Painting Pictures With Magnets

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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: annaruthalvarez



It's our report.

- is an electronic system of transmitting pictures and sounds over a wire or through the air - is a picture machine used in education and information distribution

CRT ( Cathode Ray Tube) Television

The flat end of a picture tube (the screen) is covered with phosphor salts. Phosphor is a substance that emits light when given energy. At the back of the picture tube is an electron gun. The electron gun projects a beam onto the phosphorescent (phosphor-covered) screen.

The beam goes across the screen in a leftto-right direction 525 times. This occurs 30 times every second, just as when the camera scanned the picture elements. Because each scene is replaced 30 times every second, your brain interprets these rapid changes as a continuously moving image. The beam excites the phosphor salts and makes them glow. These growing pixels create the image you see.

A color picture tube has three electron guns that sweep across the flat surface of the tube. One gun is used for each of the primary colors of light-red, green, and blue. The surface of the color picture tube is covered by groups of red, green, and blue phosphor pixels, which will make up the color image.

It is extremely important that the appropriate electron gun hits the correct phosphors. Most televisions have a masking guide that directs the beams to the correct phosphors. The beams excite the phosphors to create the color picture you see on the screen.

The force exerted by a magnetic field on a current-carrying wire is a result of the forces on the individual charges that make up the current flow. The charged particles do not have to be confined to a wire, but can move across any region as long as the air has been removed to prevent collisions with air molecules.

The picture tube, or cathode ray tube, in a television set uses electrons deflected by magnetic fields to form the pictures on the screen. In the tube, electric fields pull electrons off atoms in the negative electrode or cathode. Other electric field gather, accelerate, and focus the electrons into a narrow beam. Magnetic fields are used to deflect the beam back and forth and up and down across the screen of the tube. The screen is coated with a phosphor that glows when struct by the electrons, producing the pictures.

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