Paisa Swipe March 4th 2014 Update

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Information about Paisa Swipe March 4th 2014 Update

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: JianTam



Paisa Swipe growth update March 4th 2014

                      Content Discovery for the Mobile First Generation! Jian Tam CEO Paisa Swipe

What is Paisa Swipe? Lock Screen – Content – Delivery Swipe left to interact with content Swipe right to use phone as usual

Why Paisa Swipe? “Paisa  Swipe  provides  big,  beau3ful,  effec3ve  ads   with  massive  user  engagement!”   Disadvantages  of  exis3ng  mobile  ads   Full-­‐screen  in-­‐app   banner   Lock-­‐screen  that  every   user  passers  through   -­‐>  NATURAL  EXPOSURE   Banner   “Due  to  small  size,   there’s  limita3on  in   informa3on  and  user   convenience”   vs.   “Interrupts  app  in  the     middle  of  use”   “Causes  user  aversion”     “Most  of  banner  clicks   are  caused  by  the   user’s  mistake”   Maximize  exposure   with  full-­‐screen  ads  

Paisa Vs Media Paisa  Swipe   •  100%  of  Members  see  every   message   •  Members  average  45   seconds  looking  at  message   •  800%  greater  engagement   •  Messages  average  12%   ac<on   •  Loca<on,  demographic,  age   targe<ng  and  tracking   •  Interac<ve     •  Instant     Other  Media   •  Easy  to  ignore  –  mute,   talk  over,  or  close   •  Most  commercials   ignored,  impossible  to   track   •  Most  online  and  mobile   ac<on  rates  –  1%   •  Very  imprecise  targe<ng    -­‐   even  Facebook  loca<on  is   city  level  at  best   •  LiHle  interac<on   •  Time  delayed  

Paisa Swipe – Discover MAXIMIZE EXPOSURE Full screen “native” content NATURAL EXPOSURE Lock-screen that every user passes through LANDING PAGE App download/Video/Coupon REWARD USERS High ratio who are interested in ads CONTENT PREFERENCE Users interact with content they like

Paisa Swipe – Engage What  will  users  see  a@er  swipe  to  le@?   Mobile   Web  Site   Raise YouTube   Video   Facebook   Page   awareness of advertisers’ brands by targeting customers intelligently at the right time Coupon   App   Download   Promote Mobile   Survey   participation rate of various events (coupon, survey, video view, offline events, etc.)

Paisa Swipe – Reward HOW  TO  REDEEM  POINTS?   •  Movie  <ckets   •  Freecharge  and  Paytm   vouchers     •  Par<cipa<ng  retail  partners     MORE  OPTIONS  COMING  SOON!  

Paisa Swipe – Numbers 150,000 Ac<ve  members   2500  + Membership   growth  per  day   1,500,000 Serving  ads  per   day   12% Click  through   rate  

Paisa Swipe Daily Impressions Daily  Impressions   1,600,000   1,400,000   1,200,000   1,000,000   800,000   600,000   400,000   200,000   0   Oct   Nov   Dec   Jan     Feb  

Paisa Swipe Active Members 120000    AcNve  Members     100000   80000   60000   40000   20000   0   Oct   Nov   Dec   Jan   Feb  

Why Paisa Swipe? Perfect  Demographic!    78%  members  15-­‐30     Massive  Engagement!    15  interac<ons  per  day!     InteracNve  Content!    Video,  Audio,  Wallpaper     BeauNful  Content!    Full  Screen     Social!    Facebook,  TwiHer,  shareable  

Story Board and Scavenger Hunts Collect  special  created  content  through   out  the  day  or  week,  gorgeous,  brand   connected  content  that  adds  up  to   exclusive  offers   BollyDoll.  A  very  special,  strategic  weapon  for   Paisa     Increase  brand  engagement  12x!  

Bricks & Mortar •  Near  Point  of  Sale  Coupons.  Paisa   Swipe  promotes  near  point  of   decision  marke<ng  that  has  been   shown  to  increase  coupon   redemp<on  by  30%.     •  Targeted  Deals.  Full  demographic   targe<ng,  as  well  as  interest   profile,  Facebook  interest,  and   loca<on.       Clicks  to  Bricks    

Advertisers & The Internet •  Virility.  Using  large,  highly  engaging   crea<ves,  and  na<vely  enabling  social  media   sharing  Paisa  provides  a  viral  launch  pla`orm   for  branding  campaigns.   •  GamificaNon.  Point  tracking  allows  brands  to   track,  analyze,  and  reward  members  for   social  interac<ons  via  the  Paisa  Swipe   pla`orm   •  Scalability.  We  can  serve  various  targeted   demographics  at  the  same  <me  with  mul<ple   campaigns.  We  are  na<onal  and  service  all  of   India.    

Advertisers & Branding •  Paisa  Points  -­‐  Frequent  Flyer  Miles.  The  lock  screen   is  the  most  valuable,  underu<lized  piece  of  real   estate  on  the  mobile  device.  Paisa  points  are   rewards  for  members  allowing  us  to  introduce  them   to  partners  via  this  space.     •  Our  Members  Are  Treated  With  Respect.  We  curate   the  brands  introduced  to  our  members.  We  have   deals  will  Bollywood  producers,  TV  sta<ons,  Indian   musicians,  and  original  content  publishers.  We  are   very  selec<ve  with  the  brands  we  allow  on  our   pla`orm.     •  High  RaNngs  And  Strong  ReputaNon.  Paisa  Swipe   has  a  4.3  ra<ng  in  the  Google  app  store.  We  value   our  reputa<on  and  our  long  term  business  model.   Brands  on  our  pla`orm  are  associated  with  the   posi<ve  buzz  we  are  gecng  among  mobile  phone   users  in  India.      

Paisa Swipe - Pricing   •  CPM/CPC:  We  strike  a  blend  of  Cost   per  Thousand  and  Cost  per  Click   deals  with  a  focus  of  $4USD  eCPM.         •  Revenue  Share  Agreements:  Case  by   Case  basis,  revenue  share  is  split  with   members  as  Paisa  Points.                  

Case Study-TaxiPixi ApplicaNon  Type:  Loca<on  based  Taxi  booking  app       Client  Goal:  TaxiPixi’s  drive  brand  exposure  and  app  downloads!     Campaign  Costs:  600  INR  per  thousand  impressions.     Campaign  Details:  Loca<on  targeted  50,000.  Every  member  saw  the   ad  and  achieved  12%  CTR,  Many  members  shared  the  ad  on  social   networks  like  Facebook.       Client  Success:  Paisa  Swipe  has  driven  over  20,000  downloads.   TaxiPixi  has  expanded  into  two  new  ci<es  with  Paisa  Swipe       “Paisa  Swipe  has  not  only  given  us  an  increase  in  brand  exposure  but  also  an  increase   in  our  user  base  who  will  transact.  We  have  experienced  a  very  no<ceable  growth  over   the  past  couple  of  months  using  the  Paisa  Swipe  Pla`orm”  -­‐  Kajal  Dubey,  CEO  and  Co-­‐ Founder  TaxiPixi  

Case ApplicaNon  Type:  Online  deal  giant,  SnapDeal.     Client  Goal:  Drive  instant  special  deals         CPM  +  Revenue  Share:  Payout  was  CPM  based  and   included  a  revenue  share.       Details:  Worked  with  SnapDeal  to  create  exclusive  offer   pilot  for  50,000  members.  283  Paisa  members  interacted   with  SnapDeal  content  and  drove  25,000  INR  in  business.       Win/Win/Win:  SnapDeal’s  revenue  share  was  split  with   members  in  the  form  of  Paisa  Points.  This  bonus  helps   drive  more  transac<ons  and  increase  brand  engagement   with  Paisa  brands.  

Paisa Quotations •  Paisa  QuotaNons  Make  A  Difference.  Paisa  Swipe  serves  up  at  least  two  original   quota<ons  every  day  on  our  content  discovery  pla`orm.    

Paisa Swipe Team Jian  Tam,  CEO     Entrepreneur,  marketer,  and  radical  thinker  that  helped  start  and  build  mul<ple  six  to  seven  figure  companies  across  the  globe.  His  knowledge  and   experience  within  the  mobile  and  web  space  helps  contribute  to  Paisa  Swipe's  growth  and  success.  Jian  has  been  ac<vely  involved  in  development  of   digital  technology  for  nearly  a  decade.  He  has  helped  with  the  development  of  over  800  digital  projects  servicing  businesses  worldwide.   Chris  Marshall,  Head  of  Strategy   Chris  is  a  fioeen-­‐year  technology  veteran,  spending  the  last  ten  years  in  mobile  and  social.  Prior  to  Paisa  Swipe,  he  was  founder  and  CEO  of  Democracy   Direct,  an  experiment  in  using  social  and  mobile  tools  to  bring  poli<cians  closer  to  cons<tuents.  At  Aepona,  now  Intel,  Chris  worked  with  the  managed   services  team  to  lead  projects  in  Mexico  City  and  create  a  mobile  marke<ng  clearing  house  strategy.  Chris  was  the  founding  business  development   execu<ve  at  Apisphere,  where  for  over  5  years  he  ran  revenue  crea<on,  growth,  tradeshow  strategy,  vender  nego<a<on,  and  strategic  partnerships.   Chris  has  studied  behavioral  economics  at  London  School  of  Economics.  An  avid  believer  in  working  in  the  community,  Chris  has  literally  donated   thousands  of  hours  to  child  literacy  chari<es,  and  he  is  an  Eagle  Scout.     Revanth  Mi[apalli,  Head  of  India     Revanth  came  to  Paisa  swipe  with  a  combina<on  of  technical  and  digital  marke<ng  skills.  He  has  applied  his  Bachelor  of  Technology  in  Mechanical   Engineering  skills  to  help  make  Paisa  Swipe  more  technologically  sophis<cated.    Previous  to  Paisa  he  honed  his  technology  skills  in  the  IT  service  and   power  sectors.    Revanth,  now  has  also  evolved  into  a  digital  marke<ng  professional.    Revanth  is  an  expert  in  the  digital  domain  –  social  media   marke<ng,  email  marke<ng,  SEO,  affiliate  marke<ng,  online  lead  genera<on  and  mobile  marke<ng.  His  forte  is  craoing  unique  experiences  around   business  development,  adver<sing,  and  branding  for  adver<sing  clients.     Townsend  Baldwin,  Board  Member   Townsend  is  passionate  about  building  businesses  and  helping  people.  Paisa  Swipe,  because  of  its  “BE  HAPPY,  DO  GOOD,  ADS  THAT  GIVE”  mission,  is  a   business  Townsend  is  commiHed  to  growing  rapidly.  He  enjoys  helping  with  Paisa  Swipe’s  daily  quota<ons  and  finds  them  meaningful,  inspiring  and   true.    His  goal  is  for  Paisa  Swipe  to  provide  dynamic  content  for  the  Indian  people  through  partnerships  with  original  creators,  inspiring  leaders,  and   cool  businesses.  He  wants  members  of  Paisa  Swipe  to  gain  access  to  their  lifestyle  needs.  He  holds  a  Bachelors  of  Science  in  Foreign  Service  from   Georgetown  University  and  an  MBA  with  a  concentra<on  in  finance  from  The  Wharton  School,  University  of  Pennsylvania.  Townsend  volunteers  his   <me  and  serves  on  the  advisory  board  of  Kids  Crea<ve,  a  not  for  profit  dedicated  to  peace  educa<on.     Jagmohan  Singh,  Chief  Technology  Officer   Passionate  about  android  development,  databases  design,  data  structures  and  algorithms,  Jagmohan  has  years  of  solid  experience  in  mobile  applica<on   development.  Personally,  he  is  open  to  sharing  knowledge  on  advanced  technologies  with    people  who  can  make  a  difference.    Jagmohan's  personal   goal  is  to  touch  the  lives  of  millions  of  people  in  India  through  leading  edge  mobile  technologies.  He  also  believes  there  will  be  unlimited  opportuni<es   this  coming  decade  in  the  sooware  sector.          

                      Content Discovery for the Mobile First Generation Advertising contact:

Paisa Vs Lock Screens Paisa   MadLock   Kwickadd   Unlockar   Fingify   • 150,000   users     • Story  Board   adver<sing   • Scavenger   hunt   • 45  Seconds   on  message   • Socially   shared   • 12%  CTR   • 4.3  star   ra<ng   • Loca<on   enables   • Real  <me   • Very  ac<ve   social  media   • 200,000   users   • Very   nega<ve   reviews   • Normal   media  types   • No  Story   board   • No   Scavenger   hunts   • Few  target   op<ons   • Few   Facebook   comments   • Sub  50,000   members   • Only  normal   media  types   • Low   Facebook   engagement   • Unlaunched   • Unlaunched  

Paisa Swipe – Cash Slide •  150,000  Downloads  in   India   •  75,000  DAU   •  2  Million  daily   impressions     •  4  Months     •  CTR  10-­‐15%   •  Story  Board  and   scavenger  hunt  media   •  Entertaining  brand   engagement   •  7  Million  downloads  in   Korea   •  2  Million  DAU   •  95  Million  daily   impressions   •  4  years   •  CTR  5-­‐10%   •  Tradi<onal  media  only  

Advertisement Samples

Advertisement Samples

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