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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: anshulchaudharyz



The latest series of Paanch Sawaal.

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-Series of five questions. -Answers in the last slide. -Mention your score and the ones you guessed right in a comment.

A sort of secretive place, only half a mile across Googleplex, this facility is overseen by Sergey Brin. It’s projects includeself-driving car, space elevator, augmented reality glasses, internet service via balloons in the stratosphere. What part of the giant are we talking about?

In the Indian Army commissioned officers get an orderly whose duties include maintaining the uniform of the officer , be a driver if required and carry out many such errands. The Britishers had another term for the same man, before it got changed to orderly, which is still used in the Pakistani army. What was the original term?

Operation Kahuta is said to be one of the successes of Indian intelligence agencies. It is said that RAW analyzed the hair samples they got from barber shops in Kahuta and confirmed something way back in 1978 . But as the regime changed in the country, the new PM Morarji discontinued the activities of RAW. He went on to make another blunder when he blurted out the information obtained from the operation while talking to Pak Prez Zia-ul-Haq. This led to the elimination of the RAW source in Kahuta by the Pakistanis. What was the info obtained from this operation?

This is an Oreo representation of which event ?

A mobile named Black is developed but will be sold primarily to government agencies and agencies related to defense and security. It shall be sold with an end-user nondisclosure agreement. If tampered with the phone shall self destruct. Termed as the “spy phone” which company, known for entirely different reason, is launching this product?

Ready for the answers? Proceed if Yes….

3.R&AW was able to confirm that Pakistan had a Uranium enrichment facility at Kahuta. This technology could ultimately be used to make nuclear weapons.

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