the history and culture of Pakistan YouTube Posting 250 X 250 banner ads on the right most visible slot about the scenic beauty and historical places in Pakistan

Pakistan Budget Nature of Promotion Cost in PKR Television commercials 1,200,000,000 Print Ads 339,000,000 Public Relation Campaigns 32,250,000 Sponsorships 15,600,000 Event Marketing 12,380,000 Digital expenditure (Including SEM) 4,020,000 Total (PKR) 1,603,000,000

Pakistan Action Plan Quarter Key Activities Start buying print ad space and television ad space attracting investors • • Launch the website ‘’ and start developing the blog • Accredited Developers & Conceptualizers • Start advertising on blogs and major search engines from February 1 • Monitoring softwares and volunteers • Launch PakWalks Campaigns on March 23 Production artists • Produce documentaries on various Pakistani sportsmen, food and culture Introduce Green Marketing Campaigns • • • White and green balloons Props, Kiosks, Stalls • Quarter 1 • • Quarter 2 • Start Brand Ambassador Campaigns throughout • the world from May 1 • Put ads on YouTube and Facebook (Social Media Marketing takes a boom) • • Launch the blog ‘Inside Pakistan’ • Conduct Pak Cuisine Contest on Aug 20 after Eid in partnership with foreign Pakistani restaurants Required Resources Props, Kiosks, Actor Costumes Developers Ad Space buying on Blogs Content Syndicators • Submit site to blog aggregators • Partnership Agreements

Pakistan Action Plan Quarter 3 • • Conduct Pak Music Concert in London under the Millennium Wheel on Sep 1 Pak Cultural Carnival launched on Sep 15 and continue for a month Conduct seminars and lectures in international universities about Pakistan Pak Motor Sports event launched on Dec 1 Write book ‘Inside Pakistan; Quarter 4 • Measuring the effectiveness of all the campaigns through marketing dashboards and calculating the return on investment from each campaign • Stage-setting, production boys • • Event managers • Props, dancers, singers, chefs, actors, comedians • Professional writers and editors Kiosks Motor Bikes & Land Renting ROI Calculators + Analytics • • •

THANK YOU We are open for Constructive Criticism!

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