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Published on September 28, 2007

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NEW YORK STATE OFFICE OF ALCOHOLISM AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES:  NEW YORK STATE OFFICE OF ALCOHOLISM AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES Using Block Grant and Other Funding to Serve Homeless Persons January 30, 2003 Atlanta, GA Joan Disare, Coordinator of Housing/Homeless Services New York State Overview:  New York State Overview 18 Million Residents 64 Counties Mix of Rural, Suburban and Urban Communities and Issues New York State Overview:  New York State Overview  OASAS plans, develops and regulates the nation’s most extensive AOD system. Directly operates 13 Addiction Treatment Centers --IP services to 10,000 per year Licenses, funds, and supervises some 1,400 local programs, serving about 123,000 persons on any given day. Oversees 400 prevention providers/1,700 programs. Slide4:  Need for AOD Homeless Housing Based on 2001 CoC data, the homeless population in NYS was estimated at about 73,000 individuals and families(LOW!!!): 49,000 individuals and families in NY City 24,000 individuals and families in Upstate areas About 31,000 of these individuals and families have unmet needs for both housing and addiction services. Overall, between 30% and 50% of the homeless in NYS are alcohol or substance involved. Slide5:  OASAS Client Data During Calendar Year 2001, OASAS treatment providers reported about 300,000 admissions -- 50,463 of these were homeless persons Slide6:  2001 Homeless Client Admissions Male 41,971 83.2% Female 8,528 16.9% Primary Substance of Abuse Opiates 8,898 17.6% Alcohol 33,028 65.4% Crack 4,821 9.6% Cocaine 1,824 3.6% Marijuana 1,425 2.8% Slide7:  Mental Health History Diagnosed Mental Illness 4,001 8% Treatment in Past 30 days 12,721 25% 2001 Homeless Client Admissions Principal Referral Source Other Tx Program 12,542 24.9% Criminal Justice 3,093 6.1% Self-Referral 20,185 40.0% Family/Friends 2,412 4.8% Hosp. Intervention 1,402 2.8% Homeless Services 2,952 5.8% Slide8:  2001 Homeless Client Admissions Service # Homeless % Total % of Homeless Crisis 32,727 33% 65% Inpatient 7,703 21% 15% Residential 3,291 14% 7% Outpatient 5,428 5% 10% Methadone 1,314 8% 3% TOTAL 50,463 17% 100% OASAS Funding:  OASAS Funding OASAS serves as a conduit for Federal and State funding. In New York State, the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (SAPT) Block Grant is the primary source of Federal funding for addiction treatment and prevention services. OASAS uses these Federal dollars in combination with State aid and other funds to support a broad range of local programming efforts. OASAS Funding (2002):  OASAS Funding (2002) ______________________________________________ * Estimates based on 17% homeless admissions to Tx services OASAS Annual Budget Process :  OASAS Annual Budget Process NYS Budget process requires annual appropriation of all funds ( including SAPT Block Grant) by the Legislature Based on the enacted Executive Budget, OASAS conducts an annual “Prospective Budget/Workscope Process”  Two Divisions have primary responsibility for “Aid to Localities” –  State Aid Bureau – fiscal responsibilities  Field Offices – day-to-day oversight of all providers Use of SAPT Block Grant:  Use of SAPT Block Grant Block Grant funds support a broad range of treatment and prevention services in NY. In terms of services to homeless, funds are used to match HUD rental assistance funding and to support needed case management – not fundable under Shelter Plus Care. Homeless Tx Services:  Homeless Tx Services Outreach/evaluation/referral services through scheduled visits to shelters, primarily in the NY City area, are conducted by 10 providers under contract to the NYC Dept. of Homeless Services. OASAS also works with the NYC Dept. of Homeless Services to establish certified outpatient treatment programs at various adult and family shelters in the NYC area. Homeless Tx Services:  Homeless Tx Services Crisis services are provided in many New York communities that do not have large-scale homeless shelters by 120 providers. (Homeless persons account for >30% of crisis admissions.) Residential treatment providers offer transitional housing within the NYS treatment continuum. Over 23,000 persons were admitted into these programs in 2001 – about 14% were homeless at admission. Homeless Tx Services:  Homeless Tx Services A critical component of OASAS’s continuum for homeless persons involves outpatient client treatment programming, in conjunction with supportive, permanent housing for clients, such as Shelter Plus Care or community residence services. Homeless Housing Services – Shelter Plus Care:  Shelter Plus Care (S+C) is the core of our homeless services approach and an excellent linkage between two systems -- services and housing. OASAS currently works with 26 nonprofit service providers to operate 48 Shelter Plus Care projects operating over 800 rental units each year. HUD provides rental assistance; OASAS provides administrative oversight; participating providers (“sponsors”) own or lease the housing and provide treatment and supportive services. Homeless Housing Services – Shelter Plus Care Homeless Housing Services – Shelter Plus Care:   Local S+C projects typically involve partnerships between sponsor agencies and a network of local housing and supportive services agencies.  S+C utilizes the HUD Continuum of Care planning model. CoC planning helps communities develop a common vision and goals, provides an excellent framework for: determining housing needs among various target populations in a given community and for identifying and accessing resources in a coordinated manner. Homeless Housing Services – Shelter Plus Care Homeless Housing Services – Shelter Plus Care:  Local S+C grantees must match the rental assistance provided by HUD with an equal value of supportive services appropriate to the target population. The services match is typically funded through a combination of State and SAPT Block Grant funds. Many providers have also independently pursued and received HUD Supportive Housing awards, Section 8 rental subsidies and other Federal and State homeless assistance funds. Homeless Housing Services – Shelter Plus Care Other Homeless Housing Initiatives:  Other Homeless Housing Initiatives A special initiative begun in 1999 provided $2 million in SAPT funding to 30 providers for case management and transitional services to individuals in Supportive Living, Shelter Plus Care and other independent housing programs. This funding has been maintained in subsequent funding cycles. In 2001, another pilot effort, the Community Transition Services Initiative – was launched using State funding. The goals of this effort are to support women and children by assisting with employment, job retention, community reintegration, financial independence and placement in independent housing. Other Housing Resources:  Other Housing Resources Various other sources for homeless people with chemical addictions, mental illnesses or co-occurring disorders -- HUD: Shelter Plus Care, Supportive Housing Program, Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation for Single Room Occupancy, Section 8 - Housing Choice Vouchers, Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons With Disabilities, Public Housing Program, Home Investment Partnership Program VA: VA's Supported Housing Program, H U D - VASH CMHS: Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness CSAT: Addictions Treatment for Homeless Program DHHS: Administration for Children and Families Current Housing Services Priorities:  Current Housing Services Priorities OASAS has recognized the need to collaborate closely with other State, Federal and private agencies, to assure that there is greater coordination of funding, services and priorities. Policy Academy in Boston in April 2002 Homeless Planning Information Workgroup -- focus on interagency data match with NYC and cross agency data projects to improve management of homeless services Homeless Discharge Planning Workgroup -- to improve and coordinate discharge planning practices within all involved agencies (ODTA, OMH, OASAS, DOCS and DOP) Accessing SAPT Block Grant:  Accessing SAPT Block Grant Coc Planning-- vision, needs, prposed services and systems Identify state liaison for SAPT -- contact them -- add them to your team Learn about SAPT planning and application process Educate and Advocate!

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