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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: givemn



Paid advertising doesn't have to cost much. You'd be surprised how many more people you can reach with only $5. Plus, small paid and promoted post campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be a great way to experiment with your messages and content, learn what works and what doesn't and move beyond your own social media fan base and reach new donors. Learn how easy it can be to do small paid campaigns on social media along with tips to improve your social media fundraising.

How to do paid promotions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Agenda • Why to do paid promotions? • When? • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube

Why do paid promotions? • Facebook newsfeed has changed • Exponential reach beyond the followers you currently have • Petri dish: Paid campaigns help you test & measure engagement/reach • A/B testing of your message(s) – what works, what doesn’t • Unlike major media spends, it can be an extremely affordable form of advertising with tangible metrics “Every publisher on the planet from CNN to Buzzfeed to the New York Times is producing content they hope readers will find and share through the Facebook News Feed.” – Business Insider “Two years ago, no one really got their news from Facebook. Now, they do.” – Business Insider

What should you measure? Key metric: REACH Key metric: CLICKS Key metric: DONATIONS

Results of GlobalGiving paid posts on Facebook

When to do paid advertising? • Paying to promote your posts on a day to day basis would be costly • Pay to promote special events, high engagement posts (videos, raffles, volunteer sign up, specific fundraising campaigns), and disaster response • Pay to promote posts if you want to test messaging and engagement • Pay to promote posts if you don’t have many fans and want to reach new audiences based on their interests

Results of GiveMN paid posts on Facebook GiveMN Paid/Unpaid Comparison Average Post Engagement Website crash post on GTMD Tomorrow is GTMD w/ Video PSA Today is GTMD w/ Video PSA Pet photo contest Fathers Day Giving Card givaway $75M Milestone Infographic $75M Milestone Giving Card giveaway 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 70000 80000 90000 $75M Milestone Giving Card giveaway $75M Milestone Infographic Fathers Day Giving Card givaway Pet photo contest Today is GTMD w/ Video PSA Sum of Views 1350 7328 4500 8730 76309 1062 13944 751 Sum of Clicks 80 270 126 1544 321 8 1991 99 Tomorrow is Website crash Average Post GTMD w/ post on Engagement Video PSA GTMD

Promoted Posts on Facebook Step 1: Create the perfect post! • • No typos! A/B test your message – – – • • Visual appeal (photos, videos or infographics) Have a strong call to action – • Did you know… Over 40,000 people... You can help Sarah today… Link to your GiveMN page A/B test the call to action – – – – Learn more Support Us Donate Now Register today

Promoted Posts on Facebook Step 2: Click “Boost Post.” Choose the audience you are hoping to reach. • People who like your page & their friends – – • Many of your fans might not be seeing your posts regularly. This increases the likelihood they will see a promoted post. Your followers network of Facebook friends could include people in your geographic area, people with common values and interests. People you choose through targeting – Targeting allows you to choose demographics of people on Facebook who will see your promoted post. Target by: • • • • • • Cites States Country Age Gender Interests

Promoted Posts on Facebook Step 3: Set your budget. Step 4: Select “more options” • Duration (1-7days) • Payment method

Measure your results

Results of GiveMN paid tweets on Twitter #12Daysof #Valentine Average GivingCard #GTMD Giving Tweet s ROI Analysis on Twitter $0.00 $25.00 $200.00 $60.00 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 #12DaysofGivingCards #GTMD #ValentineGiving Average Tweet $60.00 $200.00 $25.00 $0.00 Sum of Views 7087 19700 4999 1000 Sum of Clicks 69 219 37 24 Count of ReTweets 1 1 1 Count of Replies 1 1 1 Count of Follows 1 1 1

Crafting great promoted tweets • Keep it to 120 characters or less, allow room for ReTweets • Include a call to action: – – – – • • • • Donate Learn more Volunteer Sign up Use shortened URLs if necessary Include photos or videos Use Hashtags wisely Promote more than one tweet (A/B test)

Promoted Tweets Step 1: Visit and login with your Twitter login Step 2: Click “Create a New Campaign”

Step 3: Choose a promotion: • Promote a tweet(s) • Promote your twitter account

Step 4: Name your campaign Step 5: Choose a start and end date/time Step 6: Choose the type of targeting: • • • • Keywords Interests & Followers Television market Tailored audiences

Step 7: Add interest categories for your audience Step 8: Set your location(s) Step 9: Select the platforms on which you wish your tweet(s) to be visible.

Step 10: You can limit targeting by gender Step 11: Select the tweets you wish to promote or create new ones • “Automatically promote” is a good option if you’re not sure which of your tweets will catch on. This option will select the most engaging and recent tweets and boost them even more.

Step 12: Set your overall budget for the campaign Step 13: Set your daily maximum, which will affect the pace of your promotion. Step 14: Enter your “spend per engagement.” Each time your Promoted Tweet or Promoted Account is eligible to appear, an auction takes place between your ad and all other eligible ads. Your bid is one of the factors that determines whether your ad is displayed.

Results of GiveMN YouTube Pre-roll Ads GTMD PSA w/ Jeff Locke 300 1963 GTMD PSA w/ Jeff Locke 0 519 118 3 GTMD PSA w/ Janelle & Glenn 300 1921 GTMD PSA w/ Janelle & Glenn 0 730 0 122 3 500 Sum of Views 1000 Sum of Clicks 1500 2000 2500

Picking the right YouTube video • For paid video ads, 30 seconds or shorter is best • The first 5 seconds is the most important • The video should include a call to action or suggest an action to be taken • Video should be professional

Video ads on YouTube Step 1: Visit Step 2: Create or sign in to your account.

Video ads on YouTube Step 3: Click on “Campaigns ” tab Step 4: Click on “+ Campaign” to create a new campaign and select “online video”

Step 5: Give your campaign a title. Step 6: Set a budget. Step 7: Select a delivery method. Step 8: Select your targeted location.

Step 9: Select the YouTube video you want to use. Step 10: Select the Ad format • In-stream • In-display • In-search Step 11: Choose your ad attributes • Headline & description • Thumbnail • Display URL & Ad name

Step 12: Select a start and end date for your campaign. Step 13: You can also select the hours during the day when the ads will show. Step 14: Optimize as desired. Step 15: You can also cap impressions. (Frequency capping for TrueView video ad formats limits the number of times your ads appear on the Google Display Network or YouTube Videos to a unique user.)

Step 16: Create “Targeting group(s)” Gender/Age Topic Interest Step 17: Add search keywords.

Video ads on YouTube Make sure you’ve added payment information!

Fail – Succeed – Measure Review your campaigns and measure Key metric: REACH Key metric: CLICKS Key metric: DONATIONS

Thanks for attending! Questions? Our next webinar: “What Minnesota nonprofits can learn from Travail’s Kickstarter Success” on Thursday, March 27 @ 11 a.m. Look for the registration link on All GiveMN webinars are archived on the GiveMN Blog

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