Paired Sourcing Webinar: How to Freshen Up Your Sourcing Strategy for 2016

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Information about Paired Sourcing Webinar: How to Freshen Up Your Sourcing Strategy for 2016

Published on January 27, 2016

Author: LeverHiringSoftware


1. How To Freshen Up Your Sourcing Strategy for 2016 #sourceFTW @lever @pairedsourcing Wednesday January 27, 2016

2. ● Phone lines are muted - please use the questions area to ‘ask Jer’ ● Tweet out the good stuff using #sourceFTW, @pairedsourcing and @lever ● $100 Amazon Gift Card for the most useful tweet Leela Srinivasan Chief Marketing Officer Lever @leelasrin Thanks for joining us!

3. - Our featured speaker Jer Langhans Co-founder Paired Sourcing @majiksourcer #sourceFTW

4. What we’ll cover 1. How to allocate your sourcing time and where to look 2. Research and outreach tips 3. How to structure your sourcing team 4. What you can outsource 5. What metrics to track #sourceFTW

5. 1. How to allocate time and where to look

6. Deal with your ‘gorillas’: ATS and LinkedIn #sourceFTW

7. Gorillas should only take ⅓ of your time #sourceFTW ATS/CRM ● You always look in your own database first ● Don’t need to carve out 12 hours a day sourcing if you can just answer the front door ● Track, measure, evaluate - do you still have positions open?

8. Spend ⅓ of your time on online sources PRO TIP App stores are great for finding contact info. Find apps similar to ones you admire; there’s always an email address. Top online tech talent sources ● LinkedIn (there’s still gold in them hills, but…) ● StackOverflow (but not the careers section) ● Quora ● Github ● Boolean on Google ● Social, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #sourceFTW

9. Instagram success for [bigger] brands #tobeapartner

10. Spend your last ⅓ on ‘offline sourcing’ Top offline sources ● Employee referrals. ENGAGE PROMPTLY. ● Meetups ○ Can be efficient (e.g. vs. 10 coffee meetings) ● Campus recruiting (though takes effort, bring your leaders) #sourceFTW

11. 2. Research and outreach tips

12. 3 tips to build a full slate 1. You need VOLUME #sourceFTW

13. Do the math - you need a long[er] list #sourceFTW 20-30 2-3 .25 OUTREACH POSITIVE RESPONSES OFFERS HIRES ? THIS IS WHY...

14. For any job, you need a pool of 100 people #sourceFTW 20-30 100OUTREACH POSITIVE RESPONSES OFFERS HIRES Including real applicants 10 1-2 1

15. 3 tips to build a full slate 1. You need VOLUME 2. You need to be PERSONABLE #sourceFTW 100 people per job open


17. #sourceFTW If you’re sending from your system, you need to look like an actual person


19. Terrible, horrible sourcing emails #sourceFTW Good sourcing email Dear Mr. Jer, I read profile on LinkedIn and want to reach you. Are you qualified for Java role today? Email back. I hope you’re well. I wanted to reach out to you regarding a potential career opportunity here at big Co. Based on your background and experience, I think this would be of interest to you or perhaps someone you know. If interested, please let me know the best time and phone number to reach you. I look forward to discussing the details of this opportunity with you or learning other ways that I can be a resource in your career. Have a great day. Bill Recruiter

20. 3 tips to build a full slate 1. You need VOLUME 2. You need to be PERSONABLE 3. You need a HOOK #sourceFTW Outreach from a real person Start a conversation, don’t go for the kill Up to 100 people per job Example: reference Android open source projects when engaging sourced prospects for Android role

21. 3. How to structure your sourcing team

22. 2 models to consider #sourceFTW vs. 1 2

23. The entry-level, get-your-feet-wet model1 With 1-2 people, you can ● Build a slate of 2-3 great sourced candidates per job ● Focus on building long[er] list ● Do some outreach - but only by making tradeoff with building long[er] list ● Maintain list quality ○ Title, company, links to social & profile ○ Calibrate and audit #sourceFTW

24. 2 Sourcer Recruiter Coordinator Talent Acquisition Leader Point person on funnel curation (research) & initial outreach (email) Assessing talent (phone & in-person interviews) & making offers/closing Scheduling, candidate experience onsite, & general support Management (direct or indirect) The all-in, POD model #sourceFTW

25. 1 POD can cover ~6 technical hires /month Sourcer Recruiter Coordinator Manager ~75 technical hires/ year Sourcer Recruiter Coordinator Manager Sourcer Recruiter Coordinator Manager ~150 technical hires/ year #sourceFTW

26. Potential economies of scale Sourcer Recruiter Coordinator Sourcer Recruiter Coordinator Manager POD A POD B 1. At managerial level 2. In buying sourcing tools #sourceFTW

27. 4. What you can outsource

28. Let’s say you’ve got a Kia budget Things to outsource (in order): ● Heavy lifting (e.g., get a LinkedIn Recruiter account) ● The 2-3 most challenging roles to staffing agency ● Scheduling to a managed service vendor (OR an ATS that supports scheduling well) ● Engage a boutique sourcing service for list gen #sourceFTW 100-person company 1-2 person sourcing team 20-30 hires this year PRO TIP Evaluate the tradeoffs before you outsource anything, and do NOT outsource your voice

29. 5. What metrics to track

30. 3 reasons to prioritize funnel conversion rate over everything else How many people do I need to reach out to in order to make my hire? 1. Signals your brand cachet to the c-suite 2. Informs your reachout volume and therefore your sourcing model 3. Because nobody cares unless you fill reqs #sourceFTW

31. Choose secondary metrics you actually control Time to slate > Time to fill #sourceFTW

32. How Lever can help

33. Lever’s chrome extension makes sourcing around the web much easier Sources we like: ● AngelList - startup hires ● GitHub, StackOverflow - developers ● Dribbble - designers ● - engineers ● Xing - select European talent ● LinkedIn, FB & Twitter - all ● Conference speaker lists - all For more tips on how to source a quality pipeline, download our free ebook:

34. You’ll need a place to organize and manage your prospects AND candidates vs. #sourceFTW

35. Pull conversion reports for every role and stage in seconds #sourceFTW

36. Thank you! Questions? Join our February 3 webinar: 6 Steps to a Winning Business Case for Talent Acquisition Programs Featuring Kara Yarnot Meritage Talent #sourceFTW

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