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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: AlanMagner



Kaizen Blitz Paint shop layout - changing the layout to improve safety and workflow
Do we try to change people's behaviours, our should we change the situation? A change in the physical work environment can allow the desired behaviours to happen without resistance

Kaizen Blitz: Paint Shop Layout Alan Magner Wednesday 27th July, 2011 Contact:

Agenda 1-day event to improve safety & housekeeping in the paint shop Target  Improve the housekeeping at the Paint Shop so the Fire Exit will always be kept clear Involved  Mick Norton, Steve Cowling, Mohammed Riyaz Results  Fire Exit is kept clear  Reduced walking distance looking for trolleys, and moving trolleys out of the way  All trolleys have a designated place, and are kept in their place

Before After Problem Statement Access to the fire exit at the Paint Shop was blocked by trolleys and by inventory Action 1 day kaizen blitz to improve safety – using 5S principles to improve housekeeping and improved workflow, and employee engagement to sustain the changes

After: Storage for empty disc trolleys After: Storage for empty trolleys Problem Statement  Paint shop has 20 trolleys – not enough room to store them Action  Made storage area for 8 disc trolleys that is 5m from the paint shop – used for trolleys with the low use  Made storage area in the paint shop for 6 empty trolleys that have high usage

After: Storage for painted product After: Improved visuals & signs Problem Statement  When large discs are painted need space to store them – need a space where product won’t be accidently touched or bumped Action  Made storage area for 1 trolley that is 3m from the paint shop – only used for trolleys with painted product  Improved visuals - Signs labelling each storage area

Before: Residue and dirt on floor After: Place for inventory to be chromated Problem Statement  When picked parts are delivered to the paint shop for chromating, there is no dedicated place for them  Floor was dirty Action  Allocated an inventory square for parts to be delivered to. Enough space between square & chromating baths to allow easy transfer, pallet “off-square” to allow for a straight drive-in & drop for forklift drivers  Paint shop floor was swept & mopped, dirt & residue was removed

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