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Published on November 18, 2018

Author: varshakakad11


Slide1: DIGITAL MARKETING Slide2: Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing Slide3: What is Marketing ? What is Traditional Marketing ? What is Digital Marketing ? Why use Digital Marketing? Difference Between the Traditional and Digital Marketing Why Digital Marketing is Important? Digital Marketing Branches. Digital Marketing as a Career. Agenda Slide4: What is Marketing ? Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. opportunity identification new product development customer attraction customer retention and loyalty building order fulfillment.  A company that handles all of these processes well will normally enjoy success.  But when a company fails at any one of these processes, it will not survive. Slide5: What is Traditional Marketing ? Traditional marketing refers to any type of promotion, advertising or campaign that has been in use by companies for years, and that has a proven success rate. Methods of traditional marketing can include s Newsletters Billboards Flyers Newspaper print ads Television spots or commercials Radio Traditional Marketing refers to marketing method, that emphasise mainly on the 'Four Ps' principles. Slide6: What is Digital Marketing ? In simplistic terms, digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. Digital marketing, refers to marketing methods that allow organizations to see how a campaign is performing in real-time, such as what is being viewed, how often, how long, as well as other statistics such as sales conversions. Social network marketing Search engine optimization Paid marketing Email marketing Viral marketing Experiment based market research Web analytics Reputation management Slide7: Why Use Digital Marketing ? Increase website traffic Increase brand recognition Improve search engine rankings Generate leads Increase online sales Conversions improve Better communications To improve Return of Investment (ROI) Slide8: Difference Between Digital and Traditional Marketing Traditional Marketing Search Marketing Not Measurable Measurable One Way Message Multi Way Message Audience Limited Worldwide Audience Time Dependent No Time Limit ROI is less ROI is high. Slide9: Why Digital Marketing is Important? Slide10: Digital Marketing Branches Slide11: Market Reaserch Price Analysis Domestic / International Competitor Target Market Analysis Competitive Analysis Report Location Analysis Report SWOT Analysis Report Marketing Plans. Market

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