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Published on June 20, 2013

Author: amygarrett


Learn About: Make a PredictionStudent watches avideo of an activityand is presented withvocabulary from asocial story to teachmaking a prediction

Learn About: My Words DictionaryStudent selectspicture anddefinition to builda personaldictionary

Read About Locations in a StoryStudentreads phrasesaboutlocations in abook

Read About: Read a ListAfter peersindicate their“review”of abook, thestudent readseach list

Write a Sentence about a BookStudentselects achoice froma picturearray towrite aboutan event in abook.

Write About: Sequence an ActivityStudent movespictures towrite steps ofa cookingactivity inorder.

Write About: Sequence an ActivityStudent putspictures inorder tosequenceevents of anactivity.

Write About:Complete a Story MapStudent placespictures in thecorrect locationson a story map towrite key ideasfrom a story.

Tell the Repetitive Line from aStoryStudent states arepetitive linefrom a story in astory retellactivity.

Talk About: Share a listStudent can statewhich peers likedor didn’t like astory from a listgenerated in a“Write About”activity

Talk About: Retell StoryStudentusesvisualsupportto retellpart of astory.

Talk About: Answer WH QuestionsStudentselectspictures, thenuses a talkingpen to answerWH questionsabout a book.

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