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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: pacifictycoon


PowerPoint Presentation: WELCOME PowerPoint Presentation: WHO WE ARE We are Pacific Tycoon, the leaders in container leasing. As a well-established container leasing company , we facilitate the dependable movement of domestic, business and industrial goods, all over the world. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we support the industry that delivers 90 per cent of everything that surrounds you; even as you read this. With an international container leasing client base of 7,200 container owners, spanning a network of half a million containers under management, Pacific Tycoon investment options pay container lease a guaranteed monthly return; that is tax free and reinforced by a historically consistent demand for the worldwide transportation of consumer goods. In doing so, Pacific Tycoon provides its clients with access to a massive shipping network of traders and transporters, who are constantly awaiting the supply of more containers. Furthermore, the company also manages the full operational responsibility of their shipping container fleet (including containers belonging to investors), both on land and at sea. The key to the profitability and long-term success of Pacific Tycoon's investment opportunities, is LOCATION. Pacific Tycoon are based out of the head office in Hong Kong, and working in partnership with globally positioned brokers in prospering and emerging markets, we work to encourage the continued profitability of each and every container leasing . Strategically positioned within the industrial and business growth engines of China and the Far East (Asia), Pacific Tycoon leverages the overwhelming strength of the economic surroundings, to the advantage of container investors. Please refer to the diagram below for morn information. YOUR LEASE: YOUR LEASE Container leasing with Pacific Tycoon provides a guaranteed return on your initial outlay of up to 12%. Pacific Tycoon Ltd leases containers owned by individuals and rents them to the shipping industry. When the container owner has purchased 1 or more containers, he/she enables Pacific Tycoon to rent them out to awaiting cargo transporters, providing him/her with a return from the net rental income. The process is simple. Buy one or more containers either through your own sources, directly from the manufacturer, or from Pacific Tycoon. Starting from $4100 USD, your outlay provides you with 1 or more containers that we lease out to thousands of awaiting international businesses, enabling the transport of their goods across the world. Container transport facilitates around 90% of world trade, meaning the demand for further containers is acute and sustained. The rate of your return is dependent on the investment option you choose, there are 2 available to you: Option 1: 12% Guaranteed Lease We lease containers and rent them to the shipping Industry under long term contracts that provide a guaranteed income equal to 12% of the container purchase price. Due to the fact these contracts are longstanding and secured, we provide you with guaranteed security on your container lease return. Option 2: Maximised Rental Agreement We rent the containers to cargo transporters in urgent need of them to honor their transportation contracts. Due to massive demand, restricted supply and the absolute necessity to deliver the cargos, these rental contracts produce much greater income. Under these contracts, the returns are not guaranteed yet have always delivered higher returns than the guaranteed lease. INDUSTRY INTELLIGENCE: INDUSTRY INTELLIGENCE BLOG: BLOG FAQS: FAQS Q1 . What happens if I wish to sell my container unit and recoup my initial investment? If you allow Pacific Tycoon to lease your shipping containers for three years, we will recoup your investment for you at the price you initially paid. If we lease your containers for less than three years, we will buy them at market price. View a few testimonials from those who have sold their shipping container(s) here . Q2. How and when is income distributed from my container unit investment? You can claim a return on your investment once a month if you lease us 5 containers or more. If you lease us less than 5 shipping containers, you receive a return on your investment on a quarterly basis. This will be paid into any bank account that you designate, anywhere in the world. More information about your shipping container investment can be found here Q3. What happens if my container unit is damaged in transit, on the dock, or lost at sea? Container damage is rare, but it does occur. In the event of such an incident, your container will be repaired or replaced through an insurance policy maintained on all the containers in our fleet. Likewise, you are personally indemnified from any damage the container might suffer during the course of business by insurance effected by the user. PowerPoint Presentation: CONTACT US Level 11, Admiralty Centre Tower 2 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong. Telephone: +852 580 80130 International Finance Center 8 Century Avenue Pudong , Shanghai 200120, P.R. China Telephone: +86 21 6062 7133 PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU

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