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Published on January 30, 2009

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PremiumAd$Club:  PremiumAd$Club Manual The Basics Note that you may be able to navigate the slides Click on the small square box on the bottom left of the screen You will see a menu to make choices from if you have PowerPoint or compatible viewer installed Welcome:  Welcome This is a step by step instruction manual to the basics of PremiumAd$Club It will guide you through the main areas and show you how to get started It will also show you how to manage your account as well as keep track of your activities Signing up:  Signing up Go to or if you are signing up using a sponsors link, please make sure their referral ID is at the end e.g. Click on register at the top left side of the homepage Filling in the form:  Filling in the form First make sure IF you have a sponsor, that their user id is listed at the top of the page above where it says Register an Account! Fill in all the fields and make sure all data is correct and up to date Chose your username wisely this can not be changed Your email address must be valid and current. You will need it to receive important information Make sure your payment processor details are correct:  Make sure your payment processor details are correct For SolidTrustPay enter your SolidTrustPay username For Alertpay enter your registered Alertpay email For StrictPay enter your StrictPay account number Finally enter the turing code, then click register Activation Email:  Activation Email Once you have completed the sign up form, you will soon receive an activation link sent to the email address you registered with When you receive your activation email click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser This will activate your account, validating your email address Resend Activation Link:  Resend Activation Link It does happen that new members do not receive the activation email If you do not receive it after 30 min. you can request a new activation email by going to the log in and select resend activation link You may want to change the email address you signed up as it seems it is invalid or doesn’t work well here You will be given that option on the request page Activation Success:  Activation Success When you have received your activation email and clicked on your activation link, a page will open in your browser confirming that your account is now active and you may log in! Log In:  Log In Now you are ready to log in! Well done! Click the Log In button on the top right hand corner A small screen will appear for you to enter the username and password you created when you registered Click log in on the screen afterwards Main Members area:  Main Members area Now you have logged into to your account and you will see your Main Members area Check that your details are all correct Main Members Area continued:  Main Members Area continued If you scroll down a little you can see your current membership level, which is none at first of course You can also see AdPacks purchased and your account balances Notice there are two for each of your processors Cash Balance which is where your deposits will go and Rebate Balance which will show amounts available for withdrawal Amounts are added to the rebate balance once an AdPack expires Deposit with SolidTrustPay:  Deposit with SolidTrustPay Now you are ready to make a deposit To make a deposit using SolidTrustPay, please click on Deposit under Wallet in the side menu Enter the amount you wish to add Tick the payment processor you wish to use Click on Proceed SolidTrustPay continued:  SolidTrustPay continued After you have clicked on confirm you will be taken to the SolidTrustPay log in page Enter your username, password and the turing code Click log in SolidTrustPay confirm:  SolidTrustPay confirm Check that the amount is correct There is no need to enter any notes, all the necessary information about who is paying has already been logged Click Checkout and you will be redirected back to PremiumAd$Club after a message that the transaction was successful SolidTrustPay deposit success:  SolidTrustPay deposit success After depositing, you can see that your SolidTrustPay cash balance has been updated You can use your cash balance to purchase ad packs with and we will go through that in a little while First we will show you how to make an AlertPay deposit also AlertPay Deposit:  AlertPay Deposit To make a deposit using Alertpay, click on deposit under Wallet in the side menu This time you also enter the amount you wish to deposit Then you tick the box for AlertPay and click proceed AlertPay deposit continued:  AlertPay deposit continued You will now be taken to the AlertPay log in page You will see the transaction details and below is the member login area Enter your AlertPay email address and your password followed by clicking; Log In AlertPay deposit confirm:  AlertPay deposit confirm You will have the option to change your funding method with AlertPay. For instance you might want to use a credit card instead of your balance Make sure all details are correct and enter your transaction pin followed by clicking pay You will be redirected back to PremiumAd$Club with a message confirming your deposit was a success Cash Balance with STP and AP:  Cash Balance with STP and AP Now you have successfully added funds to SolidTrustPay Cash Balance and AlertPay Cash Balance Just one more to go! StrictPay! StrictPay:  StrictPay Same scenario as STP and AP, only this time you tick the box next to StrictPay You will be redirected to StrictPay log in page, where the details of the amount and to whom is shown Enter your StrictPay email address, your password and Access code Confirm on the following page making sure all the details are correct and once again you will find yourself with a deposit Success message and be redirected back to PremiumAd$Club members area Wallet balances after deposits:  Wallet balances after deposits Now you have funds in all 3 Payment Processor Cash Balances You do NOT need to use all 3 processors, you can chose to use 1, 2 or all 3 as you please Before you can purchase AdPacks, you need to purchase a membership subscription Choosing your membership subscription level:  Choosing your membership subscription level In the main Members Area you will find a section called Your Membership A subscription is necessary to be able to purchase AdPacks and earn possible rebate incentives As you can see there are different levels Each level will allow you to have various amounts of active AdPacks Membership level chosen:  Membership level chosen Chose a Membership level that suits your budget If you have planned to spend up to $5000 in active AdPacks at any one time during the next 30 days Chose the First Class membership The fee will be taken from your cash balance of the first processor listed with sufficient funds Membership Purchased:  Membership Purchased Your membership is now in place You will see that the only ones available after your purchase are the higher levels Why? To give you the option of upgrading your membership at any time You can set your membership to Autorenew This will enable an automatic renewal at midnight server time on the day it expires Purchasing AdPacks:  Purchasing AdPacks Select Purchase AdPacks from the side menu under Your Wallet You will see what amounts in what processors you have available Enter amount and select payment processor and click proceed STP AdPacks added:  STP AdPacks added Enter amount and select processor, click proceed You will see the success message after each purchase and what is leftover to spend if anything Returning to the members area you will see you now have an active AdPack purchase listed Your Cash Balance is updated after each purchase AlertPay AdPacks:  AlertPay AdPacks If you are using more than one processor, you will have to go through the process again Here is an example using AlertPay Notice here, there are still funds left in the StrictPay balance StrictPay AdPacks:  StrictPay AdPacks In this case there is only one processor with funds available Same thing though, enter the amount and tick the processor After proceeding you will see the confirmation message Note on this one, that if you wish to purchase AdPacks, you must fund your account first Active AdPacks:  Active AdPacks In this example there are 3 active AdPacks purchased at different times You can see the date and time each one was purchased The current return in $s and %. 2 of them have earned for 3 days and 1 is brand new Expiration is at 135% for all AdPacks and Rebate balances are $0 until the AdPack expires Managing your advertising:  Managing your advertising Now it is time to add your websites to the PremiumAd$Club rotation Click Manage sites on the side menu under Surf Enter your site details under add new site Site name and site URL. Click add new site Activate your site:  Activate your site When you have added your site you will have to activate it Click on Activate under the traffic lights! A new window or tab will load your site When the timer has finished you may click on Confirm My Site Add credits:  Add credits You can now add credits to your site/s Remember to activate each site you add Enter the amount of credits you wish to add and click Allocate Credits Your available credits are shown on the top left corner Edit and delete sites:  Edit and delete sites Remember to check your sites from time to time Make sure they are current and have sufficient credits available You may edit your sites or delete them If you edit a site you must re activate it Remember to save changes Viewing Ads:  Viewing Ads To be eligible to earn rebates you must surf a number of sites each day Click View Ads under Surf The surf bar will open and you will notice a timer counting down to 0 as well as a few options available Viewing adds continued:  Viewing adds continued When the timer reach 0 a continue button will appear You must click this for the next site to open A message will appear when you have surfed the required amount of sites for the day Click Go To Members Area when you are ready Surf Stats and Server time:  Surf Stats and Server time You can check that your viewing has been registered for the day Click Surf Stats under the Surf on the side menu A green tick will show you have completed the task It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with PremiumAd$Club server time You will find it on the bottom left of the Members Area page Withdrawal to Payment Processor:  Withdrawal to Payment Processor After 15 days of viewing ads, your rebates will be added to your Cash Balance and ready to withdraw Click on Withdraw under Your Wallet Enter amount and select Payment Processor There is a 3% withdrawal fee deducted from all withdrawals Your request will be paid with the next payment run, when you wish to withdraw to your payment processor It will be processed within 3 business days, but usually faster Withdrawal to Cash Balance:  Withdrawal to Cash Balance If you wish to withdraw to your cash balance to purchase new AdPacks, you may do so Just follow same procedure as before, only this time tick the box where it says Withdraw to cash balance Of course it might make sense to withdraw an even amount to your cash balance You can make multiple requests. E.g. one to your Payment Processor and one to your Cash Balance Withdrawals History:  Withdrawals History To view your withdrawal history, click Withdrawals under History in side menu Select the payment processor/s you wish to view history for. You can also enter a specific date range As you can see, we have one paid withdrawal to Payment Processor (StrictPay) There are 2 compounds (withdrawals to Cash Balance) And 1 pending withdrawal to payment processor You can cancel payments to your payment processor before it is paid, if you made a mistake Just click cancel next to pending M2M:  M2M If you wish to transfer some of you cash balance to a friend, family or perhaps someone you sponsor You may do so using the Member 2 Member transfer feature within PremiumAd$Club Simply click on M2M Transfer under Your Wallet Enter amount *remember there is still a 3% withdrawal fee applicable. So add a little extra to make it a round number You will need to know the username of your beneficiary Some frequently asked questions:  Some frequently asked questions Where do I find my referral ID? It is located in Your Downline area, found under Your Account You can also view your referrals here if you have any Why am I not able to purchase AdPacks, it tells me to purchase a membership first? Your membership subscription has expired or you didn’t purchase one to being with Please chose and purchase a membership subscription first located in the Members Area More FAQs:  More FAQs I want to buy more AdPacks than my membership subscription allow, what do I do? You may upgrade your level at any time. You will be charged the full fee, however your new level will last 30 days from purchase Where do I find Banners to promote PremiumAd$Club? On the side menu under Information, you will see Promotional Banners How do I change my details?:  How do I change my details? Click Edit Personal Data under Your Account You may change your name and email address You must enter your password and click confirm changes when you are done You will have to submit a support ticket to change your Payment processor details Your ticket must contain your country of registration and your date of birth This is a security measure to prevent fraudulent activities within of your account by possible intruders Enjoy:  Enjoy The Team at PremiumAd$Club wish you great success with your membership and hope that this tutorial was helpful to you If you have questions or like to keep up to date with other members, please visit the forums listed on the homepage We have a live support area as well as a ticket system where you can get help with more complex matters Make sure you read the FAQ and the email updates which are sent out on a regular basis ©2009-Mordk All rights reserved

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