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Information about PAIUNet

Published on May 11, 2008

Author: jgates513


Understanding the WAN : Understanding the WAN Wide Area Network Jim Gates Let’s Build a WAN : Let’s Build a WAN We start with one computer And then there were two : And then there were two We connect to another one, and we’ve got a (very small) network And so on… : And so on… And so forth : And so forth Very fast connection between machines Let’s add some services : Let’s add some services Services might be “share drives” or printers Looks like your school’s network, now A Look at TWO District Buildings : A Look at TWO District Buildings Let’s Connect Them : Let’s Connect Them Very Fast Connection Connect ALL buildings : Connect ALL buildings Let’s package this for clarity : Let’s package this for clarity Making your DISTRICT’S Network Let’s connect your district to the Internet : Let’s connect your district to the Internet Why is it called “The Cloud?” : Why is it called “The Cloud?” Your “clicks” travel the cloud : Your “clicks” travel the cloud Where can you improve your service? : Where can you improve your service? Get a broader “pipe” to the cloud  Where does the WAN come in? : Where does the WAN come in? What if we connected our districts together on our OWN backbone? What if our backbone was VERY fast? What if our services were on the WAN, as well? What if we didn’t have to fight the “cloud?” Answer - Then we’d have a WAN – a Wide Area Network This is PART of Your WAN : This is PART of Your WAN 45mb 5 mb 1.5 mb What’s on YOUR WAN now? : What’s on YOUR WAN now? Internet2? UnitedStreaming? Plato? Your website? Moodle? Powerschool? SchoolWires? THOSE Connections Stay on the WAN : THOSE Connections Stay on the WAN 45mb 5 mb 1.5 mb Streaming Video Server What else in on the WAN? : What else in on the WAN? 45mb 5 mb 1.5 mb This represents YOUR Wan : This represents YOUR Wan Lots of WANS Across PA : Lots of WANS Across PA PAIUNet – Connects in hubs : PAIUNet – Connects in hubs What is You Click Elsewhere? : What is You Click Elsewhere? Google CNN wikispaces Creative Commons Microsoft Yahoo Your “clicks” travel the cloud : Your “clicks” travel the cloud Sometimes It Stays On PAIUNet : Sometimes It Stays On PAIUNet Sometimes it travels the cloud : Sometimes it travels the cloud Why Bother? : Why Bother? Security of data Data does not enter the cloud, therefore not easily intercepted More reliable connection Less congestion means… Better streaming of videos (less choppy) Better video conferencing quality Services on the WAN don’t use Internet bandwidth Two different data paths What’s possible? : What’s possible? Multicasting video streams “broadcast” training sessions, professional development activities, etc Similar to a TV network Content “Islands” Your district could house a blog server for others to share Another district houses digital videos to share the load What does it mean to teaching and learning? : What does it mean to teaching and learning? Secure Services Connecting classrooms across the WAN Sharing teachers Collaborating Students Smooth Video Conferencing FAQ’s : FAQ’s Can we tell if we’re using the WAN ? NO! Can we Force traffic off the WAN to connect to one of us? No! Can we block outside traffic? With your filters What if an outsider wants your service? Their signal goes through the cloud So the question now is… : So the question now is… Why AREN’T you on the WAN?

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